Guest Contributor Nina on: Boxers, Thighty-Whities or Boxer-briefs?

Maybe this is inspired by my being scandalised watching Uti prance around the Big Brother house in his boxer-briefs, on day 87 of the just-concluded Big Brother All Stars.  It got me thinking… not because I was turned on in anyway.  His legs are too skinny for me. With my own small thighs it would be like stick-fighting in bed.

Anyway, the point here is this: do you care how the package is wrapped? Or is it just enough that there is a package in the first place?  Men these days go on about how we African women get too comfortable in a relationship and ditch the sexy lingerie and sleepwear for the large wrappers that we tie across our chests and the large full briefs that would make your granny proud.  Some even give these as excuses for why they have strayed outside their relationships.  But no one is talking about some of the faded, ill-fitting, raggedy things that the men wear, as though women don’t like or need good visuals also.  If the men are ‘strongly requesting’ that we keep it sexy and appealing to them under our clothes, we can do the same.

So, do you want your man hanging free and loose in boxers, or do you want the family jewels to be held securely in place, away from stray zippers, by tighty-whities/briefs?  Are the boxer-briefs the perfect compromise or would you rather he forego underwear altogether?  Me I like free and easy access from all angles… but sometimes the boxer-briefs can present the package like the window display of a high-end boutique—you may not want to (or couldn’t even afford to) shop, but you’re tempted to go in.

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  • Hhahahah I am so glad you sent in this post. I am always vexed when men complain that ‘their women’ have stopped wearing sexy underwear because i NEVER see men try to wear any sexy underwear. Which of course leads to the larger question of ‘What is sexy underwear where men are concerned?’. Personally I like it when the men forgo the underwear…or if they wear boxers. Oh and let the boxers be nice and clean…briefs don’t do it for me at all, they remind me of my father and I do not have an Oedipus complex (or for women is the complex something else? I am sure Kofi will enlighten me)

  • Electra complex….

    Sorry, but you did ask.

  • Interesting post as so many are at this site. Personally I have foregone the tighty-whities in place of colored briefs. I think this eliminates the “dad wore these” thoughts. But I believe there really is a bigger issue here. Can someone always be prepared to be visually stimulating? In other words, your man comes home looking all sexy after his morning jog. He pulls off his shirt to head into the shower and you get a thought. I am pretty sure that you are not going to find the package wrapped in boxers and positive he did not run commando.

    If you were going out for a romantic dinner, one would assume that desert will be served afterwards and one should be prepared to offer a little visual stimulation when appropriate. But total spontaneity, all the time, is going to be pot luck. This being said, I don’t believe anyone (man or woman) should be wearing rags.

    Visual stimulation is really personalized. Personally, she can dress in lingerie for me, and it just doesn’t do it for me. Yet, I cannot think of anything (and I mean anything) sexier than a woman standing wearing one of my dress white shirts and a pair or non-grandma panties, with no more than 2 buttons done. But that’s me.

    Ya gotta love visual conversation.

  • @Nana: my high school boyfriend (many, many moons ago) used to go commando. Luckily, he had no major accidents (things getting caught in zippers, runaway fly, etc) that I know of. But I don’t remember how I felt about it then. Hmmm, maybe I should ask him because he seems to remember a lot more about that relationship than I do. Commando is great but we don’t want people out of commission due to accidents and injuries to the package.
    I don’t even want to think about my father in underwear… eugh!

    @RandyBeer: briefs are briefs- white, coloured, skin-tone (lol! would like to see the man who would care enough to buy that). Of course spontaneity is pot luck, which is why some thought even goes into these under things in the first place. Just a thought, what if she had on your dress white shirt, no more than 2 buttons done as you like it, but underneath she has grandma panties– glass half full or glass half empty?

  • @Nina, I knew the answer to briefs are briefs regardless of color. But, there are varying degrees of the visual impact. I recently went to a college reunion and a buddy and I shared a hotel room. Watching him undress and exposing those stretched out “big boys” was not a pleasant sight . I’d rather not send the lady into shock.

    Half empty or half full? Now that takes some thought. Since I have never been much of a breast man, you have put me in a difficult position. (And that’s not to say that I have zero appreciation for breasts.) OK, I paused as I was writing this and invisioned your “offer”. The glass is still half full. In fact, more than half. I can’t see not being visually drawn to a woman wearing this attire, especially since it was designed solely on my behalf. So I am good. Of course, if she has gone this far to paint me this picture, she might as well put her panties with her bra on the floor and take the granny factor out completely.

  • @RandyB: Lol
    I guess it all comes off at the end of the day, and then…

  • Ah, definitely boxer-briefs… it’s a no compromise area. Briefs are for little boys and daddys, and boxers, the thought of the package just roming free, I don’t like it (it makes me think “Swing Low Sweet Chariot” (not sexy). Boxer-briefs are definitely the sexiest. As the author said, really package and display everything properly!

  • Don: White Chocolate

    How about a male thong? My lady luvs them on me.

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