The Dangers of Bad PR for Sex (2)

Purity Culture Ruins African Women's Sex

There are a lot of weird nicknames for the hoo-ha. I don’t like to call mine ‘pussy’, I find ‘vajayjay’ hilarious and I don’t feel any connection with any of the other nicknames I found online. But with ‘pink panther’, it just makes sense. It fits what it feels like and what the journey to discovering it is becoming.

So far, I had only rubbed myself around the surface of the entire area – no direct contact most times, just a rush to the Big ‘O’ and back at it, over and over again. I don’t think I knew what anything was particularly. But I read/heard people throw the word ‘clit’ around a lot. I also did not understand how penetration could bring pleasure, I mean it looked like it felt good but I could not relate to it. All I knew was I could get pleasure from squeezing my thighs together tightly while thinking of erotic stuff. I could also rub the entire area and jerk all the way to orgasm.

The first time I felt a different kind of tingling feeling there, a friend and I broke into a kiss in the middle of a conversation. Hands were flying everywhere. His hands brushed past the lips down there and lingered for a while. It was electric. I stopped kissing momentarily. Something ran through my whole body, like a shock. I liked it, but I just froze. He figured and got his hands busy with my boobs. That feeling did not go anywhere. I saved it in my memory and retrieved it a lot in the weeks and months after while rubbing the pink panther.

The next time my friend and I met, he invited me to his room. We got to his place and got talking, he pulled me close to him and within seconds, I was sitting on his lap. Some part of that conversation had to be top FBI secret stuff – why else were we whispering everything when we were a breath away from each other. He cupped my face, drew me even closer and we started kissing. Then he lifted me on his bed. Unzipping my tight Kampala gown took forever but when it came off and my heavy boobs popped out of my bra, he ran his hands all over them and said something about how he had always wanted to do this for a long time.

He peeled off my panties to my knees with his mouth and my heart raced so fast I thought it would jump out. His head went out of sight as he went below my hanging panties. I felt his warm tongue against my very wet lady area and felt it go round licking everywhere. At that moment, I knew what every lady part was or had to be. The clit is the bean in the middle because why else did it feel so good when he flicked it.

I felt his whole mouth down there and I loved every part of it. I felt his finger next, there was barely any pressure, I thought he’d poke and it’d hurt instead he rubbed the bean…slowly making me moan without realizing it and then faster in a rhythm that made me clutch to the closest part of him I could grab.

I could not believe this was finally happening – I allowed it to happen, enjoying it every step of the way. When my inexperienced, super excited pink panther couldn’t take it anymore, I pulled him closer into a kiss. I knew that there was so much more to be curious about, a lot more to experience, and huge orgasms waiting to happen. 

*** This story is the second part in a series of reflections

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