Community Information Survey

This year one of our goals at Adventures is to create and share more diverse content across many different mediums and platforms, which we hope will be relevant and empowering to readers of the blog. We would like to collect some information that will enable us to get some insights into who you are and what content you may be interested in.

We’ve already begun some of this content production work. Earlier last year, our comedy fiction film series project was selected for IFP 2019 Episodic Lab. The series is being done in partnership with the film maker Nosarieme Garrick.  We also organized the inaugural Adventures Live! Festival to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the creation of the blog. The festival comprised of small intimate conversations, large panel discussions, art exhibitions and practical how-to workshops.

The core of our work is targeted at women and non-binary people from Africa or of African descent. We would like to have some statistical information of how our audience identify. We have created a survey to gather this information. Please help us by completing it. To protect your privacy, the survey keeps your identity anonymous. If you consent to share your information with us, fill out the survey here.

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