What Has Smell Got To Do With Sex?

Clearly a lot, right, but perhaps not in the way you may initially envisage. As part of my interest in researching sex and sexuality I borrowed this huge tome, “Our Sexuality” by Robert Crooks and Karla Baur* which I will be dipping in and out of and sharing some interesting bits with you all.

What are your thoughts on the following:

Smell. A person’s sexual history and cultural conditioning often influence what smells he or she finds arousing. We typically learn through experience to view certain odors as erotic and others as offensive. From this perspective, there may be nothing intrinsic to the fragrance of genital secretions that might cause them to be perceived as either arousing or distasteful. We might also argue the contrary – that the smell of genital secretions would be universally exciting to humans were it not that some people learn to view them as offensive. This latter interpretation is supported by the fact that some societies openly recognise the value of genital smells as a sexual stimulant. For example, on the European continent, where the deodeorant industry is less pervasive, some women use the natural bouquet of their genital secretions, strategically placed behind an ear or in the nape of the neck, to arouse their sexual partners.”

Hmmm, some food for thought? Does this mean that so many people think that the smell of a woman’s vagina is pungent because we have been socialised to think that? Is there a particular smell that makes you feel extra horny? Is there a smell that puts you off sex? Your thoughts?

* Crooks R and Baur, K (1993) Our Sexuality
California: The Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Company, Inc

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  • Very interesting piece, if its the natural smell you talking about then thats a great turn on. In your piece you did mention about the origin thus the persons culture and sexual origin, yeah it does really count but to make a heard way with this i have to limit myself. There are some that when you are about 30-meters away you can smell… with this kind of smell it can’t be a turn on and rather puts one off entirely… There are some that you always want to get there because the smell is very sweet… A healthy vagina actually smells quite sweet and pleasant… and thus one can partially judge a vagina’s state of health by its smell…

  • Nana, just as you mentioned, these smells are supposed to arouse us, however because of socialization, the human beings (the most advanced animal species) have unlearned this effect. Too bad I guess, but life is an evolutionary cycle.

  • What an interesting bit about some women using vaginal secretions to enhance their partners libido. I might actually consider that myself. Hmmm.

  • @Mystery – Hmmm, interesting comment about being able to judge the health of a vagina by its smell. Does that go for the male genitalia as well. I guess its general good practice to examine and smell genitalia before any action takes place 🙂

    @Edward – I guess we do eveolve but we can also do a sankofa, right?

    @Myne – Let me know how that goes…will wait for your feedback before trying it out myself 🙂

  • Hmmn, just stumbled on this blog, looks like i will be coming back often. interesting stuff.

  • i was wif this woman hu got turned on jx by smellin me around….she sometymes wore ma boxer shorts b4 we made luv coz she sed ma body smell was to much 4 her to handle n i luvd her for that….donknow if that is relevant

  • @Femme Lounge – I hope you’ve stuck around 🙂

    @sugar – 🙂 Very relevant and interesting tid bit

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