Video: How can single women stay safe?

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  • This might not be helpful for you at the moment, but I think selecting a home in either an estate or an apartment building might be a major first step to keeping safe.

    To at least have that’s initial barrier to entry helps. It may not stop everything, but it may help.

  • I fought a lot with watchmen who never respected me. Would take the money, but no orders from me. Lol. So I tried a watchwoman. I loved it. She is not big, not trained for it, but she organized the neighborhood people to look after each other. I feel safe and only once was she frightened. We discussed it and reinforces some security points and strategies and everything was fine again. Go for a watchwoman. Love you all.

    • Oh wow Fatime! I am even ashamed to say that this sounds like a revolutionary idea to me. I would love a watchwoman if I could find one. I will no doubt feel safer…my former watchman (I have now sacked him) even had the nerve to tell me how his cousin (who was the relief watchman on the day he had off) had said he wished I was his wife , and when I told him that was an inappropriate comment he tried to say how its fine to say if something is beautiful…I.just.couldn’t.

  • Wow Fatime, that’s a good one! Hopefully a lot more people will try this

  • How can women stay safe period!!! I am a fan of guns and very American :). However, safety has become an issue in Ghana and living in an estate or flats does not always ensure safety. On New Years eve there was a massive arm robbery at my estate with a police shoot-out. This happened right across from me. If it wasn’t for divine intervention my house would be the easiest to get into since my door was Ghana hand made wooden double doors. My only suggestion is prayer, watchfulness, weapons 🙂 and a willing to survive. Btw…you can’t care about those that trespass you!!!

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