The Fruits of Love

Image source: 2 Pesewas, Soundcloud

Lately, I’ve begun exploring podcasts from across the Continent, with the aim of literally hearing diverse African voices. Spoken word and oral traditions play such a strong role in our identity, and podcasts offer a useful bridge between our pasts and our present. That said, one podcast that I’ve started listening to is 2 Pesewas, hosted by Peaches and Edi. The duo is based in Tema, Ghana.

Image source: 2 Pesewas, Soundcloud

During the WTF segment of their ‘Lift Off’ episode, the duo explore a range of topics, including an apparent advert for a sex party on Instagram. The hostess of said party was photographed naked; chin thrust over her shoulder and holding two pineapples.

“Do we not have sexy tropical fruits?” asked Peaches. “Because when you think of sexy fruits, you think of strawberries dipped in chocolate.” Edi snort laughs in response before running down a litany of possible locally grown fruits that might be considered synonymous with sex.






Though the suggestions were made in jest – and may seem a little absurd – she may have been on to something.

Strawberries are not grown commercially in West Africa making their price point a luxury commodity, rather than a refreshing fruit to look forward to come summer. And though they may not be a ubiquitous part of our cuisine or feature as a plot device in our canon of romantic epic tales, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have sexy tropical fruits to rival the positive effects of the strawberry.

The heart-shaped fruits contain high levels of zinc…and a woman’s body apparently prepares itself for sex more quickly if zinc levels are high. Strawberries are a good source of vitamin C, manganese, folate (B9) and potassium. These are minerals and vitamins are also found in watermelons and bananas, in varying amounts.

Both ginger and cayenne improve circulation and increase blood flow to the sexual organs. And aluguintugui (aka soursop)? Well, it seems the humble fruit – which has been described as tasting like a cross between a pineapple and a strawberry – has numerous health benefits, ranging from pain relief, hair growth, anxiety reduction, improved vision, insomnia and increased libido. And why not? If my hair is long, I can see you and I’ve slept well, I’m more likely to want to have sex.

So there you have it! Your short (and by no means comprehensive) list of sexy tropical fruits. It finally makes sense why my organic fruit seller is always in such a fantastic mood…

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  • Ah, I’ve been eating a lot of ginger recently. My new thing is to add ginger to every smoothie. It’s a game changer I tell you. Glad to know that it can also increase blood flow to my sexual organs 🙂

  • I have been told that I taste like delicious mangoes so those are the sexiest fruits in my mind. I associate them with Africa 99.999% of the time. I know they are indigenous to South America but forget them. Lol.

  • I began drinking self made ginger tea some months ago when I completely cut out soda and carbonated drinks. I can remember how light, fresh and lubricated I felt while having sex then. Now that difference is routine because I hardly miss my morning brew. Soursop always made me feel like I was giving nature head. Reading this post made me smile. So this is what my friends mean when they say I relate things to food. However this was necessary..tropical fruits of love. There are some Nigeria fruits which boost libido, pH balance of the vagina and are delicious. I’m just bad at spelling.

  • I love these guys. Fiona has been my friend for years. She’s genuinely interesting and funny, good mind and soul.

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