Guest Contributor Akoria: I can steal your wife

Don’t kid yourself, I can steal your wife if I wanted.

It amazes and amuses me how flippant most married men are of lesbian relationships. A bisexual friend of mine’s hubby actually asked her rather incredulously “what are u really gonna leave me for a girl?” my answer if I were in her shoes would have been hell yea!

See good brothers you need to know that only a woman knows how to love another woman best. You can try and some men do try but you can’t know my body better than I know it. Another woman has the same body as your wife does & if she wants to please your wife its likely she’s uninhibited enough to know how to please herself. Get my drift?

Emotionally women are on the same level, we know that sometimes when your wife is venting its not coz she wants a solution (She’s a strong woman she can take care of it) we know that she just wants to be heard. We know that sometimes when she turns to us in bed its not coz she wants sex sometimes she just wants to be held. We notice when she gets a new hairstyle and needs to be complimented. In fact because we feel the same things we’re better together.

So I say this again don’t hate be friends & appreciate coz if a lesbian woman sets herself out to steal your wife, she can & she will.


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  • I see the sense in Akoria’s post, and I feel that she is right!

  • Hell yea!
    This is an invitation to all the women , please i’m opened to be wooed_ seriously.

  • Maybe a woman can satisfy another woman’s emotional need, but what about physical needs? Very important. Irony is marrying another woman and then stocking up on dildos and batteries.

  • Akoria, you are more than right. Thanks for making guys realize they ain’t good enough. i’m with you on this one girl!
    @ Lucci lets hook up then cos i really need one. hahahaha

  • What I take from this post is that men should learn to read women better, especially those they are in a relationship with. Same way, women should learn to read men’s emotions well since that may not always be so obvious. I have always believed that once one accepts the basic fact that each gender is unique and complex and also an individual with traits to be discovered one will be on the first step towards discovering what that person truly is and responds to. many a time we take our partners for granted. So yes i agree that Akoria could steal my wife if i disregard my wife. I can however add Akoria to my wife ‘cos I could respond to her so well she could love me more than any babe bedmate!!!!!!!!!!

  • There’s a silent majority of women out there going, “good luck, ladies, to each her own.”

  • And if a man sets out to steal your husband, he absolutely can. It goes both ways. Frankly the thought of sleeping with a woman sounds exciting but sporadic for me. I can do it maybe once, and the No More. I need what a man has to offer. I need a man’s mind to admire. I need a man to admire. Period. Go going Akoria.

  • @ brooms true dat about a man stealing a hubby. but question are you saying there’s nothing to be admired of a woman’s mind? The complexities of a woman’s mind, her abitity to… love so deeply yet hate so passionately, be firm yet be so gentle, be tenacious yet tender, be so emotional yet remain appear passive, be so methodical yet so chaotic I could go on forever but I won’t. I do believe that the mind of a woman is more than worthy of admiration.

    @ Kofi Is there really? Lol

    @Roots you’re on point all thru until you say you can add Akoria to your wife because sadly Akoria is on the bench where your team is concerned. Maybe when she starts playing on ur team again she’ll give u a buzz. LOL

    @ Naa most welcome me dear but seriously I didn’t think hook ups were allowed on this site o. lol

    @ Mrs you’ll be suprised at the things a woman can do to blow your mind that don’t need batteries or accessories

    @ Lucci why not try wooing someone? sitting back waiting to be woo’d isn’t exactly very proactive.

    @ Nana Yaw what can I say? you’re a wise man.

  • men and women are both complex and simple in their own ways. Just because i’m a man and i understand men, does it mean i can steal another man from her woman? Akora, I’m laughing. If the statement about women capable of stealing women from men if they wanted to is true, what does that say about women themselves? Easy to steal once another woman understands them?

  • @ Akoria _ I knew you would have a funny reaction to mine and I loved every bit of it. At least our are on the bench and a COACH may possibly call on you to replace another. LOL. Your thoughts in general are beautiful and I respect you for that.

  • NYS if a man were unhappy and u offered him what he needed yep you cld steal him if you wanted to. This has nothing to do with what can or can’t be said of women themselves. Not at all…1stly women aren’t even possesions to be ‘stolen’ nor are men…this piece should be taken for what it is an article telling both men and women to treat their partners right.

  • @ Roots 10q 10q 10q. lol. namatse’ ( The light in me acknowledges the light in you)

  • @Akoria, there is a lot to be admired about a woman’s mind. As a woman, I am more wired to admire man’s mind on contact. A sharp mind is one of the first things I look out for. Not so for women. Her beauty will most likely strike me first. And then her mind.

  • Wow!! I wishI could agree with you, my true queen but in reality there are issues from your past that obviously determine your present opinion of men.I used to share an ex with a lesbian girl. She lost the girl to me. You see the “new man” is not jealous, possesive or dominating.The “new man” knows his place. he knowsitis okay to sit in a car quietly fidgeting with his i-phone whiles his woman talks to some hot dude or chick. He knows when his woman comes home after a long day at work it is his duty to cook the meal or get the fast food ordered in because he is the man. He is not worried about watching “America’s Next Model” or “Britain’s got talent” with his woman whiles recording the live football match on his sky plus or Tivo. Oh yes he understands when his woman just wants to be held, plus he can show his woman that even though he may want her(dito the hard on) his needs will wait for another time. We lick,we suck, we fuck, and we do all this under the instructions of our queen. Oh did I mention the fact that we shop too? Lets be honest which of you ladies will not enjoy a couple of hours shoping with a man with a keen eye for fashion, who knows where all the bargain designer deals are, will carry your bags while you shop, pay for the shoping, take youout for a meal afterwards and drive you back home, spend the rest of the evening quietly watching youtry on your clothes and then drive you back to the shops the next day so you can exchange or return the stuff you didn’t like? No hustle, no presure, house trained,dependable, socialble, career minded, sensitive,respectful……..oh yes, dearest Akoria, whiles you were away, man uped his came. The lesbian lost her girl to me in 7 weeks. If it is any consolation to the lesbians out there it usually takes me around 3 weeks to snatch a girl from a guy. Oh and that lesbian? Well lets just say my ex never went back to her,but she was woman enough to admit that the best man oops the only man won. You see sometimes its not about the sex darl,it is about the control and ladies do like to be in charge even if the man is quietly setting the agenda. Will you really let your woman call the shorts? I doubt it cos you do sound like the top.

  • @ nevermind….The lesbian lost her girl to me in 7 weeks . Laughing so hard!

  • @Brooms……oh yes, dearest sis. The new man knows that you can’t rush the lady. The lady will give it up when she is ready to. Lesbians tend to be rather aggresive in their pursuit of the sensual lips below than most guys are.

  • Your sexist spew does not apply to women who are not sexually attracted to women. Yeah, you might be able to play ruthless home wrecker with some lesbians, but that’s all.

  • I don’t agree with this post. All women are not the same and neither are all men, and when it comes to people who can understand you, it depends on the person, inside. So because you have a vag you think you KNOW my body even before you have tried? Such arrogance will only make me see you out – just as I have other arrogant men in the past.

    You think just because you want a woman means you’ll get her? That’s crap. I’m applying the term to men that think this way and women that think this way. Me having a vagina does not mean I am ‘less inhibited’ when it comes to eating a chick out. I haven’t done it but I wouldn’t presume to know her body before she lets me. If she lets me.

    If a guy wrote this post, we’d be jumping down his throat. The same applies.

    ‘A woman knows another woman best’? Give me a break. All women are not made from the same mould.

    Some men listen. Some men like to hold. Some men like to learn your body if you want to teach them and will go to any lengths to please their woman.

    Some women are rough in bed and selfish. Some women think only about themselves. Some women want to go to sleep soon after – I am one of these!

    Men are not the enemy. Wankers of both sexes are.

    That being said, thank you for sharing!

  • Hmmm nnenna you are right

  • The funny thing is some guys don’t care and are not worried about women that like licking … Let me say first off I love lesbians lipstick lesbians that is .. But truthfully I notice that the women hunting women be hating and male bashing … If the game is so tight why do you have to talk bad about the man to work yo way in to the panties..I don’t care about you wanting the female but what you knocking dudes for … I got a girlfriend that had a girlfriend when we met .. I was super cool with it but leave it to the friend she was super hating.. And I told my girl to let her know I’m not trying to take you from her … And I welcomed her to kick it and let my girl know she was free to come and go as she pleased .. After a year she dumped the broad… I even tried to speak up for her cause she was with my girl longer than I was …But all that hating my girl told her to take a hike.. After that my girl told me that she loved women but most of them be on some sneaky kniving shit .. And when she fucks with another female she gone let her know she will always will be second and I’m number one so don’t try to feel my shoes in no way cause she can’t do it .. And if I don’t like them she not fucking with them.. The ex still be dropping by but my girl don’t want nothing to do with her and this is a fine bitch too… I wished it would have been cool.. The ex stop by once when my girl was gone and wanted to set it up so all three of us could kick it… I told my girl if she wanted to hell ya i’m down with it .. But she called her and told her if she come by the house again she gone beat her ass.. So ya that’s proof right there you can’t take any mans woman so you might wanna put yo ego away … And also I have seen a dyke broad get her ass whip for trying to get at a straight broad .. There a lot of women that’s open to the girl on girl .. But there’s a lot of women that’s truly strictly dickly.. So don’t fool yo self in to thinking you can have any woman .. some straight women look at lesbians like bitch I will kill you if you ever get in my face.. All i got to say it’s enough women for everybody just stop the male bashing..

  • kek

    “I can steal your wife!” is basically the go-to lesbian announcement that they’re addled by insecurity. It’s actually somewhat pitiful. They list all these reasons why they, in theory, are better with women than a man could ever be, but the truth is, they struggle just as fiercely.

    Assuming you’re in a healthy relationship (and why are you in a relationship at all if not?), you know what the best response you can give is? “Alright. Go ahead. Try and seduce my woman. I dare you.” They’ll probably get on your ass for offering your wife up like that (which only happened because you knew she couldn’t pull it off in the first place) or say they were just kidding, in which case you already know they’re full of shit. But if they try and take the opportunity, bet on it if you can.

    You don’t know how gratifying it is to watch their facade of confidence crumble. It starts innocently, then they try and get slick. That’s when your girl raises their ring finger up to show they’re spoken for. Things get awkward when they keep pressing and get an “um, sorry, I don’t roll that way,” for their efforts. But the best (and worst) part is the subtly disgusted glare they receive when they don’t stop even after getting shot down. You know when it happens because their expression scrunches up a bit, almost as though they were socked in the gut. It’d honestly be a bit sad if you didn’t know better.

    Get them to cough up the dough even if they’re genuinely upset afterwards. It’s their own fault.

    This is why it’s hard to take a lesbian bragging about how “all my guy friends are scared I’ll steal their woman!” seriously. They’re all talk.

  • If my wife leaves me for the likes of you…then I get the last laugh 🙂

    She was obviously not worth my time.

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