Holiday Rendezvous

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“I can’t marry you.” 

Those were the words that kept ringing in my head ever since he said them to me. My relationship of 3 years ended months ago and while everyone is talking about how their holidays will be, I already knew I was going to spend mine with my sister, helping her take care of her baby while I healed. 

I bought tickets for a music concert in Abuja for two. The plan was to go with him and enjoy the night together, but here I was staring at the tickets with tears in my eyes; tears that would fall from time to time. Why could he not marry me? 

I decided to go. After all, it was my money. I would go with my sister. 

I met Victor at the concert and we became friends immediately. He had a whole vibe and so did I. We spoke at length before the concert started fully, and exchanged numbers and agreed to keep in touch when it did. 

“He’s cute,” my sister said when I finally had her time. The truth is Victor is good-looking, tall, funny, adventurous and he smells nice. I’d already decided to go out with him if he asked.

I invited Victor to my house after a week of intense chatting. We could talk almost every hour and into the night. I got to know he was a software developer who’s currently on a break and he was also very single. Though I made up my mind not to date him, I wasn’t ready for another heartbreak. 

He came as promised and we had so much more to talk about. He was so funny. You know this thing about funny guys; they would make you laugh and you don’t realize when you start growing fond of them. Victor smokes, and so we agreed to smoke together when he comes over. 

I was having my first smoking lesson!! Funny right, but I didn’t care. I just wanted to have fun so we did. I got high and we talked and talked into the night. The next thing I asked was if he had a condom. I wanted sex, and I could see he wanted it too. 

I am not a regular bad girl. Don’t judge me. I just wanted to feel good again. 

He said yes, he came prepared. I stripped naked right in front of him, in my room. I took off his trousers and made sure I had his cock in my mouth. I did my best to please him and it paid off. We moved to the bed. He kissed every part of my body and it was so good, I felt something ignite within me. I was wet already and he hadn’t even started. I don’t know if it was the effect of the weed, but I was ready for anything that night.

The kiss continued and his tongue was on my pussy. He was eating me out; cleaning me out – I was in heaven. Victor tongue fucked and finger fucked me at the same time that I was screaming so much and I didn’t even care about the neighbors. The only place that could describe where I was, was “Heaven”. I was in heaven. His hands were working on my breast too. I couldn’t count how many times I climaxed, but he wasn’t done with me yet until I was quirky clean. He allowed me to rest. 

I was out of my head already. This guy was so good, I was thanking him all through our rest. I realized I hadn’t had an orgasm in a very long time; my sex life had been boring. 

We resumed with kisses and this time he went in. I don’t want to describe his cock but it was everything I wanted and more. He moaned. I like it when a man moans. The sex was so good I didn’t want him to stop. 

We tried different positions till we were exhausted to the last point. After he finished, I knew I wasn’t letting him go anytime soon.

Written by Maria S. 

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