Over The Rainbow

Written by Naomi

“I can’t believe this is happening.” I whimpered to myself, just before I rang the doorbell. The door cracked open to reveal the brightest pair of honey eyes and a mischievous gap-toothed grin that created a puddle between my legs. 

“Finally, you made it.” 

She didn’t let me breathe out a response before pulling me in by my hands and shutting the door behind us. My heart forgot to thump nervously because she didn’t let it, sandwiching me between her and the wall as her minty breath fanned my face. 

All of this seems so sudden, so I’ll back-pedal a little. 

I met Kewa on Instagram after she texted me to buy waist beads from my brand. Unsure of her size, she asked me to guess from a half-naked picture that she sent. The minute I lay my eyes on the soft curves of the underside of her breasts, carelessly decorated by manicured fingers, I knew that I was a goner. 

Her slender little waist and washboard stomach gave way to broad hips that I wanted to run my hands over and strong legs that looked as if they could snap me in two. I didn’t know whether I wanted her, or to be her. 

One accidentally thirsty comment and a few back and forths later, I found myself agreeing to allow her to take complete control of me. 

That’s the story of how I found myself pinned against her wall, one of her knees between both of my thighs, her lips latched to my neck while her hands familiarized themselves with the folds underneath my shirt. 

Kewa kissed me breathless against the wall, swallowing my pants as her legs parted mine even further, and went to rest against my clothed vagina. Her hands danced up and down my naked arms, sliding under my shirt to grab onto the flesh of my torso and making me gasp out a moan. 

I was scared that she was going to hear my heartbeat through my throbbing clit, and maybe she did, because her index finger ghosted over my labia, tapping the sensitive nub in a tune that matched perfectly. 

In another blink of my eyes, my shirt and bra fell to the ground, breasts unfolding down to my stomach in all their glory. My cheeks burned, but her palms felt hotter as she tastefully massaged my breasts like she was working on a pottery project; kneading and molding. I couldn’t help the sharp gasp that escaped when her mouth latched onto the diamond studs attached to my areolas, succeeding in soaking my already damp panties a little further.

My legs were jelly by the time she pulled me into her room, giving me no time to at least appreciate the furniture before laying down on the bed and motioning for me to crawl atop her. There was a full-length mirror laying just opposite us on the bed, and it felt a little weird to look at myself; all saggy titted, and large assets, on my hands and knees before this goddess of a woman. 

She distracted me from me by leaning forward and kissing me hotly and commanding in a husky whisper for me to sit on her face. 

The idea seemed ludicrous in the beginning; I, a fat woman, sitting on someone’s face? But as I watched myself in the mirror, hips rocking back and forth as Kewa’s tongue turned me into a one-woman choir of sinful moans, I wondered why I hadn’t taken the bait sooner. We were making music. Sweet, sinful music. 

My waistbeads clacked against each other like makeshift percussions, and my breasts sweatily flopped against my skin. I had never seen myself in the throes of pleasure before, and maybe, I will never admit to anyone just how much I enjoyed watching myself ride the handsome face of this woman. 

My orgasm approached violently, as Kewa’s hums of appreciation for the way I tasted her digits curling inside me sent me over the edge. I wanted to look away, cry for help and maybe scream for God, but I just watched myself shake and wither and beg for less and more at the same time. My body felt like it was burning up, but then again, goosebumps lined up my arm. I felt everything and nothing at once, but there was no drop because Kewa didn’t stop. Not until I whimpered a shaky “no, no more.” 

She left me to rest for a minute, before allowing me to taste myself on her lips as a familiar buzzing went off. She really did mean it when she swore to take me over the rainbow.

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