What do you do when you meet a man with 3 particular erotic zones?

I’m fairly comfortable in bed with men. Most men are really not that difficult to please are they? Sometimes they get off by just gazing at your boobs or arse. Others like to have their nipples sucked. Some want to watch you touch yourself. Most men love to have their dicks sucked…so what do you do when you meet a guy who only likes one of the above? Oh and that ‘one’ is watching you touch yourself. Surely you can’t do that more than once during a set sexual encounter?

So it was just my luck to have an encounter with a man whose erotic zones are his ears, balls and feet? Balls are easy, but ears and feet? I felt like I was back in class 1 of ‘How to have good sex’. Apart from playing with his balls, sucking on his balls and running my vibrating bullet along his scrotum I really didn’t know what else to do? Yes he liked straight up fucking too but only gets off on the woman’s pleasure so ‘quiet’ sex doesn’t work for him. And by nature I’m fairly quiet during sex unless I’m close to orgasm. I’m learning to talk a bit more during sex though but it has to feel natural to me so I can’t turn ‘talk’ on and off at will.

What I’ve realised works for me in terms of talking during sex is to give a bit of feedback…’That feels good’…and to ask questions, ‘How does that feel?’ Some swear words come in useful at the time of orgasm, ‘fuck’ ‘shit’ ‘fuck’….as I’m writing this I’m laughing. Why would anyone want to swear when she’s orgasming? Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this?

So back to the man with the three erotic zones? What on earth are you supposed to do when you come across such a man? I can happily nibble on someone’s ear lobes but I’m too finnicky to stick my tongue in someone’s ear canal or suck on someone’s toes.

Mr 3 erotic zones was a good sexual encounter though. Cos he gets his pleasure from watching a woman come I ended up having 4 orgasms to his 2. Not a bad result. And who’s counting anyway?


P.S: For the first time I’ve blogged directly from my mobile so apologies if the formatting ends up all funny. If this looks good when I check from a computer more posts may be done via mobile

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  • Girl @ least he had 3zones I’ve been with someone whose only turn on was having his toes sucked very frustrating encounter that 1. And as 4 cussing when cuming…? Girl some of us call out to our creator some talk gibberish, the funniest I’ve heard tho is the guy who used to bark & howl like a crossbreed fox-dog. Trust me it was most disconcerting. Lol.
    And a girlfriend of mine swears her man clicks & clucks kinda like he’s calling out to chickens. Maybe I shd write a piece about the funniest, oddest sexperiences??? Lol.
    Good read this was by the way.

  • Ewww to anything feet related but nothing wrong with a bit of tongue action in a clean ear canal….

    Akoria im using that work sexperiences love it!!!

    Good post babexxx

  • @ Akoria

    I’m on the floor!!!!!! DYING with laughter!!!!! Yes you should write a piece….yooooooooooooo!!!!

  • This might be a bit off subject(well not really) or a little bit gross but…… What do you females think about a guys erotic zone being his anus. And absolutely not gay?

  • @Nana – Nah, not off subject I don’t think. If that’s his erogenous zone then so be it…I don’t think the fact that your anus is an erogenous zone for you makes you gay. My 2 pesewas worth

  • I personally hate anything in my ear. Its probably my biggest turn off when a dude tries to lick my ear..Eeeeeew. who ever said that was it, never did me 🙂
    @nanadarkoa sweetie he needs to chose one and stick to it damn. Thats too much juggling.

  • If only u knew what turns me on…..~watching her do it to herself. Thats pretty erotic!

  • @Nana the anus was never an erogenous zone til my lady made it one. kinda odd that it would be her fascination and not mine. i have a feeling she gets really turned on by pheromones

  • Don:+White+Chocolate

    I am a man with 3 erotic zones, but they are all closely connected

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