Not So Random Questions…

I’m taking inspiration from Anti Rhythm and posing my own not so Random Questions…

  • Is there always a “certain level” of sexual attraction between male and female friends?
  • Is it possible to sleep with a friend and retain your friendship?
  • F**k Buddies, for or against?
  • What’s your favourite sexual act?
  • Where’s the best place to have sex?
  • What is your favourite sexual position?

13 comments On Not So Random Questions…

  • To #1, yes!
    To #2, yes!
    To #3, for!
    To #4, pass!
    To #5, where you could be seen for the risk doubles the thrill.
    To #6, spooning, maybe 🙂

  • 1. yes
    2. yes
    3. for
    5. kitchen table
    6.dont have one anything goes.

  • 1. Yes but its usually been there for so long that it eventually becomes irrelevant
    2. Yes, sometimes you just want to try it, and as long as you both respect each other enough you should be able to keep your friendship in check.
    3. Hmmm.. when I have an answer to this question I'll let you know.
    4. Its gotta be giving head… there's something incredible about having all that power… if only for a few minutes.
    5. Wherever the moment takes you
    6. Being on top

  • #1: No – not in EVERY case, but in some, sure!
    #2:Dunno, but the friendship sure will change – won't be like it used to be
    #3: pass
    #4, 5, 6: Don't know but will let you know as soon as I find out! 😀

  • 1: Most of the time…but not always. Plus not always mutual
    2: I would think not…much too complicated
    3: hmmmm…something in me finds that way too repulsive
    4,5,6: Can't WAIT to find out *wink wink.

  • Is there always a “certain level” of sexual attraction between male and female friends? YES
    Is it possible to sleep with a friend and retain your friendship? No
    F**k Buddies, for or against? AGAINST
    What’s your favourite sexual act? BLOWJOB
    Where’s the best place to have sex? TABLE
    What is your favourite sexual position? ON MY BACK, WITH MY LEGS ON HIS SHOULDER!

  • 1. Yes. From my random polling of friends, it seems this happens more with men than with women. Women can easily put you on the friend track and ignore the fact that you have a penis. (see ladder theory!)
    2. Yes. I have done it. It was a little sticky after the act but we settled back into our old groove.
    3. For. Nothing beats the 3 am booty call!
    4. Hmmm, this is a toss up between giving head and having the woman dig her nails into my arms as she cums AND having a vibrator massage the clit while simultaneously having sex.
    5. Almost had sex in a subway station in NY! Anywhere works.
    6. Legs on my shoulders, pelvis elevated…

  • 1. Not all the time. I have guy friends that I wouldn't be attracted to even if they were the last men on earth.

    2. Yes. I've done this before. We're totally cool. He has a girlfriend who I'm also friends with (she doesn't know) and he even came with me and held my hand when I got my nose pierced.

    3. Fuck buddies – always a bad idea. At some point you WILL fall in love with him, and everything will fall apart.

    4. Definitely him biting my nipples. I'm a pleasure-pain person. It feels crazy good either way.

    5. Hands down the best place I've had sex was his car. We drove around Maitama for a while then we parked down a dark street and got naked. Everytime someone walked past or a car came by, we froze. Almost getting caught was so much fun.

    6. Me on top or him on top. Either way is fine by me. 😀

  • yeah yeah! random and sexually stimulating!

    1. even enemies got it hot! friends is cool chop! especially the bros and sises in Christ! a fab!

    2. i'm sure! but wait. let me go try and i'd come back more definite!

    3. for and against! one sided-ness is not always sweet for me! mix it a bit; you kno!

    4. ahhh this one! it's easy! –while sipping water from a (transparent) glass and staring deep into the eyes of my 'mate' (oh this word is something else. blows me away! aawwww!) it's deep! full length!

    5. at a noisy market! while everyone else is busy about window shopping! no real buying/selling. just criss-crossing and window shopping!

    or, at a MJ concert while folks are fainting at his Man In The Mirror sight while i'm getting all groovy! lorrrrrrrrrrrd!!!

    6. striking position(love to be fed with 'balls' so that all i'm left to do is score). just simple tap-ins! not a fun of the 'mid-field' sweaty hard works! Michaal Essien is better there!

    @Anonymous, you must be a great fun of Asem's 'gimmie blow' song right? that song's got a great following! ah, nice song!

  • 1.Yes
    3. For!
    4. I love the power of giving a blow job, I love being in control of a man’s pleasure SO absolutely, when they cum, I know it’s ALL me.
    5- I’m old school, I love me a BED!
    6. Depends with who… Those things change, depending on how big the guy is, what he’s good at. I usually always enjoy missionary, spooning and him laying on top of me, while I;m on my stomach.

  • @Nana Yaw – Lol! Thanks for inspiring this post with your random questions…Ei! You risk taker you!

    @Bonti – Your number 4…does that mean you have no favourite sexual act? Thanks for sharing 🙂

    @Anon 1- Yes, please let me know when you have an answer to 3. Thanks for your answers

    @Darian – Does that mean you’re a virgin? I think I need to write a post on virginity. What do you think? What shall I write about?

    Anon 2 – See my comments above. Is that applicable to you?

    Anon 3 – Please share the virtues of the “table” with me. Isn’t it uncomfortable?

    @Awansona – What’s the ladder theory? Please share. Your number 4 is reminding me of someone…

    @Sugabelly – Lol, you are making me laugh with your comment about “…last men on earth”. I feel you girl!

    @Novisi – Lol, I am happy to please…

    @Nana my namesake – I’m with you on the old school bed. I like my comforts

    Thank you all for sharing. The comments have all been so funny yet great

  • @Nana – yup! (Hmm…..mebbe I should write up a post on virginity and see if you like it enough to post it, lol!)

  • @Darian – Please do. Send to adventuresfrom[at]

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