Guest Contributor: Dr E on the Real Deal with Thrush…

My dear friend Nana has persuaded me (read guilt tripped me) into writing a post as I ‘m a GP and she wanted some clarification on a few points about vaginal thrush.  Here goes!

The most common yeast that causes thrush is present in a proportion of women and doesn’t need treatment unless you’re displaying symptoms.  These include:

A non-offensive smelling creamy or curdy discharge

Itchiness of the vaginal area

Redness and inflammation of the vaginal area which can lead to soreness and pain during sex or passing urine

Men can also get a characteristic itchy rash usually to the tip (glans) of their penis

The most common cause is ‘no cause’ it just happens but other predisposing factors are:

Antibiotic treatment which can alter the balance of bacteria in the vagina and allow overgrowth of yeasts

Oral contraceptives


Poorly ventilating clothing

Diseases such as diabetes

It is common practice to treat suspected thrush without further investigations in the presence of typical symptoms. If however a person is at high risk of STIs or has recurrent (four or more episodes in a year) or resistant infection then a swab should be taken from the vagina.

Treatments range from a one off dose of oral tablet to a course of vaginal pessaries lasting 3-14 nights.  General advice should also be given to avoid tight fitting synthetic clothing and soaps especially if perfumed.  Creams are also used in conjunction with these treatments to soothe the skin.  In recurrent infection treatment is with standard medicines but is repeated until symptoms subside then regular (either weekly or monthly )treatments for 6 months.

The over-riding messages are that thrush is not sexually transmitted  and usually doesn’t have a cause .


Handbook of Family Planning and Reproductive Healthcare (5th Edition )  Anna Glaiser and Ailsa Gebbie

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  • E, thank you soooooo much for this post. I was concerned when I was commenting on Ms K’s post that I’m writing what I think and not what may be factual so its great to get a GP’s professional opinion.

    This post also made me think that if I do monetise the blog it will be great to have a small group of professionals on a retainer basis who can comment ‘factually’. So for e.g a GP, Sex Therapist, Tantric Sex Tutor…What kind of professionals would you like to have posting on this site?

  • Thanks a lot for this, it sure has cleared up a lot of things for me. Nana, I think your site is great! You are my favorite blogger right now. A friend gave me the link some days ago and I’ve been addicted since.

  • @ozohu – Thank you so much. I am so glad you found this post useful. And I am totally geeked that I’m your favourite blogger right now. I hope I maintain that status forever 🙂

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