Guest Contributor Lolita On Seducing Ms. S

I’ve been going through something of a lezzie phase these days (read ‘a while’): watching girl porn, hooking up with just as inebriated members of our fairer sex, checking out tits and ass on the train, telling random girls at bars how pretty they are (and effectively weirding them out, I’m sure). Point is, it wasn’t that much of a surprise (to me at least) how things ended up with Ms. S; I can’t speak for her 🙂

That’s not to say I didn’t have doubts, I’m not that cocky (or at all, in fact hehe). For one thing – and this is just for those readers on whom the connotations of ‘Lolita’ are lost – she is much older than me, and in my opinion, hotter. Of course there was also the fact that she didn’t know me from Adam, but that could be fixed

Did I set out to seduce her? Probably, although I didn’t quite have a plan. After talking to a mutual friend I added her on facebook and then went silent for a while because I wasn’t quite sure what to say. Eventually I mustered up the courage to suggest, in a distinctly ‘girls-girls’ way, that we meet up for drinks; she said yes! What was I to do now? I wanted her to know I was interested but wanted also to be casual enough that I wouldn’t be too embarrassed if the whole endeavor blew up in my face. We chatted (read ‘flirted’) online for a bit and then the d-day arrived. I had suggested two options for where to meet: a sports bar-ish place and a gay bar (could I have been any more obvious) but we ended up staying at the former; it had a nice ambiance… and couches, upon which we ended up.

Conversation flowed, (a little stiffly at first, and then freely), as did the alcohol and eventually we were caressing each others hands – languid sensual movements that made my heart beat a little faster – and feeding each other the garnishes from our cocktails. The kisses were tentative at first, not hesitant but exploratory, acquainting lips, tongues, styles… but it was only a matter of time before things really heated up. Having an audience (read ‘burly doorman, uncomfortable waitress and drunk patrons’) admittedly might have had a hand to play in my zest as I can be quite the exhibitionist when it comes to PDA. It wasn’t long until my face was burried in her neck and bossom (i might have moaned something at this point about how good she smelled and how horny I was); my hands were in her hair and on her thighs, hers crept underneath my shirt… it was time to go.

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