Three is definitely not a crowd (Part 4)

This is a multi part story. Click here to read part 1. Here to read part 2. Here to read part 3.

“Please tell me this is not the only time we are going to do this”. Nnenna and I looked at each other and started laughing. “Come on guys, this can’t be a one off ” Kunle insisted. “You just need to focus on enjoying the moment” I responded whilst still laughing. I was amazed how comfortable I felt entangled in a hotel’s bed sheets with one of my closest friends and her husband. As clichéd as it sounds, I felt as free as the proverbial bird. I felt beautiful. I felt desired.


“I need a drink”. “I’ll get you something,” Kunle responded. In an instance he was back with 2 glasses filled with an orange liquid. “Here, you both need to drink up, you need to stay hydrated. If we are only going to do this once then it’s going to be a long night”. “What’s this?” I asked. The drink tasted of Fanta and something else which I couldn’t quite identify. “It’s my special energy drink,” said Kunle. I took one more swallow, knelt on the bed, and shuffled closer to the foot of the bed where Kunle was standing. I motioned to him to come closer. I was intrigued by how he had managed to maintain a hard on the whole night and not cum even once. He was a tall man, and even with me kneeling on the bed it was easy for me to put his still erect dick in my mouth. He jerked involuntarily when the still-somewhat cold drink made contact with him. Sucking dick was my favourite thing to do and I was determined to give Kunle the blowjob of his life. I swallowed the remains of the drink, stuck out my tongue and started to create a trail from the base of his penis to the head. I made sure to keep turning my head so that no part of his penis remained untouched. Then I slid the head of his penis into my mouth sucking slowly whilst playing with his balls. I could sense Nnenna moving on my left hand side. “How is your wife doing Kunle?” He opened his eyes halfway and smiled, “She’s doing very good. She’s sitting back against the pillows, her legs are open, and she is touching herself. It’s a beautiful sight”. Inwardly I felt relieved. A small part of me had wondered briefly whether I had been too bold in reaching for Kunle but now I could go back to what I was doing before. I gave Kunle’s dick one last lick, and swung my legs over the bed. “I need you to lie down on the bed next to your wife Kunle”. This was a better position for me. Now I could see both Nnenna and Kunle. He was right. She looked beautiful. As I watched she removed her finger from her vagina and placed it in her mouth. I was impressed and disgusted simultaneously. “Nnenna do you mind if I continue to go down on Kunle?”  She shook her head almost as if she was in a daze. That was the cue I needed to part Kunle’s thighs firmly. I could feel the muscles beneath the thin layer of skin. I touched my lips to his left inner thigh and started to kiss my way upwards, I stopped when I got to his balls and with no warning swallowed the entire sac into the heat of my mouth. The loud “Dammit” that came from his lips told me that I had done the right thing. We seemed to have set Nnenna off because in that instant she started to go ape shit right next to us. With two fingers she was now seriously furiously fucking her vagina, and with her other hand pinching her nipples intermittently. We couldn’t help but stop to watch her. It was clear that she was close to the edge. And then it came. The constant stream of “Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod”, followed by the convulsing of her body for what seemed like forever, and then a long exhale. Kunle and I burst out laughing, “Damn girl, you don’t need us here to have a good time” he said.


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