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On my way into work this morning I was listening to Prince’s Musicology. I love the whole album but I got so excited when I heard “Call my Name”. Prince sings that song with such soul and had me bumping and grinding in my car seat all the way to work. That song can definitely bring out the Tiger in me.

Listening to “Call my Name” got me thinking about the ideal music to make love to. For me it’s got to be a number by Charlie Wilson. Joe is great too, but only when you are in love, otherwise he just comes across as plain soppy.

Of course your choice of music depends on whether you are making love, having sex or fu**king. I remember bursting out laughing when I read on an FB Friend’s profile that his choice of music to have sex to is Vybz Kartel’s “Ramping Shop”. Ramping Shop! Oh my goodness, I thought to myself, this is someone I would never have sex with. Sex will be aggressive, fast and all about him.

How about you? What kind of music do you like to make love/have sex/f**k to? Is music an essential part of your love making or is the Radio on just to drown out the sounds of making love?

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  • When I was at uni this whole conversation came up and myself and my friends decided to make a sex CD. So everyone gave in their ideas and we (seriously!) sat down and discussed the good, the bad and the ‘sorry girl, how can u screw to THAT?!?!?!’. We even ordered the tracks so it started off slow and got faster or steamier as you came closer to orgasm….then we sold them at valentines. Made a tidy profit too, but really it was just for the hell of it. I don’t even have the CD (mp3 CD so it had loads on it!) anymore but here’s a few songs that I know were on it…

    Juvenile – Slow Motion
    LL Cool J – Doin’ It
    Ludacris – Splash Waterfalls, Freaky Thangs ft. Jagged Edge
    Snoop Dogg – Fresh Pair of Panties On
    Joe – More and More, …And Then
    50 Cent – Candy Shop
    D’Angelo – Untitled (How Does It Feel)
    Musiq Soulchild – Infatueighties
    Adina Howard – Freak Like Me, Nasty Grind
    Maxwell – This Woman’s Work, Know These Things: Shouldn’t You
    Trey Songz – Ur Behind
    Raheem DeVaughn – Breathe
    The Roots – Break You Off ft. Musiq Soulchild
    Avant – Grown Ass Man
    Pretty Ricky – Juicy
    Mario – Lay In My Bed
    R. Kelly – The Greatest Sex
    Sisqo – So Sexual
    Usher – Can You Handle It
    Busta Rhymes ft. Janet Jackson – What’s It Gonna Be?!
    David Banner – Play
    TLC – Red Light Special…..

    What do you think?

  • @Nsoromma, I normally wait until I have a few comments and do a mass reply but I just had to respond straightaway. You and your friends DO NOT PLAY. Lol! I love the idea of having a Sex CD, especially one that gets more intense the closer you get to your peak. Thanks to your inspiration, I may just create one of my own…

  • Great post !! Anything that starts of with a reference the Purple One is good in my book. I really like your site and the perspective you bring to the discussion about sex and sexuality. I would love to speak to you further about ways we can work together if you are interested. Email me anytime.

  • I’m not sure I need music to punctuate my motion. If I played music during the act at all, it would be to cover-up the grunting and moaning.

  • 1. ‘Gra Gra’ by Lagbaja. —– this is a sexy music by all standards!

    2. ‘I want to see you my father’ by King Ayisoba. —– this is a sensual soul song. would give you good imagery of what your dad could have been up to while you delve deep into your own sensuality.

    3. Daddy Lumba… all his sensual tracks… that voice is sweet! ok so i’m really sure about this one cos the above two i know won’t sound like usual. but this is no fail. Daddy Lumba!

  • I have a “drop dem draws” playlist 🙂 Come to think of it, it needs updating…

  • @Drew G – Thanks for the compliments. Checked your website and not sure of ways we can work together but maybe I need to shoot you an email to hear your thoughts. Appreciate the offer though!

    @Mr Jones – Yoo, I hear you.

    @Novisi – I obviouly need to listen to some DL…beyond the pop songs of his that get played on the radio. The only song of his that comes to mind are those that were played around the election period.

    @Preacher’s Wife – Go on, do share what is on your playlist

  • i have a thing for African drums…bongo drums, the ones that are hit with bare hands, they drive me wild! though i must say, i have not tried it.

    my partner and i were at a festival early winter and here they beat these drums oh my partner and i were killing ourselves laughing, he even wanted to record the sound of the drums on his cellphone, it was silly!
    but i’m still on the hunt for the audio CD and then we’ll be making sweet love to the rythm of African Bongo Drums!

    Suggestions will be appreciated.

  • Rompin’ Shop – Vybz Kartel. Patois… very raw… for fucking rather than for making love.

  • You should give ‘Chocolate Legs’- by Eric Benet a listen….I’m sure it will do quite nicely…Oh and ‘Brown Skin – India Arie’..
    ‘Twil be funny if ur partner doesn’t have ‘brown skin’ though. lol

  • Straight from my Ipod comes the tested & proven 🙂 “Kut songs” playlist y’all:

    ‘Fire & Desire’ Rick James & Teena Marie
    ‘Gotta Get you home tonight’ Eugene Wilde
    “If you were here tonight” Alexander O’Neal
    “I wanna be your man” Zapp
    “Between the sheets” Isley Brothers
    “I wanna sex you up” Color me Badd
    “Mirror” Ne-Yo
    “Bed” J Holiday
    “Make it up with Love” ATL
    “Naked” Marques Houston
    “Nice & Slow” Usher
    “Until the end of time” Justin Timberlake
    “Make love in this club” Usher
    “Trading Places” Usher
    “So Anxious” Ginuwine
    “Gravity:Pushing to Pull” Maxwell
    “Teach you a lesson” Robin Thicke
    “Lost without you” Robin Thicke
    “Make it last forever” Keith Sweat & Jackie McGhee
    “Freekn You” Jodeci
    “Loose Control” Silk
    “Ebony Eyes” Silk
    “Freak you” Silk
    “Red Light Special” TLC
    “Before I let you go” Blackstreet
    “Gotta get you home” Blackstreet ft Foxy Brown
    “Take you down” Chris Brown
    “Beauty” Dru Hill
    “Sexual healing” Marvin Gaye
    “Am I dreaming” Xscape
    “Say Yes” Floetry
    “Wetter” Twista
    “Getting Late” Floetry
    “Chocolate Legs” Eric Benet
    “Strip for you” R. Kelly
    “Seems like you’re ready” R. Kelly
    “Before I let you go” Blackstreet
    “Promise” remix Ciara ft R. Kelly
    “Bump & Grind” R. Kelly

  • @Squareo – Drums, eh? That’s a unique sound…I can feel you though…the thumping and rhythm of the drums

    @Sappho – Oh yes, you definitely cannot make love to “Ramping Shop”

    @Shels – I love Eric Benet! I don’t think I have heard “Chocolate legs” before though so will definitely have to look out for that one

    @MaaFobi – Wow! You have just made me want to create a “sexy” playlist on my ipod. Great selection of songs to get you in the mood. Freak you by Silk takes me waaayyyyy back!

  • “Sex Therapy” – Robin Thicke

    “Wetter (Calling You Daddy)” – Twista

  • Thanks to everybody contributing to this thread and of course to Nana for starting it. Very educative 😉 Marvin Gaye has been mentioned, but his whole album “I want you” (on repeat, its quite brief) is my tip.

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  • Thanks to everybody contributing to this thread and of course to Nana for starting it. Very educative ? Marvin Gaye has been mentioned, but his whole album “I want you” (on repeat, its quite brief) is my tip.

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