Loc’d & Loaded! (Pt. 1)

“Amira! Amira! Please wake up, Amira!”
Every cell in her body was screaming with panic as she realized her almost 4-year old daughter was not responding to her calls.
Oh God! This can’t be happening! Amira had been full of life and her usual mischievous self the night before. What went wrong??
Zara frantically rushed around the house in search for her cell phone. She had to call someone; her mom, an ambulance, someone, anyone!
She finally found her phone and called in an ambulance, barely able to give directions amid her hysteria. Next, she called her mom who immediately asked her to calm down and not speak further and promised to be by her side within the next 15 minutes.
Her mother and medics got to her at the same time and just on time too because Zara had gotten to her wits end just sitting and doing nothing.
She led the way to Amira’s room and stood at the door lost in somewhat of a trance as she watched them lay her little body on the gurney.

“Don’t worry ma’am. She’s still breathing”, one of the medics reassured Zara.

Realizing her daughter was still in somewhat of a shock, Angie signalled the medic who spoke to move quickly and promised to follow closely and meet them at the hospital.

Angie immediately called Zara back to reality. “Your daughter needs you Z! Snap out of this and let’s get moving. Come on”, and with that grabbed Zara’s bag and other essentials and gently hooked her arm as they walked out the door.


An hour had passed already and nobody had come out to tell them anything.

Oh God, Zara prayed. Please don’t take her away, please. Just at that moment the paediatrician walked out. And at that same moment Zara unconsciously held her breath. She would later realise however, that she didn’t do so out of anxiety about her daughter, but instead because of the well-built, gorgeous man that appeared before them.

At that moment all she wanted to hear was good news and that was exactly what Dr. Maleek Mason blessed them with.

“There’s no cause for alarm Mrs. Khalil. Amira is fine. This was simply a case of syncope…a fainting spell if you may, caused by dehydration. She’s already up and asking for mommy so please, come with me”, Dr. Mason said in a deep, soothing baritone, with a smile.

Zara and her mom both jumped up for joy and followed him to Amira. It was then that she noticed his hair wasn’t actually a low, neat cut, but subtle locs that had been held back in the neatest and tightest of buns, which hung very low at the nape of his neck. Zara wondered how she could even notice such a trivial thing at this point and dismissed the thought.

Upon entering Amira’s room, Zara enveloped her daughter in a tight hug and looked over the child’s shoulder at the angel who had saved her.

“Thank you”, she mouthed with a glint of tears in her eyes. He smiled back and Zara noticed more details of his face; his rich dark brown skin, clear chocolate-brown eyes, long lashes with thick brows, a cleft in his firm, stubble-covered chin and the double dose of dimples on both cheeks.

As he turned to leave he asked Zara to see him in his office briefly. She kissed Amira lightly on the forehead and followed the doctor, leaving Amira with her grandmother.

For four years, Zara had stayed clear of any man and had also been careful to keep her heart and sanity intact. And for all those years she’d succeeded at being happy with just her daughter by her side and not given any man, not even that douche bag of a man who had fathered Amira any more of a chance to ruin that happiness. He had already done enough by rejecting the baby and walking out on her.

But it seemed this doctor had started causing problems to the starved woman inside her already, and she wasn’t sure she liked it.

“Mrs. Khalil…” he begun.

“It’s Miss, Doctor. Or Zara if you may”, she interjected.

“I’m sorry Miss. I didn’t mean to be so presumptuous”, he said with sincerity in his eyes. “Amira is fine as I said earlier, but you’ll need to keep her better hydrated and pay more attention to her eating habits. This is not to say that you’re not taking proper care of her, no. I’m only advising that you be stricter even when she acts up about eating well and on time and also taking in enough fluids.”

“Alright Dr. Mason. I appreciate your concern and help. Will do that”, Zara said curtly. She understood where he was coming from, but nobody had a clue about the extremes she could go for her daughter; she’d give her very life for her daughter if she had to. It was good advice he’d given, but all the same it had upset her a bit.

“When can she be discharged Dr. Mason?” she asked.

“Right now actually. I’ll just write down a few vitamins she’ll need and you’re good to go”.

Zara watched as his long fingers grabbed the pen on his left and started scribbling away on his notepad. Of course, he just had to be left-handed as well, she thought. Was she going to find one unattractive thing in this man anytime soon??

Lost in her thoughts, she didn’t realise that he had finished writing and was handing the prescription over till he cleared his throat.

Zara stood quickly and reached for it. Their fingers touched slightly and his index finger lingered a few moments longer on her hand. She looked at him then and couldn’t help but swoon inwardly at his stare.

“And please, it’s Maleek” he said softly as he let go of the paper and her hand but not his gaze. “Take good care of her Zara. I can tell she’s everything to you. Have a nice day”.

Zara merely nodded and rushed out. Once outside she let go of the breath she’d held without knowing and shook her head clear of whatever spell this man had cast.

I’ve made it this far without any man and the complications of a romance or relationship. I can stay so just fine, she thought. Amira is fine now and I’ll always be grateful to him. That’s all that mattered. The end.

But somehow she felt deep within that this was probably just the beginning of something she had to have.


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  • Oooweee!!! You know your girl loves a multi-part series. I can’t wait for this ride? And a doctor with locs??? KoffeeKupid, you have my full attention!

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