Lights, Camera, Action!

If we were going to play a word association game and I asked you to say the first phrase that comes to mind with the words ‘camera’ and ‘Africa’, you’d probably say ‘documentary’ or ‘safari’. Don’t lie. You know you would.

I don’t know if it’s just my crop of friends, or if all Francophone chicks are in fact just freaky…but I know a ton of freaky girls from French speaking countries! I’m stalling before getting into this story, because I hardly know where/how to begin. Let me just plainly say I saw my first West African sex tape…in the raw.

My Togolese friend Michele has been dating a guy from Angola for the last 2+ years. His name is Blaize (that’s his real name). Anyway, Michele is tiny with ebony black skin. Blaize in contrast is a stocky, hulking dude with a broad back. They look like an odd pair, but their relationship is so solid you can overlook their physical incompatibilities. After dropping in to visit Michele yesterday, I now know why. Buckle up and hold on tight. I’m just going to tell this story as it happened.


I walked into Michele’s Sandy Spring apartment on Friday evening. It smelled of rice, as usual. She offered me a drink and asked me where the kids were. I told her they were home with my husband. From the corner of my eye, I saw an image of a naked man on her computer screen.

“Michele! Are you watching porn while Blaize is not home?!”

Michele laughed.

“Non ma chere! That IS Blaize. We made a sex tape last night.”

I gulped my drink.

“I see.”

“Do you want to watch it with me? I can start it from the beginning!”

This seemed a little crazy, seeing as I’d only known her for less than a year. But the kids were away, and I haven’t seen/done anything mad in year, so I bit the bait.

“Sure. Why not.”

What I saw has been permanently branded in my brain. The scene starts with Michele playfully throwing her panties at the back of Blaize’s head. He then whips around, lifts up her tiny frame and SLAMS her on the bed. As they kiss each other ferociously, she moans in delight. I could not help but think he looked like a bear mauling a hairless kitten. Incidentally, he stopped kissing her and attacked her *ehem* pussy. It looked like he was going to bite it right out of her legs until he slowed down and deliberately licked her clitoris. (I assume. The camera didn’t give close ups!)

After Michele shuddered in orgasm, Blaize turned her over and commanded her in French to lift her hips. I gasped when I was confronted by the image of his monster dick ramming into her doggy style. It just went on and on and ON! He was a beast! Before he could cum, Michele wiggled from his grasp, pushed him onto his back, and sucked him to orgasm. She held his penis and watched with satisfaction as his semen slid onto his stomach.

Then it was over.

And my mouth was dry from hanging open for the duration of this 20 minute encounter.

“Well, what did you think,” asked Michele expectantly. What did I think? What could I think?? I think I know why she and Blaize are still together. That dude is a beast and she is a minx!

“I. Uh. I…”

“We are going to record ourselves so we can see what works and how we can improve,” she explained. “Plus, it is very sexy, non?”

“Yes. Very sexy indeed.”

I finished my drink and went home. I was slightly uncomfortable with the fact that I was aroused by watching my friend and her boyfriend have sex.


Is this going to be a new trend in Africa? I don’t know, but I wouldn’t put it beyond us! We’ve embraced technology whole heartedly. After all, who would have thought so many of us would be addicted to Facebook and texting?  ðŸ™‚

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  • @ Abena – Ahem, erm, I am quite lost for words – which is soooooooo not like me. Let me gather my thoughts together ‘cos there are several random thoughts running through my mind

    1. Yes, I suspect there is a thing or two that we could learn from Francophone chicks. The ones who I know are also o la, la, la, la…

    2. Why is everyone giving Mike – the guest contributor on the previous post such a hard time? Isn’t this the type of video he wanted to shoot with his girlfriend? He wanted someone like Michele!!!!!

    3. Trends in Africa? Abena you have been away too long from the Motherland, the things that go on here, hmmmm, people could teach Michele and Blaize a thing or too

  • @ #3. – Eish!!!! Then this one diehh, let me come home quick-quick! Could it be our prude culture is indeed dead? I shall have to see this for myself.

  • I forgot to comment on your Mike question. I don’t think everyone was jumping on HIM per se, I think it was more of the notion that a good relationship is worth throwing in the trash because your girl didn’t wriggle her hips in bed like she did on the dance floor…which is an absurd reason to end what seemed to be an enviable relationship!

    Judging from Mike’s contributions and comments on the blog, he seems to be a big boy, so I’m sure he can take the heat. So it is with no malice that I say his reasoning for ending the relationship with an otherwise perfect woman made him come off looking like a jerk, and I’m pretty sure (at least I hope) he’s not! I think that’s the problem everyone had.

  • Francophone women rule! They have an openness, an ease with their bodies and a forwardness it will take Ghanaian women another generation to acquire. I have no explanation for this…it just seems to be!

  • Did you say 20 minutes??? Was that the first or second. I am just asking, I would love to compare him to some pals I have!!! :-). But the truth is with the presence of digital cameras and camera phones, more bedroom stuff are being recorded. Just that we dont get to see them. A few of them get out of the “producers” hands once in a while. This makes me think there is a lot more out there!!

  • Title of this post reminds me of one of my favourite L Word episodes.

    I remember a few years ago (not that long back) when I was in Tech and a 60 sec sex tape was floating about campus. Apparently it had come out of the Nigerian camp in Legon. I don’t buy that story, I had unknowingly copied similar recordings off my friends pcs when I was getting movies and the like enough times.

    So you ask me, amateur sex taping is not a novelty in GH. As with a lot of things, what’s new is the fact that we’re talking about it.

  • these francophone girls know what’s up when it comes to sex. I had an encounter with an ivorian girl and Hmm! Only God knows what she did to me from the car whilst driven to the hall, shower and the bedroom. My advise to my fellow men, if you know you are not strong in bed then don’t venture but if you still want to try then go energy drinks.

  • Ghanareans have been making sex tapes for decades. It is common now because of easy access to video cameras.
    I don’t think Ghanaian women are less freakier than women of other nationalities. They tend to please society first & foremost. When they know you wont judge them by society’s standards, the freak comes out.

    It is possible that because Michele doesn’t know you, she knows she wont be bothered wether or not you judge her as a freak that’s why she can share her video with you. On the other hand, a Ghanaian friend you’ve known since primary school will hesitate to show you that video lest you judge or label her.

    Thank You Nana! I love it when a woman stands up for me once in a while. 🙂
    I’m OK with the comments. Check my modified Colonel Jessep impression; “They can’t handle the truth!”

  • @ Selax – i love the L word!

  • @ Shane – Nice to meet a fellow L-over. Is your screen name coincidental or byproduct?

  • @_Selax – definitely a byproduct, she’s the sexiest of the bunch (or bevy rather)!

  • @Shane and Selax – Can you believe that I haven’t really watched the L Word? (apart from watching a few random episodes on DSTV). My friend was supposed to hook me up with her box friend but she can’t find it. Oh well, I should put it on my wish list

  • Really? I’m surprised to hear that Nana Darkoa. Also a little envious cause you’ve got six great seasons to catch up on and I only have my constant wishing that Showtime would miraculously decide to resurrect the show (however unlikely)…

    @Shane: Shane is indisputably sexy, but I was hopelessly stuck on Bette.

  • The only electrical appliance i entertain in my bedroom is a radio. To do a thorough job on my partner requires optimal attention. A camera, phone or even TV will certainly not help that course. I do appreciate the excitement and all the bliss this idea of ‘technology in the bedroom’ brings. Buh one false move and your valuables are on the black market. My partner once suggested this movie thing during our usual sunday afternoon session and that was it. i went flat. Can u imagine……

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