Guest Contributor Akoria: Vagina is for lovers

Vagina is for lovers
Yes, I said it! So what? You were thinking it…were you not? I guess this must be one of those topics where I think everybody is on board.

Here’s what I think. I’m a lesbian for a reason. Contrary to popular heterosexist belief, I was not molested by my father, brother or any other dominant male in my life. I am a lesbian because I love the softness of a woman, I crave a gentle touch and I can appreciate her with all her sexy curves.I prefer breast to chest and when I embrace the person I love, I prefer the feeling of a cushion rather than a steel wall. You feel me?

Vagina is for lovers! I know you heard me the first time but I had to reiterate. I love the resiliency of a woman and I appreciate her nurturing demeanor.

So you over there…yeah you! You can have the penis because vagina is for lovers …and darling, this girl right here is a lover.

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  • Love the spunkiness, sentiments and boldness of this post. Yea, I’m definitely feeling you. Thanks Akoria, I hope to receive more guest contributions from you

  • A friend once said to me
    ”For a long time I thought I wanted to be a nun. Then I realized that what I really wanted to be was a lesbian.”

    Great post Akoria

  • @Akoria – soo with you on this one! – in case you couldn’t tell from my handle, but I’m sure you could 🙂 vagina is indeed for lovers, and for me it’s the little things: the feeling of my hand at the small of her back, the swell of hips, the softest of kisses on a delicate neck, breasts, breasts, breasts and… oh I almost forgot, breasts! you know how they say ‘once you go black, you never go back’? I feel the same way about women…

    @Zee – hahahahaha!

  • @ Sappho ur handle does u justice indeed & on the issue of the little things trust me you don’t want to get me started… There’s nothing better than the taste of the wetness of a woman, nothing beats the whisper of a shiver when all you’ve done is touched her inner thigh. Indeed when u go girl you can’t go back-no truer words spoken.

    @ Zee I smile & say thank you. ( miss u millions by the way)

    @ Nana & eccentricyoruba glad u enjoyed it. Thank you both

  • @Nana, I was hoping you’d speak up for our positive virtues… 🙂 at this rate I expect that my calls to women asking for a date will elicit a “am down with Akoria” response. 🙁 Really we ain’t that bad.

  • @kofi – some of y’all certainly ain’t that bad, i’ve played for that team too so i would know… ‘girl-loving’ does not necessarily mean ‘man-hating’… but good luck beating team Akoria!

  • Thanks for that semi-vote of confidence, Sappho. Am sure there will always be a place on our team for you. As long as team Akoria doesn’t rule out re-entry.

  • @ Kofi I’ve played on your team for years and so know that some of your players aint bad at all its just girl loving is girl loving and by choice and design some of us just do prefer to play on this side of the field.

    @ true again.

  • Akoria. you read my mind. completely.

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