Guest Contributor Ms K: No sex tonight baby, I have an infection…

It’s been a while since I ‘spent some time with my man’ if you know what I mean and we’ve all been looking forward to it. And then I start feeling a slight discomfort in my beautiful vagina and I think oh oh oh  –  is that an infection coming up?!!!

So I rush to the pharmacy and try to tell the usually male pharmacist to get me something that works fast! Then he launches into why it’s better to take the three day treatment to make sure the infection clears completely and so on and I’m thinking man, can I have a two hour treatment if it’s possible? I’ve got a sexy man coming over already!

Well so I’ve got to make that phone call (sob sob) to tell my man, “baby, it’s gonna be just dinner tonight – I think we need to catch up and re-connect emotionally before we get down and jiggy..”

Maybe towards dessert, I’ll tell him the real issue. Except that sometimes, I feel I’ve done something wrong by getting the infection, almost as though he’ll be thinking “mmmmm and what did you do to get it?” And trust me, I’ve been asked that before. By someone who definitely should have known better than to ask a little girl that. So I’ve grown up feeling like I’ve been very bad whenever I get an infection. And some of those male pharmacists don’t help – they look at you funny! Or is that my imagination?

Does anyone else have an ‘infection story’?

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  • If by infection you mean a yeast infection, then yes;) It’s only happened once and I somehow felt very embarrassed.I shouldnt have though. Whenever my mom got a yeast infection, she was very open open it. Anyway, I took a pill, which cost me 20 something dollars, and it didnt even work. SMH

  • The other thing I learnt a number of years ago is that if you have a yeast infection then your partner also needs to take medication otherwise you just keep re-infecting each other.

    I agree that its horrible that some men become suspicious whenever their partners get yeast infections because yeast infections can be caused by so many factors – having sex when you’re too dry for e.g./rough sex, washing your vagina with soap, tight jeans, etc etc. I’ll try and see if I can get my Dr friend to give a view on this post 🙂

  • years ago, that was my thought. to the point, i thought a girl had to do bad to get an infection and made me wary of them. i grew up and read about it and made me feel sorry for the wrong notions i had about some people in those days.

  • Hey, great post. Although, I would really discourage self-diagnosis in this instance. The wrong medication can lead to prolonged infection, resistance and less fun.

  • Yes we’re definitely talking yeast infection here. Eventually I met a mature male pharmacist who broke it down about the vagina’s sensitivity during various periods of the menstrual cycle and the effects of a million and one things on it. Wonder why its not more widely known.
    Thanks for the education from the doctor!

  • Uncomfortably have had it a few too many times i think…i believe 3 times before i got into any sexual encounters and three i believe after.i believe i got one from my boyfriend’s finger one time lol cos that was all we did. but i do remember a 2nd boyfriend who didnt mind (is that like love conquers all)
    telling me he would use protection and if it failed we would both get treated.He sure had a way of talking me into things.

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