Guest Contributor Mr Jones on Hot, Steamy Sex Sessions: To Record or Not Record?

It is undeniable that sex is one of the most pleasurable activities in life. Over time, humanity has devised means of maximising the pleasure derived from the act of sex. In today’s electronic world, recording video clips of sexual activities is one of the most common means by which people take their fun to greater heights. With the wide spread availability of high-tech phones that can record quality video, the culture of sexual video recording is becoming even more common.

Various people record for varying reasons. A young man who was interviewed on Ghana’s Joy FM’s Evening News last week conceded that he records himself having sex to boost his performance. The mere fact that he knows that his action is being recorded pushes him to go the extra mile. Another interviewee conceded that he recorded so he could later relive the “great moments” of passion and bask in the satisfaction of his prowess. Some couples agree to record so they could later analyse their performance together, with the aim of doing better next time.

Apart from the temporary excitement that recording might bring about, it can turn very sour. On Oprah Winfrey’s TV show several months ago, this author monitored a young lady who was featured on the show after her education had been ruined. Apparently, she had consensual sex with her then-boyfriend and they had it recorded on video. The young man involved then shared the video with his friends. Within a short period of time, the video had spread amongst the students and the lady soon became a laughing stock. So much was her shame that she had to abandon her tertiary education. On the TV show, she denied having knowledge of the recording and insisted she was abused since her privacy had been breached. The young man on the other hand insisted that recording their intimate moment was deliberate and to the knowledge of them both.

Different people would hold different opinion about whether to record their sexual activities or not but in my candid view, the risk of the video getting leaked (accidentally or otherwise) far out-weighs any amount of satisfaction derived from recording it.

Have you recorded yourself having sex before? What was your motivation? Do you think it is worth it?

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  • My two pence – The thing to do is delete the video after you watch it. Chances are you won’t look as good naked on video – you look better in your imagination!

  • Recording is not a bad idea at all. Both parties can analyze the recording to see where improvements can be made. Recording the act should inspire both parties to put up a stellar performance. The issue of the video leaking either intentionally or accidentally shouldn’t concern any party as long as they are not destined for higher public office. I can’t wait to watch my first recording preferably in HD quality 😀

  • You sure did make me laugh Frank, with the HD quality thing. 😀

  • Definitely agree with Nana, IF you do it make sure you delete it. I might should like a sourpuss but trust is all well and good when you are together. When you separate there are many people out there who feel that it is ok to abuse the trust you once placed in them.

    For your own social reasons (can you IMAGINE if every1 found out?!?!?!) and just for peace of mind, if your that way inclined I think it should be disposed of afterwards.

    I don’t really get the whole rate your own performance thing…what if it looks crap on screen but for you it was AMAZING at the time? Post-sex questions like ‘how good was I?’ are bad enough without video evidence!

  • Recording can be fun, if you’re worried about the video becoming subject to public viewing then an idea would be to make sure there are no facial shots or wear masks if you have to !
    Only problem is if you have identifiable birthmarks 🙂

  • …if you wanna see your antics on youtube, then go ahead!:-)

  • I remember when I was in Uni a lady had her video leaked into the public domain. I am pretty sure it took some courage for her to finish her college education. There were a few other cases after hers. I would want to agree with Nana and suggest a complete deletion of all video evidence after the recording and off course the after the act!!

  • Steer well clear! I 100% agree with Nsoromaa.It would surely be an anti-climactic disappointment when one discovers that they do not look like a professional porn actress and the risks of it being leaked just do not offer ANY benefits. People cannot be trusted especially if you break up from the person. Just no.

  • I agree with Sankofa. Record yourself pounding your “sweetheart”. Relive the “great moments” together and wait till you go your separate ways. Then your partner if unscrupulous would have a great blackmail tool against you.

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