Guest Contributor: Dear Mr X, Letters from the Garden of Eden

The Initiation: the first encounter had happened the night before, and there were the usual fumbles and insecurities. We had been sending sexy text messages all morning, and finally I summed up enough courage to tell him what I liked and what I wanted. It didn’t quite start off so formal, but given his management background thought it would be a good route to use. Needless to say the directions given were followed to a‘t’.

Dear Mr. X,
I was happy when my phone died as I thought I could then focus on the work that is at hand, rather than the work to be done later. Suffice to say I kept scrolling back to your text where you mentioned you were hard and hungry – it’s a fabulous combination and I wish I were a bit closer to satisfy your two cravings. I find it especially sexy that you are at work and getting horny. Will you fuck me on your desk one day? If yes then you need to arrange to work on a weekend as soon as possible.

While we are on the topic and given our plans for later, I would like to use this medium to communicate some ‘facts’ you may want to know about me that you can keep in mind for future reference.

I liked to be fucked slowly. Not all the time of course, and I do enjoy rough sex as much as anyone else. However to cum, I have to be fucked slowly so I can feel all the sensations. There is something Mr. X about the feel of a cock moving slowly back and forth, knowing that ideally this man would want to fuck your brains out but seeing (and feeling) the control he exerts.
I guess by now you perhaps realize I can only cum when I am on my back. Yesterday while sitting astride your face I wanted to come so badly but couldn’t. I am not sure what accounts for this, perhaps years of masturbation. That said if you would like me to cum in other positions and will try your utmost best to do this I of course will not complain.
Mr X.I think it’s imperative that you note that the fastest way to make me cum is to eat my pussy slowly. Perhaps a contradiction of sorts, but that is what actually blows my mind. It actually is an acquired taste – pardon the bad pun. In my early years it wouldn’t really matter however, some years ago, I had my pussy eaten slowly by a girlfriend of mine, and she used this particular style. I fear now it has become a preference. That said your technique is superb. Just lick a little slower and suck a bit more gently if you want me to approach that point. Having my pussy eaten from different angles was also welcome – please keep that up. Additionally Mr X, it would be remiss of me not to say that I loved the fact that you paid so much attention to my clit.

It was a big turn on when you asked me to masturbate for you – few men are seldom interested in seeing how I touch myself. Should you ever want repeat performances please do ask. Please note, I will also occasionally perform said feat without being requested.

You should also know Mr. X that I like to be spoken to – I love being told about the feel of my pussy, how wet it is etc. Similarly, she i.e. my pussy, Ms Pussy to you, also loves when you refer to her and yes, it’s ok to speak to her directly and tell her exactly what you will do. She is guaranteed to respond positively, and has been known to provide extra lube in response to this particular stimulus.

One thing I should perhaps explain – and yes by now I know you will know I am strange – in the act of cuming I prefer not to be held. I like to savour my orgasm and want to feel the ebb and flow of the waves that it creates within me. It doesn’t mean that you will have to remove your cock from Ms. Pussy. In fact if me cuming makes you feel like fucking me harder it is not an issue. My eyes will simply glaze over and Ms. Pussy will willingly accommodate without complaint.

Of course you realize that all of this has me soaking. In fact I think if I were lying in front of you Mr X on my back with my legs open and you were looking straight at my pussy – hungrily – you would in fact see it drip.
Kind regards
and on behalf of my pussy,
Ms. A.

The response
Ms. A, I am really at a loss for words …. But the key word is SLOWLY.
Kind regards,
Mr. X

The follow up: Needless to say everything went well in the follow up session! Since then we had been texting quite a bit, sending text messages indicating what we would do to each other when we met. Things culminated one night when we were both in our separate homes and began our ‘sexting’ – and he sent proof as to how ready and waiting he was! This was the email exchanges on the topic.

Dear Mr X, thank you ever so much for the pictures you sent. Needless to say they were both a mental and physical stimulation and were instrumental in me cuming last night. This morning I am again looking at the pictures and can’t help but wonder what did you do with that erection? Care to tell? You are of course aware of what I did with it – main drawback being the fact that it was virtual as opposed to real. I have never had a man send me pictures of his cock before – and I must add it is a beautiful cock.

There is a side of you Mr X that I am beginning to see emerging, which is not the persona you keep referring to. I think the best descriptor would be ‘closet kinky’. I do like that and I do look forward to discovering this emerging persona more.

I have taken the decision to turn off my message alerts today, simply for the reason that I fear its beginning to interfere with my sensibilities. Even if your texts are non-sexual, I fear they arouse me on some level. This is not good Mr X.

I must let you know that you are breaking our unwritten rules of engagement, which demands simply that you fuck me physically. Your explicit invasion into my brain both in terms of your intellectualism and memories of the things you do with my body – and to Ms Pussy specifically – means that you also fuck me mentally when you are nowhere near my pussy or my being.
I think about your hands Mr X, which when they caress my body I just want to curl up and purr. Or that kiss on my back that indicates the start of things to come and the route that your mouth will take – a journey that I don’t want it to ever end though I know when you find the source of my nectar (as you so eloquently referred to it), that it is in fact only the beginning. Or that instance Mr X , when you spread my legs as wide as they can go. Pussy wet, open, exposed, waiting, anticipating. For that split second reason and reasoning lost because all I want at that moment in time is what ever you will push inside. Gently. Hard.
I fear there is little difference – apart from size Mr X. – in your weapon of choice, be it your tongue or your cock. Both almost unbelievably hard and insistent. I am beginning to think you should be tried for crimes again humanity Mr X. or at least crimes against Ms Pussy, for having, possessing and using weapons of mass distraction. Mr X. I fear I am distracted, and even if I don’t physically see you tonight I look forward to fucking you later.

Kind regards,
Ms. A

His response the next day
Good morning Ms. A.
I did nothing … Figuring that you might still come and not wanting you to be disappointed with a limp cock.

Ms. A, it would be remiss of me not to sincerely thank you for this email as it has revealed a side of me I did not know of myself. After reading your email for the fifth time (cock hard & dripping) I have cum to the realization that I may have a sort of “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” split-persona that is exhibited in this email.

This ‘closet kinky’ persona is at odds with my normal persona. But this “Mr. Hyde” persona is something new that I am grappling with. The more I reflect on this Ms A, the more I am beginning to consider what caused the transformation from a self confessed introvert to this ‘closet kinky’?
If memory serves me correct, the original Dr. Jekyll drank a potion that transformed him into Mr. Hyde. It would then seem that the “potion”, in my case, seems to be your “nectar”. It is then that this Mr. Hyde persona emerges and does things the real Mr X, could not possibly do. For example, I was unaware of pixs being sent till reading your email. After checking my BlackBerry, I realized that an email was sent with 3 images attached, most likely by this Mr. Hyde persona. This is a bit frightening Ms. A.

But I remain the same Mr. X you have always known … And I look forward to future therapeutic sessions as we jointly discover the ‘kinky’ Mr. Hyde within.

Yours sincerely,
Mr X.

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  • In my personal opinion this is one of the hottest posts ever! Recently a few people have asked me to write posts that address the ‘technicalities’ of having good sex – so sharing tips and techniques. This is an example of how to ask for what you want – and even better, to make the ‘ask’ itself erotic. Way to go Ms A!

  • Something for everyone, or some guys have all luck! So this is either a paean to openness, or an abysmal exercise in staginess. It reminds me of a hyper-emoting ex of my youth. Oy vey, the moans, the groans, the wanting to do it in the jacuzzi, the entire catalog of openness, such that if you were the slightest bit not with the program, you were a sexual retard. In fact, the challenge seemed to be the story that could be told about the artistic build-up, instead of the main event. As with this story.

    Contrast that with another ex, for whom foreplay was a blanket on a baseball field, the cool evening air and the moonlight being enough to get us where we both wanted to go. In a sense more direct, more efficient. And it had its own romance. The embellishments, the post-coital reviews completely unnecessary.

    OK, maybe I am emotionally stunted, maybe I’m just jealous. Ms. A, you’re a helluva writer.

  • some guys have all the luck.

  • I am loving this article so much. I just love Ms A’s sexual eloquence. Mr X is a bit stiff isn’t he though? No wonder Ms A is a little surprised at his Mr Hyde side. Nice!

  • Mr Ametewee,
    it is with some regret that I read your comments dated September 2nd, wherein you indicate a sense of disbelief with my letters to Mr X. Let me assure you Sir that :
    1. the emails are a real exchange of emails between Mr X and I, with only the names changed to protect the consenting;
    2. the contents re my own experiences and preferences are also true.

    Suffice to say Sir, I needed to find a medium to communicate to Mr X what I wanted and I feared that verbally would have been too direct. I however wanted to get straight to the point, and wanted to make sure he fully understood.

    It was with interest that I noted the assumptions in your comments Mr Ametwee, namely that I am looking for romance and so the need for moonlit nights, basketball fields and blankets. On the contrary Sir, I am simply having a fuck. My only requierment is for it to be good. The letters work for Mr X and I – though Mr X can of course provide his own feedback – and the sex remains absolutely fabulous! I can assure you on receipt of his emails I can scare wait to leave work. His foreplay does not take place on a physical blanket Mr Ametwee, but on a plane that is even far more effective – in my brain.

    As to Mr X having all the luck, only he can best respond. However, please note we are looking for a third party in fulfilment of one of MY fantasies – to be fucked by two men. Do let me know if you would be interested.
    Your faithlessly,
    Ms. A

  • Hi Nikoi,
    Mr X is a bit shy, though considerably stiff in all the right places! It was interesting to see the transformation with all the recent letters and text messages he has opened up considerably! Maybe its the dominatrix in me that he responds to. Whatever the reason it is a lot of fun.
    Moral of the letters and experince – there is a bit of Ms A or a bit of Mr Hyde in all of us – the trick is just finding the medium to pull it out.
    Ms. A

  • Ms. A, I’m merely jealous that my appreciation of fucking precludes the finer points of self-expression contained in your emails. I’m also impressed with the energy you summon up ‘simply [to have] a fuck’! This is true commitment to carnality.

    I bet you wear frilly underwear as well….

    Anyhow, much as I find your invitation kind, beguiling and amusing, I am not a joiner, three would definitely be a crowd. But thanks, anyhow!

    K Ametewee…

  • I’m ROTFLMAO @ Kofi’s “frilly underwear” comment.

  • Ms A. You need a medal for this. You know what you want and how you want it. That’s the way it should be. More pleasure to your loins!!!!!

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