The Dic-Appointment

Written by Nina

I was high that day and extremely horny, so I decided to call him.

He picked at the 3rd ring.


I don’t know what I expected, but he didn’t sound even the least bit interested to hear from me. I paused, unsure for a brief second. Was I really going to be so bold?

“Hello?” He called out again. 

“Hey, do you want to have sex?” I blurted out before I could change my mind.

One whole minute passed and none of us said a word. I was too scared to say anything and I could sense he was shocked. He called my name slowly as if to make sure he just heard me right.

I didn’t answer him.

“Are you okay?” he asked tentatively. My spirit sank.

“Don’t mind me ooh. I’m just high and – ” I started saying defensively, trying to save myself from the shame I was facing. What the hell had I been thinking?

He stopped me when he called my name and said,  “Don’t be silly. I’m coming to pick you up. ”

I abruptly stood up from my bed and started pacing. “Okay”, I finally said.

“I’ll call when I’m at the gate,” he replied.

The call ended and I immediately sprung into action. I ran to my sister’s room to grab her shaving cream because I was all out. She followed me into my room, curious.

“It’s 9:30 pm. Where are you going to please?” she asked, eyeing me as I carefully spread the shaving cream around my bikini area.

“I called him. He’s coming to pick me up”, I answered.

Nawa, are you sure? He has a girlfriend ooh, let someone not pour you acid –”

Abegi, because all the girls that slept with my exes gave a fuck about me or I poured anyone anything? Abeg, right now, I’m horny and I want to have sex. It’s been a while.”

I paused and let myself think about how many months it had been since I got any dick action. 

“It’s been like seven months. At least wear that red lingerie you bought last month. What are you planning to wear? Don’t go looking like a potato ooh”.

I turned to glare at my sister before bending down to continue the task at hand. I was planning to wear an old Tshirt; it was long to a reasonable length. I also planned not to wear any underwear. Just thinking about it, I knew it would be a good fuck-me-look so I said to my sister –

“He’s not my boyfriend, I’m not trying to make an effort.”

She rolled her eyes and left my room.

He was driving from Victoria Island to VGC so I had a little time. By the time he was at my gate, I was ready but a nervous wreck. Even though I was high as a kite, it couldn’t calm my nerves. 

He noticed, so he tried to talk about really neutral things – asked if I had eaten, how my day was; empty talks to reduce the sexual tension that filled his SUV. But I noticed how from the moment I stepped into the car he had been sneaking peeks at my nipples which the cold wind blasting from the AC was making really hard. My fuck-me-look worked and I was super elated.

We soon ran out of things to say which was weird, because we always had tales for days and it made the drive to VI a journey. It was as if we drove for 5 hours instead of the 45 minutes that it took us, but we finally arrived and walked up to his apartment.

“So do you want to see a movie or something?” he asked. I almost answered, “That’s not why I’m here”. But I knew he was only trying to make me feel comfortable, so instead, I said, “Of course, which movies do you think we should see?”

I almost slapped myself for not going straight to the point.

Sprawled out in his massive bed, I spent about an hour pretending to be interested in a movie whose title I couldn’t even remember. I yawned for the 5th time and thankfully he noticed and hit pause, then he gestured for me to move towards him. I did. Soon I was in his arms and within a flash, his lips were on mine. I kissed him back. At first it was soft like we were getting to know each other. This was our first kiss and we familiarised ourselves with each other’s tongue and then it got deeper like we were done with that and ready for whatever was next.  

His hand moved to my breasts then. My nipples, hard as pebbles, responded to his touch by getting even harder. He rubbed them and I moaned. It literally had been so long. I was unsure whether to move my hands to his penis then or later.

It wasn’t long before I was completely naked, lying on the bed, with my legs spread widely apart; I didn’t even know they could spread that wide. He was looking at me and I was looking at him. The room was lit by the TV so I could see him clearly. He looked so good; his body was perfect, just the way I liked it. He wasn’t a gym rat but he worked out sometimes so he was toned and had highlights of abs, but wasn’t too muscular. I wanted to run my hands all over his body. He started taking off his shorts, my mouth went dry and I was secretly praying to God to not be disappointed.

I wasn’t. 

Finally he was naked, I was naked and I got more excited.

I tried to reach up to him but he held me down and held my gaze as he went down on me. He placed his face between my open thighs and then began to feast. 

I hated receiving head, but I didn’t know how to tell him not to bother, so I planned to lay there and pretend I was having the most fun, maybe fake a few moans. But, it turned out I didn’t need to pretend. The noises that came out of me were entirely new to me and they were genuine. I could feel his tongue fucking my vagina. It was not just moving up and down my clits, it was… I wasn’t sure, it was as if his tongue was fucking me. I could not understand it but it felt so good, I was trying to grab on to anything I could find. I felt myself growing wetter and I honestly could not believe that was happening or even possible. He wasn’t biting like the other guys. I couldn’t concentrate, I had no idea what he was doing but I never wanted him to stop. He took his time and I could tell he liked what he was doing. He was enjoying me crashing from under him. My hands found their way to his head and I tried to make him stop. My legs were literally vibrating and I felt I would explode or pee out my soul any minute. I just really needed him to stop but that only made him want to stay there longer and I was going crazy; my legs were digging into the sheets, his back, or anywhere it could find. I forgot how to act until I felt that tiny tremor rush through my body and I buckled and gasped loudly.

He stopped, I looked down at him, his face was covered in what was definitely my juices and he was smiling. 

I felt shy and reached for the duvet but he took it away. “Stop, it’s me, you don’t have to be shy around me”.

I almost couldn’t hear him; his voice had been deepened by lust. I tried to wipe his face but instead he caught my hand and kissed it while maintaining eye contact, then he started licking my fingers – one finger, and then the next one and I was wet all over again. 

He stopped and went down again. I gave a tiny moan and he started kissing me again this time, my thighs. He gave each part a tiny kiss and moved up to my tummy, then my boobs, massaging one while kissing the other. He would roll his tongue around my nipples and gently apply pressure, sucking it. If my eyes rolled back any more they might as well not come out.    

When he finally kissed my lips I held on to him. I wanted him inside of me that second. He grabbed a condom then. I took it from him, and while maintaining eye contact, I rolled it on him gently. He tilted his head back and closed his eyes as my hands massaged his entire length.

I still do not know how I didn’t burst out into flames when he finally plugged his whole shaft into me.

I arched my back and he held me in that position, then he started moving till I moved my hips to his rhythm, gently at first and then the tempo increased, as if someone was playing a drum for us. We danced together and he fucked me. He fucked me like he wanted his balls to be a part of me. He fucked me with sincere intensity and I enjoyed it. 

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I moaned so loudly not caring if his neighbours heard. My nails were digging into his back and I could almost swear I drew blood. 

He flipped me then, placed me down on all fours and took what I freely gave. It wasn’t long before I had my juice squirting all over his sheets. 

I felt him tense up and finally, he released.

We ended up sleeping in the guest room.

He woke up to smoke around 3 am. He sat on the toilet seat, lit his cigarette and took a long drag. The bathroom was opposite the bed, so I watched him and he watched me back.

He looked so hot and I wanted him again, so I dropped the duvet covering my naked body and got out of bed to walk to him. I took a drag of the cigarette and sat astride him, then I put the cigarette out and started kissing him. He held me and kissed me back. We both tasted like lust and nicotine. I could feel his erection growing and started to grind on him. He could feel I was wet again and I continued teasing him. I wasn’t going to let him in yet. I put my breast on his face and he took one in his mouth while I kept moving my wetness on him, till he groaned and stopped me. I took him in my hand then. He was hot and throbbing and I stroked him for a short while before I let him into my moistness.

We both gave a tiny moan and then I started moving, at my own pace, slowly, torturing him because I knew he’d rather be moving frenzied. I think he couldn’t take it anymore because he lifted me and took me to the bed, turned me over and started fucking me with even more intensity than the first time.

We came heavily, together. Nobody even had the energy to wash up; we both passed out.

The next morning was weird though. I tried so hard to pretend like nothing happened and our friendship of 3 years would go back to what it was. I was pulling it off rather well, commenting drily about the marks he left on my body and those I left on his.

But he was acting evasive, and wouldn’t look at me.     

I came out of the shower and was drying my body when he said,

“She’s on her way.”

“Who-?” I started to ask, but then I remembered.

I quietly got dressed, called an Uber and cried till I got home. I was so embarrassed. He didn’t even have the decency to lie to me. 

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