Guest Contributor African Mami: Yellow Padded Love Affair, Part 1: The beginning

It was intense, painfully intense.

She knew it, but didn’t speak on it. He knew it, and spoke of it subtly and in measured precision careful not to step on her puritan toes. The insides of her body belied the unspoken truths between them. A young hot twenty-something, pursuing an internship at a local bank and a regular customer seemingly worlds apart in age, but very much in synch courtesy of the sizzling chemistry between them. Theirs had been sealed on a yellow padded paper that she had saved with his email scribbled on it.

On this particular, day the electrodes threatened to spillover over their effects at the lounge where he had arranged to meet her after work. This arrangement had been orchestrated much earlier through a surprise visit at the bank that had left her flushed and in a state of confusion. He had pretended to have a pressing account issue only to tell her in a lowered husky voice, with his eyes sensuously undressing her making her lower lips quiver: Maltize Lounge, 7:00p.m sharp don’t be late. He immediately left without even as much a goodbye. This was not a request of sorts, it was a demand. She was not one to be told by a man what to do, but this time around it was pussy over mind.

Prior to this, their exchanges had been done via email and even then the conversation had been safe, very safe. A few text messages before date time gave her a rough idea of what sort of a man she was dealing with.

Him: I’m already here nursing my gin and tonic, waiting for you.

She: Wow! Guess you are as European as they come huh?

Him: If you mean timekeeping, yes sweetie I like to be on time, and not be kept waiting

SheOh! Well excuse me. It seems like you also like to give orders

Him: Hahaha you are funny (nervous laughter)

She:  Hmmm…I’m not, watch your mouth.

Him: Sweetie, just finish work let’s meet talk and have a good time

She:  *Click. Hangs up in somewhat of a fury*

He was easy to spot. Tall 6’2, fair skinned with an athletic body even in his forties thanks to running every morning and a healthy regime. Once he spotted her, he stood up with a broad smile on his face. She shimmied her way to the bar area, unaware of the commotion she was causing for the male patrons in the house. A warm embrace-not just hug- and a kiss on the cheek let her know what time it was. From the look of things the text fiasco seemed to have been sorted out.

With her skirt riding dangerously high above her knees, showcasing her dangerous thighs and stiletto’s showing her firm leggy gams, the sexual tension between them was amped a notch higher.  The jazzy afro-soul music, playing softly in the background did not help matters. If at all, it stirred deep animalistic emotions that neither of them ventured to say to the other. The tension could be cut with a knife.

Him: What will you have?

She: Tonic water

Him: You don’t drink

She:  I do, when I get comfortable

Him: Comfortable?

She: Did I stutter?

Him: You got an attitude, which I find really sexy

She: Mmmmmh….that and a whole lot more

*He gently put his hand across her thighs and squeezed them just right. *

He: You like that? (squeezing her as he intensely looked at her)

She: *didn’t answer, just looked away*

He: I like that you are confident and feisty but shy when it comes to (leaning close and whispering in her ear) and put his hand underneath her squirt skirt.

She: Inhaled deeply. Cued Jesus to take the wheel at this point

*Feeling slightly embarrassed from the couple nearby watching their exchange she faintly begged him to stop*


To be continued……..

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