We’re Going Live In London!

Adventures Fam! Have we got some exciting news FOR YOU. I don’t think you’re ready, but I’m going to give you a minute to get your minds right.

*minute elapses*

The Adventures Podcast is going to be LIVE in London! That’s right, your girls Nana and I will be in London Town doing it up and doing it BIG with some of the boldest, baddest and brightest African women in the business. I mean, just check out this line up:

No. Your eyes are not deceiving you. That is indeed Oloni, Kelechi Okafor and thee Yvonne Orji. You may begin squealing now.

Our UK based fam: We’d LOVE to see you in the space. Please come out and laugh with us, hug us and support us. I know I can confidently speak for Nana when I say that this moment would not be possible without you – the community – that we’ve all built together over the last 14 years. (Can you believe it?) This is another huge moment, Adventurers! Let’s show London how we do what we do!

You can get your tickets via Ticketek. It’s pretty quick and simple.

Some people have asked me about dress code. Be fabulous.
The ones who are bush (like me) have asked me about behaviour. It’s optional. Let’s ululate and celebrate (while being respectful to our guests) and have fun.

So we’ll see you there, innit? Good. Can’t wait. Don’t forget: May 23rd, 7:00 pm!

Not caught up on Season 1 of the podcast yet? No problem! Tap this link to access your eargasm.

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