Switching (Part 5)

Photo by Cindy Leah

She lowers her head and I shut my eyes as she kisses me, tenderly this time. I kiss her back. She pulls back and whispers against my mouth, her forehead against mine. “You finally stopped thinking.”

I almost laugh. She unties my bonds and my immediate instinct is to curl up in a ball and go to sleep, my body still raw from the assault on my nerve endings. Instead, I hold her waist and flip us so she’s beneath me, the wind rushing out of her chest in a huff.

I think of all the times I’ve imagined her beneath me, of all the things I have wanted to do to her. I want to do them but right now what I want more is to memorise her taste. She’s looking at me quietly, without batting a lash. She’s wondering what I’m going to do. 

“I want to do a million things to you. I want to make you come in a million different ways. But first, I want to know what you taste like.” The submissive part of me has disappeared, as suddenly as it appeared. I lower my head and brush my lips against her chin and then her neck.

She hasn’t come even once since we entered the apartment and I know it’s taking a great deal of control on her part not to ask me to make her come. Well, I was going to shatter her control just as methodically as she shattered mine. 

I intertwine our fingers and kiss her. A slow and intentional kiss that has her sighing into my mouth. Her hips come up off the bed into mine and I sit on my haunches so she can’t do that, letting go of her hands as I do so.

I take a foot in my hand and then start to kiss my way up it. From her pretty purple toes, which I’m sorely tempted to put in my mouth, I kiss my way up her leg and stop when I get to her thigh. I do the same with her other foot and this time, I allow myself to suck on her toes. I hear her moan and I like the sound. 

I kiss my way to the top of her thigh again and then decide that I want to make her come with my fingers before I do so with my mouth. I hold her hands and lift her. She comes willingly. I kiss her again. I like kissing her.

It’s like her mouth is some sort of drug I can’t wean myself off of. I hold her to me and I kiss her. All the while moving so that my back is to the headboard. I sit down and spread my legs and then looking into her eyes, I tap the space between my legs.

“You know I want your mouth.” She says.

“Relax baby, you’ll get it.” I echo her words from earlier. “Now, be a good girl and sit.”

She glares at me for a second and then she sighs and sits. She scoots backwards until her back is against my front and then I smile into her neck.

“Ten bucks says you come in five minutes.” I feel her chuckle and I like that she’s relaxed. My left arm goes around her body and fondles her breast and my right hand goes between her legs. She’s wet, so damn wet.

I spread her lips and my first instinct is to fuck her hard but I don’t. I insert a finger and draw out her wetness, spreading it around her clit. She sighs again. I put my mouth in the crook of her neck and then alternatively lick, bite and suck.

I use my middle finger on her clit, kneading and massaging slowly and purposefully. She’s quivering ever so slightly. I raise my hand to her neck and then I insert one finger, then two. I fuck her slowly, going and coming like I had all the time in the world. 

She’s moaning. I take her earlobe into my mouth and suck it. I still fuck her at that infuriatingly slow pace. She’s grinding her hips into my hand, raising them slightly. She needed her clit to be touched if she was going to come.

I fuck her hard and fast, making sure to avoid her clit at all costs. I can feel the tension in her body. Her breathing is ragged, her back is arching and she begins to press her core into my hand, fucking it. My thumb is sticking out and I think she’s trying to get her clit into contact with it.

I make sure it doesn’t happen. I fuck her hard, but I deny her her orgasm. I can feel that she’s wound tight. I squeeze her neck, squeeze her boobs and then twist her nipples with my other hand but I never touch her clit.

She’s so tight, two fingers are a very tight fit. She’s also very wet and so I have no qualms about stretching her with a third finger. She gasps when I add it. Her hands are gripping the sheets tightly.

I turn her head with my other hand and kiss her. She moans into my mouth. She’s shaking and then one of her hands is on mine between her legs, trying to guide mine to her clit. I break the kiss.

“Nuh uh, no baby.” I stop fucking her and hold her hand. She whimpers at the loss of my fingers. “Do I need to tie you up?”

She shakes her head. I smile into her neck. “Good. Now, keep your hands away.” I bite her neck hard as punishment but I soothe it with my tongue. I whisper as I fuck her.

“You know what I think of when we pass each other in the hallway? I think of holding your hand and dragging you to my desk. I think of pushing you down on it, spreading your legs and fucking you so hard that you cannot stand. And when we’re in the elevator together, all I want to do is pull the emergency brake and kiss you, just kiss you. Nothing else. Do you know what turns me on the most though? You, sitting at your desk, typing furiously away on your keyboard or something of the sort. You know what comes to mind then? Fucking you with my mouth, in front of all those people. Me, under your desk with my face in your pussy, eating you out whilst you try to keep a straight face, pretending that nothing is happening.”

I put my tongue in her ear. She shudders. “But every time, every damn time I fantasize about fucking you, you never cum until you beg me to make you cum.”

I bite her lobe and push my fingers in deep. She gasps. Her hips are still fucking my hand and her fingers are gripping the sheets tightly.

“Please, baby. Please. I can’t…..” Her voice is shaky and breathy.

I whisper in her ear again. “Please what?” I’m enjoying myself immensely.

“Make me cum. Please.” I smile into her neck. 

“With pleasure.” I choke her at the same time that I press down on her clit and then rub it. I flick it once, twice, three times and then she arches her back and screams. Her body is shaking violently, her hips bucking into my hand. She throws her head back onto my shoulder as she comes. I hold her through it, loving the sounds she makes as the tension leaves her body.

She collapses against me. I lift the fingers that were in her to her mouth and she sucks them in and licks them, nipping at my fingers. I slide down the bed so I’m lying down. She’s still between my legs and she turns onto her stomach and looks up at me.


“Hey.” She responds. I smile at her and run my fingers through her hair. She sighs and settles her head on my chest.

“You okay?” I feel her nodding against me.

I like this, whatever this is. I like that I can alternately submit and be submitted to. I like that she’s the same way. I like it very much.

‘You’re thinking again.”

“How can you tell?” I stop playing with her hair. She raises her head and kisses my chin. 

“Does it matter?” She stretches and kisses me on the mouth. It’s a slow, lazy kiss. I sigh and kiss her back. 

She breaks away from the kiss and puts her forehead against mine. We look into each other’s eyes for a minute. She’s got gorgeous brown eyes and at this moment, in her bed, with her body over mine and our legs intertwined, I don’t mind her gaze on me.

“I’m hungry. Are you hungry?” she says suddenly and then we both laugh.

“Come on, let’s get something to eat.” She scrambles off me and then I get off the bed. She rummages in her wardrobe and throws a t-shirt at me. We make our way to the living room and she picks up her phone.

“I’d say let’s cook but honestly, my fridge is empty. There’s this great place some blocks away. And they deliver.” She makes a call and places an order for herself and signals to me to ask what I want. I grin mischievously and mouth “you” at her. She rolls her eyes and I laugh.

“Whatever you’re having.” She nods, finishes her order and puts the phone down. I wander off into the dining area and then she follows me.

“Sit on the table,” I tell her.


“Come on, sit on the table.” 

She hops unto it. “How long did they say the food was going to take to get here?” I ask, pulling up a chair opposite her.

“Fifteen to twenty minutes. Why?”

“Plenty of time.” I spread her legs and bury my face between them. 


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