Rules of Engagement

Written by Fu

“Are you ready?” she one-kneed herself across the edge of the bed and signalled me to move to her. We knelt at eye level for a while, her eyes never leaving my face while below, her fingers running smoothly up my dress. 

She was such a tease; leaning in for the first kiss only when she was ready. It was all sorts of fucking sexy. When her lips landed on mine, I knew it was go-time.

She kissed me slowly, softly and, with a smile on her face. And it all just made me want her so fucking much. So I began tugging at her shirt, and she began pulling off my dress – tugging, peeling and caught in the middle of a hypnotic trance of our lips sipping on each other. Our hips swayed into and out of each other. Eventually, my dress was pulled off much to my relief and my arms were wrapped around her neck, chest pressed against chest, skin on skin.

I wanted badly, her on top of me, locked in but instead, she broke the trance.

“Are you wet?” the question was to be expected.

“Why don’t you find out?” I had to let her know two could play this game. Her eyes never left mine, and mine flickered between hers and her lips. She smiled and gently un-wrapped my arms. Maybe it was the haze of lust that clouded my vision but there was a flicker in her eye.

“Why don’t you find out and tell me?” That was a fucking order.

I thought about how it had been seeing her laugh with her friends today. How even though it was the same person in front of me right now, this version was different from the original. And when we were alone, this was the only version that mattered. 

The order was simple, “reach your hand down your pussy and let me know if you’re ready enough for whatever the fuck I’m about to do to you”. In my head, this is what she might as well have said.

I reached down to my fucking pussy and indeed, I was soaking wet. I shuddered, my eyes rolled into the back of my head, returning only to see the grin on her face. “Fuck you” I wanted to say, but I knew what that look meant and I didn’t want to edge her on any deeper. But somehow, I think she sensed my stubbornness, and quickly she grabbed my right hand, keeping it in the area. As they moved, I knew my fingers would not be enough. I pleaded with her in breathless moans to take over the mantle. 

A lesson I keep learning in life is to be careful what you ask for or you just might get it.

My knees buckled under the weight of the euphoria of having her inside me. At first she only air rubbed my clitoris; I didn’t need heat sensors to feel them circling the air close to the pleasure hub.  Slowly, she parted my under lips with her fore and third finger as the middle one applied pressure on my throbbing bean of flesh. And then that pressure turned into the deepest moan that had ever come out of me as her finger pushed into my vagina. I was a sobbing mess – every thrust seemed to leave me weaker than before until the only thing holding me up was her hand around my waist. I imagined my juices pooling up in her cupped hand as she moved her finger inside and out with a steady firmness. I was damn near ready to implode by the time she eased the second finger in. Then the third.

My moans had turned into sobs now.  She was barely 5 thrusts in, her thumb pressing gently on my tip, still holding on to me as I had turned into complete putty in her arms.

She traced her thumb up and down the line of my clitoris, sending jolts from my pussy to my gut. Her tempo quickened again, moving faster and somehow deeper than I remembered. I felt her pull out one finger, and another until we were back to one. Disappointed and worried she was going to be out of me completely, it was my turn to grab her hand and keep it in place. In the heat of the moment, this was a logical move.

But way too soon, I realised why it was a terrible one. The rules of engagement were pretty simple;

  1. Orders had to be carried out, without hesitation and deliberation or my pleasure got delegated
  2. I couldn’t touch her without permission

The punishment was swift and unjust – she pulled out her last finger, much to my regret.

“No, don’t do this to me.” I whimpered.

“You know the rules.”

“I know. Fuck, I’m sorry”, she watched me beg her, on the verge of tears for what seemed like the longest minute.

“Please?” At this point, I didn’t know how else to be more on my knees. My pussy was still throbbing and if the stickiness running down my legs was anything to go by, I knew I was soaking up the sheets. I knew this brought her joy, to see me crave her so deeply. She shot me another glimpse of that grin I knew too well and the bulging below purred like it had been hit with a small amount of electricity.

“You’re lucky I’m in a good mood”.

Gently she laid me on my back, finally, towering over me and placing soft kisses on my navel. I closed my eyes as she made the journey from down below to the ridges of my breast. She began nibbling and flicking her tongue over my nipples, the sheer sensation causing even more throbbing in my pussy.

I realised a bit too late that it was all a distraction. As she nibbled, her hand parted my legs even wider. With her other free hand, she lifted me slightly upwards from my waist, arching me into position. I could feel her thigh slithering up along the sheet into the parting she had made. 

My eyes were closed and my heart started racing in anticipation of what I knew was coming next. I knew she was watching me writhe around like a fish out of water, taking her sweet time to make contact. 

“Wait for it” her voice sent me into more restless movements. Her thigh was close, so close I could feel the short hairs tickle me down under. 

“Ready?” The impact of her flesh on my parts had me shuddering in the heat. I felt her softness through my excessive moistness.

“Set..”, she thrust inwards ever so slightly like a driver stepping on his accelerator just enough to get the engine revved up as he waited for the green light.  I clenched and unclenched my pussy in an attempt to control my lustful whims. My vagina and my pelvic muscles were more than ready and set. 


She moved as I moved, leaning deeper as I grinded harder, matching my speed and energy. She was closer to me than before and I could hear her breathing much clearer. She was as much involved in this thrill as I was. I couldn’t hold myself together any longer. I felt my nerve endings ready to explode, her tempo quickened to match my breathing.

“Fuck baby, you’re so wet for me.”

Her breathing had gotten heavier as well, and though she was usually the one in charge I couldn’t help but enjoy how the tables had turned. Me knowing what my readiness was doing to her gave me a little taste of the power she held over me.  I tilted my head ever so slightly so my lips were close to her lobes, making sure every decibel of my moans rang deep into her ears.

“You’re gonna make me cum” she whispered into the pillow.

Unable to take her mind off my voice in her ear, she flipped me over, lying on her back guiding my hips as I now dug my pelvis into hers. Watching her face scrunch up in perfect agony gave me a new sense of purpose. We moved together, her moans becoming a little louder now as I rode her into the mattress. I was so convinced I was going to win this round.

I groaned – there was not enough energy to share between keeping myself from crying and holding on until she came for me. It was a battle of who could hold out the longest, and baby, was I a weak ass sub. 

The orgasm caught me off-guard. I exploded with the loudest “fuck” escaping from my throat into the air. At first, I thought it was going to be over in one big breath, but she kept the motion going, sending spasms of mini-orgasms tearing through my body. In a quick jerk movement, she sat up and grabbed me closer to her chest as her release finally came, leaving an imprint of her moist forehead on my shoulder. We stayed in each other’s arms, until my body went still, the cool air drying off the sweat on our skin. 

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