Bandeka: An online dating service for well educated Africans

A few weeks ago, my #TwitterCrush hooked me up to Afua, who in turn introduced me to Yaw. Yaw is the very handsome co-founder of Bandeka and wanted to chat to me about the online dating site he has started with his friend Tunde. Yaw was a delight to chat to. Funny, intelligent and very easy on the eyes…men who are easy on the eyes are a particular weakness. In fact people who are easy on the eyes are a particular weakness but I ramble….

I’m intrigued by the concept of Bandeka. Especially by the Pan-African element intrinsic within the model. I like that when you sign up to the site they have all types of African languages listed, so you can hook up with a Swahili-English-French-Akan speaking brother, or a Hausa-French-Ibo-English speaking sister.

I wondered if the site was designed for heterosexuals only, as that would be a minus in my opinion but its not. So you can be a woman looking for a woman for friendship only, a man looking for a woman for a serious relationship and even a woman looking to play matchmaker. How fun.

Somehow, Yaw used the power of his good looks to charm me into signing up to the site, and has promised to find me a hot date sometime soon which will make make my Mum very happy. Yaw I’m still waiting…

Bandeka’s had some fun launch parties across the globe, and Yaw has assured me there will be one in Accra before the year ends. I’ve already roped one of the regular commenters on this blog, Kofi A. to come as my date. I’ve asked the folks at Bandeka to send me a write up on a previous event so expect some more posts on Bandeka shortly.

Oh and Yaw is single as well so if you fancy him holla at him via his site.

Yaw – Co-Founder of Bandeka

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  • Hmmm…this Yaw guy IS easy on the eyes! I love the fact that its invite-only because i was just about to ask how he intends to keep the riff-raff out so it doesn’t end up like another facebook with random joe blow declaring undying love and affection based off of my profile pic which happens to be of the NY skyline! #TrueStory

  • @Lady Ngo – Hehehehe, I needed a break and this comment cracked me up. A declaration of undying love based on the NY skyline? Wow. That has got to win the prize 🙂 Thanks for sharing

  • Oh wow! Would love to publish this on my blog, can I?

  • @Sisi – Yes you can. Please just reference Adventures as the original source. Will check out your site too

  • I want to join, how do i get an invite. It seems interesting and i like the fact that is exclusive?

  • Sounds kinda hot but:

    a) As an African in Diaspora who’s lived in several countries, I’m interested but know no current members, and it being a dating service, I may ask my close GFs if they’ve heard of it (they haven’t), but I’m not going to broadcast the question to all peeps just because.

    b) How do they vet/screen subscribers? I.e. as a site for well educated Africans, do they actually check members’ credentials (e.g. making you initially signup with your school/alma mater email)? Afterall, a current member will not deny his/her less/uneducated friends an invite.

  • @Sleeky and @Amebo, you can email and tell us about yourself if you do not know anyone on the site.

  • @BandekaGirl: I emailed y’all but never got a response? Anyway, good luck with the site.

  • @Amebo, did you mention that you saw us on Adventuresfrom in your email? I want to make sure I respond to the right person. Please try sending another email referencing this article. Thanks!

  • I visited Bandeka and considered joining, but I was put off by the discussion on the blog about whether African women need to cook for the men, or something to that effect. I was put off both by the fact that the discussion was taking place, and even more by the men’s responses (in a nutshell, “of course she has to because she is the woman and I am the man”). RIGHT! So why did I bother going to school?

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  • @D Thanks for your comments! I hope you are still interested in Bandeka despite some of the discussions brought up (please note that some of the responses aren’t from Bandeka members, but from a wider cross-section of men).

    Our aim for the blog is to bring up topics that are discussed frequently, and to present various sides- I’d encourage to check out the other post on Western Ideals influencing African Marriages. I would love to have you chime in on the discussion as well (that’s one of the reasons we launched the blog!)

    I’m curious to know, are you saying that we shouldn’t hold the discussion of household duties at all, or are you more upset that a lot of African men haven’t shifted their thinking yet? Also, have you found African men in your circles to be similar in opinion to some of the comments you saw?

  • Would the site be open to non-Africans living in Ghana? I’m of African descent (like all of the human race) if you go back about 2.5mil years. 🙂

    I would live to meet more highly educated Ghanaian women.

  • @ Bandeka Girl,

    When am I going to get approved?! I’ve been waiting and waiting. I mean by the time ya’ll approve me, Yaw and them other foiiiiine boiz will have been taken, beating the purpose of me joining the site. I am not joining to converse (I know it ain’t a word) with other intellectuals. I’m joining to find me a Mandigo warrior and make little Mandikas!

  • OMG African Mami! I don’t know why, but I literally laughed out loud at your comment! “I’m looking to make little Mandikas”. Priceless! 🙂

  • @Rich- Yes. Send us an email at – make sure to mention that I told you to ask for an invite.

    @African Mami- You should have received an invite already, and an email update from us (to your yahoo acct) 🙂 Let me know if you haven’t. NB: check your spam box as well.

  • @ BandekaGirl,

    Aaaah my dear, you took your sweet time replying. I’m already in courtesy of somebody else. And I’ve been sampling the different platters on thurr….but lawwwwwwwd those bandeka bois are quiet and toooo damn shy! I’m running out of time mama!!!!

    Nonetheless, thanks for your reply…..No hurry in Africa!:)

  • What’s the definition of well educated? Diploma? Degree? Higher?

    I have a diploma! Can someone invite me?

  • P.s. Education is not confined to the 4 walls of classrooms.

  • @ BandekaGirl Sent a request mail but got no response yet.

  • @Zeebu, we agree education is not confined to 4 walls of classrooms, and we believe Africans of various backgrounds can have similar values, interests, and be compatible. This is why the site is no longer tied to ones education solely. Bandeka was established as an invite-only community for two primary reasons:
    1. To give members a sense of security- this will make sure that the integrity of the site and the safety of members are not put in jeopardy.
    2. To give each member at least one direct connection on the platform. This will increase the opportunities for on- and off-line matchmaking through mutual friends and contacts.

    @cyn and @zeebu please send me a personal email to .

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