Boyfriend, Man Friend or Partner?

I have a boyfriend! Or maybe I should say a man friend? Or shall I say partner?

I like that word ‘partner’. It’s ‘adult’ (unlike boyfriend) and implies someone who shares your life, someone who supports you and is there for you. On the other hand, ‘partner’ sounds a bit faddy daddy’ish and even a little boring. So what can I call my boyfriend/man friend/partner?

How about lover? I know it kind of implies a purely sexual relationship with not much else going on but the sex…but I like the word. Maybe I should reclaim it. Casual sex is a ‘hook up’, ‘shag’ or ‘buddy’ but lover is something more. It’s got to be more when it’s got ‘love’ as a component. Right?

I don’t know what my life’s going to be like now that I have a boyfriend. He currently lives abroad and is moving home shortly. So he’s going to have to adjust to a new country, new work and a new girlfriend. Tough isn’t it?

I’m going to have my own adjustments to make. I’ve been very happily single for at least 5 years now. I’ve had to say goodbye to the lover I’ve had for close to a year now. My ex lover is special to me and has been there for me through thick and thin. I’m really hoping that my new boyfriend/lover will understand that this particular ex is going to remain in my life in a purely platonic way from now on.

So one adventurous chapter of my life is closing and the next adventurous chapter is beginning. I’m really excited about the endless possibilities.

Oh and don’t worry that the blog is going to become boring. It most certainly wouldn’t. Mr Man is a total freak and he’s happy for me to continue blogging. Plus I’m relying on all you out there to send me exciting contributions.


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  • How about the ever-useful ‘Other Half’?That covers a multitude of sins without seeming too mawkish and oevr-sentimental but maintains the little frisson of sexual excitement that is vital at the moment.
    By the way,all the very best in your new journey;here’s hoping the two of you get on like a house on fire!!

  • I like domestic partner or perhaps significant other?

  • Phew re the last bit!!! I really did think that meant you were going awol on us, like how some firiends stop hanging out when they get a man!! Keep blogging!!!xx

  • Awwwww! could he be “the one” ?? sooo happy for u Nana.

  • @Mystic – I’ll drink to getting on like a house on fire. Cheers! 🙂 Re: ‘other half’, its an expression I’m not too fond of. It implies (to me at least) that you are not ‘whole’ without the ‘other half’. Hmmm, I am one of those people who gets really concerned about semantics

    @Anon 2010 – Domestic partner? Hmmm. Reminds me too much of ‘Domestic Assistant’. Significant other? That has possibilities. Thanks for the contribution 🙂

    @merrymary – I so hate those girls who completely dogg their girlfriends when they get new men (or women) in their lives. Aarghh! I shall NEVER be one of those. xx back at you…

    @gica – Thanks gica. You will be pleased to know you stimulated an entire conversation on the concept of ‘the one’. We came to the conclusion that the concept of ‘the one’ is a fallacy. You can have several ‘the ones’ for e.g. at different stages in your life. Thanks so much for the happy message. Its very warming 🙂

  • @Nana…if the person is right for you,then there is absolutely no harm(or shame) in admitting that.I am quite frank in avowing my Mrs as my other half;before her,I was the typical jack-the-lad,hopping from one bed to another via the nearest bar;now,I am house broken and do exactly as I am told,lol!!

  • Congratulations on your new adventures, Nana!! But kindly clarify… you have been single for almost 5 years, yet you had a lover for the past year? And you’d prefer to qualify this new guy by the same name you qualified the ex(lover?). Just wondering…
    That said, I tend to use the word that seems most appropriate for my audience, i.e. if I don’t know the people well, I may say my significant other or partner. If I am comfy with them, I may use lover (or ‘Champion Lover’, according to Shabba Ranks :), man, beau, or boyfriend. Or you can go with my mom’s favorite when she is being inquisitive: ‘gentleman friend’ 🙂
    Happy new adventure!

  • Oh Multicurious! You’re gonna get me in trobule by saying such things 🙂 What can I say? Yes I have been technically single for the past 5 years and I’ve also had my fair share of lovers, buddies and randoms. Question answered? I hope so 🙂

  • LOL. Sorry Nana, didn’t mean to get you into trouble. I was just trying to get the chronology straight. Ain’t nothing wrong with enjoying simultaneous phases in your life!
    But on to new adventures now…congratulations again!

  • I am late to the party, but congratulations! for my lunch break, I will have a drink/toast to you and this man. May you have a fun adventurous journey (and may you publish snippets of your adventure on here so we can have a glimpse, lol).


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