Guest Contributor Shane: “Morning Debriefing”

It’s 10am and you’re at work, trying to focus on getting through your email and to ignore the half-wood you’ve had all morning. Flashbacks of a particularly wet dream you had last night are making this especially difficult. Your secretary walks in to hand you some papers and your erection throbs as you watch her leave, tits and perfectly round ass bouncing rhythmically with each high-heeled step. Merely seconds later, she pops her head around the door to say that you have a visitor and I walk in: stripper heels, trench-coat and nothing else. I drop the coat and sit, legs crossed, in the chair across from you. Neither of us has said a word so far. My nipples are hard ripe brown berries perched atop fleshy mounds. We lock eyes and I start to rub them, pinching each between a thumb and index finger. This goes on for a while, me squeezing my breasts and caressing my torso and thighs in long sensual strokes. You haven’t moved but your cock is threatening to rip a hole in your pants. Then I uncross my legs, hooking one over the arm of the chair so that I’m laid completely bare. My pussy is a dark pink and glistening with juices. Clearly I’ve been enjoying this as much as you have. I dip a finger slowly inside me and bring it to my lips to taste, eyes closing as i suck on it and moan softly, a hint of a smile at my lips… You’ve had enough. You spring out of your chair, hands reaching for your belt as you do, so that by the time you get to my side of the table your cock is free, eye glistening with juices of its own. I’m out of my chair and bent over the table in a flash, a wet and silent invitation to take me. You do, and as your cock glides smoothly into me, your eyes glaze over momentarily, as do mine. My pussy is tight and we’re both throbbing in the heat between us. Before long you are thrusting deeply in and out of me, hands grabbing hips, hair, breasts, my throaty moans fast becoming breathless pleas for you to fuck me harder and faster. You feel my orgasm before you hear it, rolling contractions that squeeze your cock in waves and push you over the edge too. You’re coming and I’m coming and it’s a sweaty dirty cacophony of ‘fuck’s and ‘oh-shit’s and ‘yes’s and ‘oh-my-god’s. And then it’s over and I’m gone, and you’re left wondering how the hell you’re going to clean up the mess…

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