The Reluctant Celibate

I am no fan of abstinence although I completely understand the reasons why so many of my sisters (yes I am excluding the brothers) strive to abstain from sex. I have heard the arguments in favour of abstinence and I think they are all entirely valid except when it comes to yours truly. A male friend once told me about the value of abstinence and I so got him. Yes, you take time to know the girl, your relationship is not clouded by sex, by the time you have sex it doesn’t matter what your penis size is…all very valid arguments. From the perspective of my women friend it’s usually about the milk and cow theory (thank you NY). From the perspective of both men and women striving to abstain from sex it is usually about their faith.

So if I am buying none of the above reasons why have I found myself a very reluctant celibate? Oh there is a multiplicity of reasons. I found out that my buddy was cheating on me with multiple women. (Is it possible for a buddy to cheat on you? Does the very nature of the buddy relationship mean that you have no right to expect exclusive rights to your buddy’s body?) Virtually all the guys I find myself attracted to are already in relationships and I really do not fancy being a bit on the side? I do not meet guys I fancy (unless they fall into the “already taken” bracket). I am not interested in being bought hence no interest in the milk and cow rationale. I could go on and on…

What’s a girl to do when she is a reluctant celibate?

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  • You just made me smile 🙂 reluctant celibate is a new one to me.. but it is a nice and honest thought

  • Take heart(?)…..
    Or be proactive and find another buddy – preferably one that doesn't do with several women at the same time :)…….

  • There's this amazing new device..
    Shaped like a penis and works on batteries..
    They say it does amazing things for a woman's juices..

  • on f#!k buddies… it might be a tad unrealistic to expect fidelity/monagamy because then what you have is a regular relationship. however i think open communication about other partners, sexual health, etc. is only fair.

  • @Nana Kofi – 🙂 I strive to be honest in expressing my thoughts

    @Darian – Hmmm, I hear you. I’m thinking it might be time to find an “official” boyfriend.

    @RocNaija – Lol,I’m a fan of this “new device”

    @Shane – Long time girl, you have been a bit quiet recently. Still waiting for a guest contribution from you. I hear you on F**k buddies, I agree I was unrealistic but that’s me, sometimes I can be a tad idealistic

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