Celebrating the launch of our new website

To celebrate the launch of  our new website I shall be publishing a post EVERY DAY this week. This is your opportunity to send in any blogging  requests you may have. Miss Anon, I shall blog on long distance relationships as per your request.

I am truly grateful to all the contributors, readers, bloggers who make Adventuresfrom.com an exciting, educational exhilarating space.

Many thanks to Oluniyi David Ajao and the team at Web4Africa for our sleek, sexy and sophisticated new look.

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  • Still getting used to the new site. Defn more sophisticated and hi-tech (hence my having to get used to it). Kudos on how much your blog has grown. I’m a lurker, read every post but don’t always comment. Not too sure about the proliferation of pink though…it looks very nice, I just get wary of anything that has women and pink on the same page…wot have feminist studies done to me…lol.

  • Well done. The site looks fantastic!

  • So you have gone pro, huh?! Looks great! Good work David and Nana!

  • @Preachers Wife – Not to worry, I am getting used to the new site too 🙂 Hmm, I have the same issues you do with pink…in fact I asked the designer initailly to change the pink to purple (which is apparently a feminist colour) but somehow the pink stayed. It has grown on me though, especially as I have convinced myself that it is not a stereotypically “girlie” pink…plus, there is sooo much grey on the site. Hmmm, these issues gender studies gives us

    @Ms A – Thanks, and thanks for all your guest pieces. Please keep them coming! (no pun intended – seriously!)

    @Kajsa – Yes, I have gone professional – and loving it!

  • it looks like we can’t comment on the posts unless we provide valid email addresses. a lot of people value their anonymity on this site and i for one would be happier if just an name was needed. how will the email addresses be used? are they recorded/visible anywhere?

  • @Anon – I just spoke to the web developer of this site and he says you should be able to use fake email addresses. Apparently Word Press is hard coded to ask for email addresses, he has promised to look further into it though.

    On the plus side, only the administrators of this site (Myself and Abena) can see the email addresses. I have no intention of disclosing anyone’s anonymity and do not intend to use the email addresses for anything at all…won’t sell the email addresses, disclose the email addresses under torture, etc

  • Hello Abena and Nana Darkoa,

    I’ve been a fan of your blog since you started and am excited about the new website! I’m going to a training called the Sexuality Leadership Development Fellowship and am to present on sexuality in Ghana and was hoping that I could email you both a few questions to get your feedback, in preparation for my presentation. Thanks!

    – Caroline

  • @Malee – Thank you for the compliments. Your training programme sounds interesting. Why don’t you address your questions to the readers of this blog? It could ensure you get a diversity of responses. If you would prefer to just email Abena and I, you may also do so. Please send your questions to adventuresfrom@gmail.com and let me know if it is for the blog or us.

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