Calling all Guest Contributors

Adventures from the bedrooms of African women is a space for African women to share knowledge on sex and our diverse sexualities. There is insufficient information by African women on the diverse sexualities of African women. This blog aims to provide a safe space for women to learn from each other about issues of sex and diverse sexualities.

The administrators of “Adventures” welcome contributions from African women. Contributions can be focused on any sex or sexuality related issue. Guest contributors may blog anonymously or under their own names. The administrators reserve the right to edit posts (mainly for typos and grammar) and reserve the rights to rejects posts that are misogynistic, sexist or discriminatory towards women/marginalised groups of women. However we may occasionally publish a “non-politically correct” post to stimulate debate on an issue.

Although “Adventures” is primarily a blog for African women we recognise that there are progressive men who may wish to contribute to this forum. These contributions are welcome; however priority will be given to highlighting women’s experiences of sex and sexuality.

To submit a post please send your contribution to adventuresfrom[at] and indicate whether you want to post anonymously or under your own name. All contributions will be duly acknowledged by email.

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