Switching (Part 4)

She held my hand and then led me in the direction of what I assumed was the bedroom. It turned out it wasn’t. It was the bathroom. She shed her clothes and asked me to do the same. We stepped into the shower together and she turned on the spray. The water streamed over us and then she was pushing me up against the wall. Her hands tangled in my hair and her knee separated my legs.

One hand descended my body and stopped between my legs. Without warning, she thrust two fingers into me. I gasped and arched my back. The intrusion was unexpected and I clenched around her fingers. She withdrew her fingers and then thrust them hard into me again at the same time she bit my lower lip. This was too much.

I was feeling a lot at once and even though she was concentrating her attention in between my thighs, I could feel her touch everywhere. My toes began to curl.

She held my neck with her other hand and pumped her fingers in and out of me, faster with every second. She squeezed my neck and flicked my clit at the same time. I came apart with a cry. I’d been wound pretty tight all week and I knew it wasn’t going to take much to make me come but this was too much.

She held me whilst I came and when it was over, she washed me. I didn’t have it in me to protest. All the time, I wanted to say something, do something. Maybe hold her hand or something but I was boneless. She kissed my forehead and then when she was done washing me, she took my hand and led me to the bedroom.

“Your skin looks beautiful when it is wet.”

We lay on the bed and I wanted to curl up on my side and go to sleep but she had other ideas. She lay on me and then coaxed my legs apart, just as her arms encouraged my arms up over my head. She sat on her haunches and then regarded me for a second.

“Perfect. Don’t move.”

She got off the bed and went to a chest of drawers situated at the far side of the room. My eyes followed her movements. She ruffled around a bit and after a second or two, stalked towards me, her arms laden with scarves.

I badly wanted to protest. I was not going to be tied down, no. Yet, her eyes, damn those eyes, never left mine and the look in them kept my mouth shut. It was as if all she had to do was look at me and I was willing to do anything she asked. 

She bound my wrists together and then bound them to a ring that was attached to the head of the bed. My bindings weren’t so tight as to be painful but they weren’t so loose that they’d come off if I tugged. 

Then she bound my legs, each in turn so that I was lying spread-eagled on her bed, my body damp from the shower and my pussy throbbing from wanting her.

She was still holding one scarf and she was smiling at me mischievously. She climbed my body slowly and then kissed my chin, and the tip of my nose.

“Close your eyes, baby.” Her voice was soft and gentle and my eyelids fluttered shut. She kissed each one in turn and then I felt the soft silk of the scarf against my eyelids. I imagined she secured the knot. I felt her move backwards. My sense of hearing was heightened. After all, deprive a person of one sense and the others heightened.

“I would cover your mouth too but you make the most delicious sounds when you come. I want to hear them.” I imagined she was kneeling between my legs. I wanted to please her, I wanted to be defiant. I was not going to make a sound, no matter what. 

I felt movement. She was getting off the bed. I turned my head in that direction even though I could not see a thing.

I tried to listen for the slightest sound, the barest rustle but there was nothing. She wasn’t going to leave me like this, I knew she wasn’t. But then again, she enjoyed torturing me. I still could not understand how she had so thoroughly dominated me. I wanted to dissect the thought but the throbbing between my legs would not let me.

I could not think straight and I could not move. I tugged at my bindings experimentally but they did not give way. I let out my breath in a whoosh. Where was she? The room was quiet and I could hear the rustle of the curtains at the windows.

I heard a clinking sound, like ice against glass. I assumed she went to have a drink. She tied me up, left me on the bed and went to have a drink! I didn’t know whether I was surprised or annoyed.

I felt her move up the bed and hover over me. I didn’t know what to expect. I couldn’t see her; I couldn’t touch her. All I could do was feel and so far, she wasn’t touching me. I wanted to lift myself off the bed, make my body come into contact with hers but I stayed still.

I felt something cold between my breasts and I sucked in my breath sharply. It was an ice cube. She rolled it around with her tongue and then started to travel a path down my body with it. I shuddered. The ice was cool and the wind blowing through the window over my skin, coupled with the loss of one of my senses heightened the sensation.

I squirmed.

“Stay still.” The order was quiet and I almost didn’t hear it. The cube was just above my belly button. She left it there. This was torture most exquisite. She moved up and her mouth closed around my nipple. Her lips and mouth were cold from the ice. Her teeth tugged at my nipple and her tongue flicked it. Her hand squeezed and kneaded my other breast. My nerves were a mess. I could feel everything everywhere and I did not know which point of feeling to concentrate on.

The ice cube was still on my belly, melting slowly and dripping into my navel. I could feel every tug of her teeth and lips on my nipple between my legs. Her other hand was kneading my other breast and the sensation was heightening with each second.

Her mouth moved to my other nipple. I clamped my mouth shut. I wasn’t going to make a sound, no matter how good it felt. She didn’t seem to mind. Her tongue travelled the path the ice cube had made. My breathing was heavy and loud to my ears and my chest rose and fell with every breath. 

I felt her suck the cube into her mouth and then she was going even lower. My abdomen, and then I felt her kiss the little hair atop my pussy that I refused to get rid of. Oh God, yes. Just a little lower….

She raised herself off of me. I groaned. I heard a clink. She’d dropped the ice cube back into the glass. 

“I want this more badly than you do, trust me.” Her voice had changed in quality. It was lower, huskier. I felt her fingertip tracing down my shoulder, then my arm, down to the tips of my fingers.

“You have no idea how long I have wanted this, how much.” Her finger travelled back up my arm and when it got to my shoulder again, it changed direction. Her fingertip was at the hollow of my throat. I felt her spread her palm and squeeze lightly.

“Every single morning, when you sit at your desk and then start to work, I want to kiss that furrow in your brow when you’re concentrating.” I feel her lips brush my forehead. Her finger is circling one nipple now.

“Every single day, when we pass each other in the hallway, all I want to do is push you against whatever surface is available and kiss every inch of your face.” I feel her lips brush my forehead again. She kisses my eyebrows, my cheeks, the tip of my nose, and my jaw.

“When you chew on the end of your pen when you’re trying to figure out something, I want to part your lips and slip my finger between them.” The finger that is circling my nipple stops and then ascends. She presses down on my lower lip and I suck her finger into my mouth. I circle it with my tongue and nip it gently with my teeth.

I hear her inhale sharply. I imagine she has closed her eyes and is absorbing the sensation. I suck on her finger. It’s the only part of her body touching me now and I’m desperately craving her touch. 

“The things you do to me. If you only knew.” She withdraws her finger and I feel her hand descending again. She strokes the hair on my pubis. I want to arch into her touch but I’m also trying not to appear eager.

I feel her move again and then she’s kissing my abdomen. She’s kissing my inner thigh, first left, then right. To my knee and then back up. Dammit, I want her mouth on my pussy, not my thighs. I groan my frustration.

“Relax, baby. You’ll get it.” Then, one hand presses down on my abdomen and I feel the other parting my lips. She blows on my pussy and I shudder. I’m so wet, from all the teasing and little touches. She does it again and I clench my teeth. Not a sound.

I feel her lips on my clit and I want to hum with the pleasure of it. She sucks it into her mouth. Every nerve ending in my body is alive. I suppress a moan. It’s hard but I do. She enters me with one long finger, slowly and deliberately. She strokes my walls gently, all the while tugging on my clit. 

I’m two seconds away from thrashing on the bed. The fingers are two now and the pace has increased, faster and faster. She stops tugging on my clit and licks my pussy, the way you would lick an ice cream cone. She does it again and this time when her tongue reaches my clit, she rolls it around.

The fingers are moving at an almost furious pace. She sucks my clit into her mouth again and then she begins to hum.

“Oh God!” My hips come up off the bed. The humming is producing the most delightful vibrations. I can’t fight it anymore. I feel the orgasm building up, low in my belly. That familiar tightening in my abdomen begins. I can feel myself climbing higher and higher, getting to the peak, but not quite getting there yet. I buck and thrash and I wish my hands were free so that I could hold her head to me.

“Stop moving so much.” She speaks into my pussy. The hand on my abdomen presses down hard and then she continues her assault. The pressure in my abdomen coils tighter and tighter and just when I think I can take it no more, she thrusts her fingers into me hard and then nips my clit gently and almost immediately after, presses it down with her tongue and then sucks it hard.

The coil in my belly uncoils all at once, quickly and hard. I hear cries which could only be coming from me. I don’t care about keeping quiet anymore. I come and come and come and she doesn’t let up even then. I feel like I’m falling. I no longer control my body.

Her mouth is still on me and she licks me all through my orgasm. My clit is so sensitive now, almost painful. When I finally quiet down, she crawls up my body and takes off the blindfold. She’s looking into my eyes and I don’t look away. 


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