Meet the Adventures Creators Class of 2024!

*Taps mic* Is this on? Because we have a special announcement to make. The Adventures Creators Class of 2024 is here! This is both a special and stressful time of year for all of us at MASI Media. (MASI is the parent company of Adventures From the Bedrooms of African Women for the uninitiated.) The open call for applications to our program ALWAYS stuns us with the volume and quality of the applications we receive. It is gratifying to know that so many African women trust us with their storytelling and desire partnership with us. But how to make a choice in the face of so much excellence? Suffice to say that there was a lot of deliberation, weeping and rendering of sackcloth among the team. Yet somehow, we did it. Sort of.

Our typical class consists of 4 Creators. This year we have inducted a grand total of SEVEN…our largest class yet! These women come from all over the Continent and truly reflect the Pan African spirit of Adventures and the diversity of African womanhood. They are podcasters, skateboarders, eco-warriors, dungeon mistresses and fashionistas and they have NOT come to play about their creative expression.

Join us in welcoming the class of 2024 with open arms and warm wishes! As they embark on this thrilling adventure, we invite our Adventures Fam to shower them with encouragement and support in the comments below.

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