Let Me In

I’ve always loved getting dicked down. Massively. And I must say that I have been shown much favor because Lord knows I have beheld gorgeous and able manhood in my lifetime! In summary, I love dick. But I need to get this off my chest.

So I went on this trip with about eight girlfriends – the usual “let’s get out of the madness of the city, get some air, drink some good wine and indulge in good food, go wild” kind of thing. Some of my girlfriends invited others and the subject of this confession was one of them. She was…different. Tall, with a great, toned physique, double piercing on both ears, jet black hair cropped just low enough to match her femininity but also just enough to give a hint of a masculine side and the smoothest dark chocolate skin I’d ever seen. 

I can’t tell exactly when she’d taken a keen interest in little old me (because everyone knew she and my other girl had something casual going) but she had. It was so obvious that one of my girls pointedly jabbed her when it was just about four of us in one of the living rooms of our rented beach houses. Do you want to bang her or something, she asked. Her response – my mind is exhausted from doing it so many times already. I was looking away at the time the question was asked but her answer and the depth of seriousness in her voice jolted me with such shock I looked her way and caught her looking straight at me. I’d never felt so much intensity in just one look before. The sexual tension at that moment was so rife that I was grateful for the presence of the others. I got up and asked if anyone wanted a drink. It was as if there was some unspoken agreement between her and my two other pals; my girls suddenly got engrossed in some gossip and she answered in the affirmative. I walked towards the kitchen to get us some light beers. 

I’d barely opened the fridge, reaching in to grab the bottles, when I felt a presence behind me. Standing up straight was a mistake because it only closed the space between us. She was breathing right down my neck, sending light shivers all over my body. What the heck is wrong with me, I kept asking myself. She reached in and grabbed the hand that held the bottles. Allow me, she said. Without turning around I let her take them and heard her open them up. I must have been frozen in the moment because next thing I heard was her letting out a soft chuckle and walking out of the kitchen. I finally turned away from the fridge and noticed she’d left my bottle on the counter, opened, with a note underneath. 

<<I want you. You know you like it that I do. Let me in>> 

After watching my every move throughout dinner by the bonfire, she came to my door that night. It couldn’t have been anyone else. The knock was so soft and subtle I almost missed it. But there it was. I walked over to the door and kept my hand on the doorknob, willing the war within me to abate. I knew I wanted her and to go on this adventure to explore my sexuality further. But at the same time I didn’t know if I could handle what I would discover about myself. I must have taken too long because the knocks stopped as suddenly as they’d begun. I yanked the door open but there was no sign of her. I stalled for a moment and wondered if I should go to her instead. I knew that would be too forward of me but I found myself going back to my room to use the connecting patios to get to hers anyway. Paranoid that I’d be seen, I decided this was the best way. Seeing the streaks of light on her patio floor meant she was in there and definitely still awake. 

My heart skipped a beat as I stepped gingerly towards the double doors that led from the patio into her bedroom. She was definitely in there, but not alone. The parted curtains gave anyone that stood on her patio a full view of her bed and anything that happened on it and in this case that was me. Frozen to the spot, I watched her butt naked, scissor-straddling her casual sex mate. I watched as she pushed her groin into her partner’s, rubbing their clits together rougher and rougher while expertly balancing her partner’s leg over her shoulder with one hand and caressing her breasts with the other. I wanted to move away but couldn’t. I wished that was me with her right at that moment and berated myself for not letting her in earlier. Shit, I thought. I was jealous and I couldn’t believe it. Just then she looked up and straight out to the patio and our eyes met. One look in her eyes and I knew she’d wanted me to see this. She picked up the tempo and rode her partner faster and faster, and kept her stare in my direction the entire time. At the peak of climax she looked at me with all the intensity I could tell she was feeling and knew I was the one she was fucking in that moment. I was wet, horny, and disappointed in myself. I decided not to wait another second and fled back to my room. I tried to sleep but each time I closed my eyes the image of her fucking my friend popped up. 

Finally, I gave in to my desire and stroked my throbbing clit to the image of her bouncing tits and clit roughly straddling another until I crashed in abandon. I wanted her. I knew without a doubt now that this was an adventure I’d do anything to go on. 

The next morning, with memories of the night before still fresh, I walked out to my patio and looked out towards her side. Usually the curtains would have been fluttering in the air, a sign that the doors were wide open. This time however everything was oddly still. I showered, threw on a loose shift dress with no bra and went out to the common living room. Everyone else was lounging around including my friend who she’d fucked, but my object of interest was missing. I casually asked my friend where her “date” was. She was gone; something about an emergency situation back home. My heart sunk. I had no name or number and asking for it at that moment would have been a tad bit suspicious so I didn’t. Maybe I should have just asked. 

It’s back to reality for me and I’m still thinking about her. It’s been three weeks since the trip and I get hot, wet and bothered at the mere thought of her. 

While I was out for lunch earlier this week, one of my girls from the trip called saying she would be around my office on Friday evening and suggested we meet up after work. I agreed. She sounded as though something was up but wouldn’t let on when I asked. Later that night, she sent me a photo with a message “guess who’s joining us?”

Folks, let’s just say I won’t take any chances with this opportunity. No more second-guessing; I’m all in! 

Who knows, maybe I’ll be back to spill the gist, maybe not ;).

If you were in my shoes though, what would you do??


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  • Don:+White+Chocolate

    Koffee Kupid–I found your story highly erotic. Not because men get turned on seeing two women fuck, because we do, but because your total turn on came across very deeply. Was this your first time turned on by another woman? I am a white man with an African wife. I have never asked her if she ever got turned on by another woman. Maybe I should. I would definitely like to know more after your date night.

    • Prior to this I’d only dabbled in girl-on-girl porn and found it highly erotic and a massive turn on (actually still do). Seeing it in the flesh gave it a whole new dimension and got me wanting more of an experience…;)

  • Don:+White+Chocolate

    KoffeeKupid–From a man’s perspective, that is a turn on. But this is not about me; it is about you. On Friday evening, go for it. You might find yourself in a 3some. Please tell us how it goes.

  • Don:+White+Chocolate

    KoffeeKupid–If you do find yourself in an “accidental” 3some, I would strongly encourage the “daisy chain” position. Or as I call it, the “99”. Really 69 for a 3some. I did it once with 2 women. Quite erotic and incredible pleasurably.

  • Don:+White+Chocolate

    KoffeeKupid–It is Friday. Hope you have a great experience tonight!

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