Lagos Lover

Written by By Irenosen Akharele

“Jesus! He was married?” Mali’s eyes were the size of saucers and Eseohe had to hold in a laugh. She nodded and the girl heaved a sigh.

“Men are so useless.” 

Both women laughed and Eseohe made a left turn, the nail salon coming into view. She made a mental note to ask Mali to help her choose a design when they got there as she was bored of the ones she had been doing and these girls liked to suck up to her far too much. 

“But what happened after? Did you stay in Lagos? You must have been so scared.

Eseohe giggled, only excited to share her experiences with a willing listener.

Eseohe had been with David for 2 years and change; he was all she knew. He lived in Ikoyi and had obnoxiously rich friends who were with girls like her. She should have noticed how most of them had wedding rings on while their girlfriends did not, but she was too caught up in her perfect relationship. 

Luckily for her, she had some savings and was able to get herself a small place. It was hard. Many landlords refused to rent to a young, single girl that looked like her, as if it was her fault that her curves peeked through whatever she wore. 

Working as a bar girl in one of the new clubs in Victoria Island was an experience; one that she didn’t enjoy so much because of how much of herself she had to put on display. Besides that she liked the flashiness of it all. She wanted to be in the shoes of the women she saw. 

At 23, she was ready for something new but she was resistant, settling for one-night stands instead. That was until she met Juwon. He was tall, dark, heavily bearded and had a silver stud in one ear. Every time she saw him, he looked like he had just gotten a haircut with perfectly starched designer shirts and jeans that looked like they were made for him. His glasses made him look a little unsuspecting but Eseohe was quick to find out it was all a front. 

The first time they fucked, she had just closed from work and was headed home. Okada fares being too high, she started down the long road home until a passing Juwon swooped in, in his silver BMW, and saved her. She was quick to offer herself, especially as she had been eyeing him when he came to the club. They got to his house and he pinned her against the door, kissing her like a starving man at a feast. With lips still attached, he moved them till they hit a couch and then he pulled away. 

Breathless, she stared into his dark eyes as he took off his glasses and dropped them on the small coffee table. Still looking at her, he pulled a condom out of his wallet, undid his fly and fixed it around his hardness. 

Eseohe didn’t have time to think as he turned her around, slid her moist panties to the side and stuck a finger in, replacing it with his cock after three lazy thrusts. He gave her two small orgasms in the span of 10 minutes, before bursting into the condom with a long groan. 

They had sex till morning after he gave her a small pink pill, and they tired each other out. She woke up from a 12-hour nap feeling rested and chirpy, only to see that Juwon had washed her clothes, underwear included. 

It was weirdly sweet but she didn’t say anything about it. He let her know that he would be coming by the club in two days and needed a companion for a work trip. She could think about it till then and if her answer was yes, she was to come with a packed bag. 

She was packed and ready an hour after she got home.

Juwon knew how to party. The reserved man who sipped his sour wine in comfortable silence that she saw in the club was no more. Roughly 20 minutes after he popped a pill, he would be replaced by a party animal friendly with everyone. They would stand in dark corners and share cigarettes deep in conversation and it always made her giggle. Him being well liked extended to her and she enjoyed the attention. 

Juwon also seemed to have more money after every party they attended and he showered her with it. He took her to First Bank so that she could open an account and he made sure she always had money with her. Cash. She didn’t know what he did for a living and she didn’t care as long as he didn’t have a second family hiding somewhere.

Eseohe’s relationship with Juwon ended after five wild months when the police raided a party he hosted. Everyone was arrested and the police found drugs stashed on the premises and on his person. He was a drug dealer.

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