Deadlines and Desk chairs

“You know, you look quite sexy when you’re trying to concentrate. Especially when you worry your lower lip between your teeth like that.”

I refused to fall for the bait. My deadline was two weeks ago. My editor was a saint and hadn’t come to harangue me. Yet. She usually gave me a week or two before she scolded my ear off. I really needed to turn in this draft by evening. The last thing I needed was my girlfriend getting me all worked up. I was at that place in the story where I knew what I wanted to say, but I’d used up all the words in my head. I was truly blocked.

She came to stand behind me and put her hands on my shoulders. She began massaging them slowly and I nearly moaned. The pressure felt good on my aching shoulders, considering that I had been hunched over my desk for at least three hours. Her hands on me felt good and on any other day, I would lean into her touch. I needed to be stern about this though. I didn’t enjoy being scolded over missed deadlines.

The best way to get Lari to leave me alone was to not say a thing. She hated being ignored. I turned back to my writing and tried not to feel the delicious waves her touch was sending down my spine. She stopped touching me. Mission accomplished, I thought to myself. I didn’t hear her move away though. I was about to give in to the urge to peep behind me when she pulled the chair away from the desk and came around so she was in front of me.

I let out a sigh. “You know my deadline was__”

Her lips were on mine before I could finish the sentence. She’d bent over and brushed my lips with hers. It wasn’t a deep kiss or a long one. It was just meant to shut me up. It worked. She straddled me and put her arms around my neck.

“You had a whole month to write. It’s not my fault you procrastinated till time ran out.” There was a twinkle in her eye as she slowly and deliberately began to grind on me. This woman was determined to make me horny and it was working. I put my hands on her waist in an effort to stop her movements before I got more turned on than I already was.

“This can wait till I finish, you know.” There wasn’t as much protest in my voice as I’d have liked.

“No, it can’t. I want you now, and I’ll have you now.” She kissed my neck. She knew which buttons to press. She bit me, hard. Then she licked and sucked the spot. I shuddered. At this rate, I was going to have to call C before she called me. The scolding was usually less severe when I called first.

Lari got down on her knees in front of me and began to undo the buttons on my shirt, kissing the bare skin in a path toward my stomach. She kissed her way back up and then pushed the shirt off my shoulders. 

Her lips brushed one nipple, then the other. I closed my eyes. She twisted my left nipple between her thumb and index finger and sucked on the right, biting intermittently. I felt each tug between my legs and I knew then that I was not going to stop her. I was being seduced and I liked it. Her lips on me felt so good. Besides, it wasn’t like I’d been getting any serious writing done. The last sentence I’d written was about a half hour ago.

She switched to my other breast and I bit my lip on the moan that wanted to escape. Her hands descended my body and she began to work on the button on my shorts. Soon, my fly was open and I was divested of my shorts. She spread my legs and kissed the inside of my thighs, the left, and then the right. She bit me again and I moaned. Her lips made her way down one leg, and then up the other. I squirmed in the chair. I heard her chuckle and I knew she was going to tease me till I was near mad.

She drew a finger down my crotch, over my boxers. I shuddered. I pushed my hips toward her hand. I wanted more, needed more, but she moved her hand away, refusing me the pressure I wanted. 

“For someone who wants to wait till she’s done with her draft, you’re not putting up much of a fight.” Her voice came from between my legs. As she spoke, she gradually got up off the floor, her lips trailing up my thigh and onto my belly. She stood fully so she was over me. She bent slowly, so her boobs were right in my face. She brought her lips so close to my ear, they touched the lobe when she spoke. Her voice was a sultry whisper that made my knees weak.

“I think I should let you finish. Wouldn’t want you to miss your deadline. I’ll be in the kitchen.” She stood upright and made to move away. I knew what this was. She wasn’t going to be in the kitchen. She didn’t want to be there. Where she wanted to be was between my legs. It’s what I wanted too. This was a game to see who wanted it badly enough to be the first to beg.


As usual, I lost. The single word stopped her. That was all she needed to hear. She loved making me beg and she’d work me up till I was on the brink and then she’d leave me hanging, until I pleaded with her to push me off it. I always lost because Lari knew how to make my body weep for hers.

“Did you say something?” She turned towards me.

“Please. I said please.”

She smiled and dropped to her knees again. My boxers were gone in two seconds and then her mouth was on me. I let out a long moan. She parted my folds with her fingers and lapped up juices, sucking and licking and making me writhe in the chair.

She teased my clit with a finger and I shuddered. She pinched it and then bit it, knowing how much I loved the pain. I made a guttural noise and my hips came up off the chair. I threw my head back and screwed my eyes shut. The familiar tightening in my belly was beginning.

Without lifting her head, she raised two of her fingers to my lips in silent command. I took them into my mouth and sucked on them, loving how I could taste myself on her. She fucked my mouth with her fingers and I loved it. She drew her fingers out and pushed them into me, hard. I screamed and gripped the hands of the chair.

She didn’t let up. She didn’t give me time to get used to the intrusion, no. She pumped her fingers in and out of me, hard and fast and rough, just how I liked it. Her lips were on my clit and then she moaned like I was a delight she couldn’t get enough of. The vibration set me off and I began to come on a long sigh.

She gripped my thighs hard and ate me through my orgasm. My clit was sensitive and swollen and her lips on me kept my orgasm going longer.  My hips bucked and I slumped in the chair, boneless and spent and sated.

She got up off her knees and straddled me, her lips stained with me. She cradled my head in her hands and kissed me slowly and gently, her tongue teasing mine. I kissed her back.

She raised her head and then lowered her forehead to mine. “You really should finish your draft though, or C will have your hide.”

“Whose fault is it that I’m not done?”

“Your lazy procrastinating ass.” I chuckled. She wasn’t wrong.

She kissed me again and stood up. “Finish up. I’ll be in the kitchen.” She kissed my forehead and walked away. I took a deep breath and turned to the desk. I knew exactly what to write. 

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