Guest Contributor African Mami: Yellow Padded Love Affair, Part 3

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As the maitre d’ ushered them to a secluded area in the lounge, as per his instructions all eyes lay squarely on him and his lady. She couldn’t help but to notice a group of six ladies who suddenly stopped their banter to direct their attention to them.  They kept pointing at him. In her head, she figured they were probably talking about the age difference between them of which she cared less.  As far as she was concerned, age was nothing but a number. Moreover, he was focused, ambitious, well travelled, completely swagged out and tall, just how she liked them. Her thoughts were interrupted by the waiter who was completely decked out in a three piece suit ready to take their order. Cottamn! They do it grown and sexy over here, she thought to herself.


She: Could you please give us a bit more time, five minutes would be good enough

He: You seem preoccupied sweetie

She: Kinda. Do you know any of those chicks over there? They seem to be quite interested in your affairs. (pointing in their direction)

He: Nope, no clue who they are. Why do you care? They probably want to be in your position right about now

She: *rolled eyes and exasperated*. Lawwwd have mercy, do you ever stop?

He: Look sweetie, I didn’t bring you here to widen your career possibilities of becoming a behavioral observer. I want you to have a good time. They probably know me, I just don’t know them. I regularly come here for business dinners, and some of these girls you’re seeing around here are out on the prowl for men.  So, of course if they are not used to seeing me with a beautiful woman like you (took her hand and kissed it), their curiosity is bound to pique. Let them be, and just live baby. Life is too short.

She: Sure thang, Mr. Popular with the ladies.

He: My, my, my….you are one of a kind…

She: Oh yeah! And cannot be replicated *winking and licking her lips sexily*

He: *Grrrrr* And to think we almost never found each other… *sigh*


This time around, she ordered one of her favorites a chocolate martini.  A succulent dish of lamb chops, roast potatoes and greens for her, and grilled fish with a side order of fries and a warm Guinness for him set the ball rolling. Ever since landing this internship, she had rarely gone out. It wasn’t because she was a homebody, but more so because the internship was sucking the life out of her social time.  A grueling schedule of 8am to 7pm during the week , and Saturdays 8-1pm did leave her with much time to do anything other than laundry and running errands. Her grandeur thoughts of corporate banking involving power suits and stilettos were halted once she started working. The reality of it extended far beyond the glamour. Gossip, jealousy, power and greed to get to get ahead were the name of the game.  She became hip to the game through the jealous and mean spirited bitch of a woman who acted as if her position was all that and then some. She felt threatened by an intern. It was funny to her, because she wasn’t planning on ever returning to the banking halls other than as a customer. Nyhoo…..


She:  Mmmmmmh……this food is divine! Go ahead and try…

He: Glad you enjoy it sweetie. Nah, I’m good…

She: Sharing is caring…..

He: Hahaha…ooh ookay. Alright, then cut a small piece and feed me

She: Ow! (she had a slight buzz, and had decided to let her guard down a bit) *she teasingly fed him and dubbed his chin with a napkin for effect*




He’s Friend: Hey man! How you been?

He:  Good bro! *Brotherly love handshake, while introducing her proudly to him* talked with our friend, and he mentioned to me that you were interested in furthering our discussions about the contract

He’s Friend: Oh yeah. We’ve been playing phone tag the whole week. We are always missing each other’s calls.  I really want in on the info. You are the Big Man, who has the answer to my “problems”

He:  *deep belly laugh* You know where to find me.

He’s Friend: I sure do. Nice to meet you young lady (mentioned her actual name). Let’s talk tomorrow. Have a good evening ya’ll.


He: That’s the president’s son. We go way back

She: Oh, k. He seems like cool peoples * Completely unfazed by the name drop*

He: He is. I like the fact that he doesn’t have an ego…you would never have known he is the president’s offspring if I hadn’t told you.

She: I already knew…but aiye, I ain’t faulting you for sharing info I already knew, after all it’s caring *a big I could give  a fuck about who he is smile, plastered on her face*

He: Such a smart ass

She: U got that one right!

He: Let’s toast

She: To ummm…. a good night filled with lots of laughter and temptation

He: A toast to that *gave her a wet one on the cheek, right after*

He: Come closer….I want our thighs touching, and our hands entwined.

She: Uh oh! *moved closer to him, and put his words into motion*

He: *put his hand over the small of her back, tilted her neck to his mouth and began nibbling on her earlobes, and tonguing the insides of her ear* 

She: *Quietly moaned while pressing her legs together, in complete enjoyment *

He sure knew how to work his tongue, I wonder how he would be in bed, she thought to herself.

He: *whispering in her ear* I’m hard. Really hard. (gently guided her arm over his  firm erection and placed it smack dub on it)

She: Damn! Oooh oooh, please stop….(his hand had found it’s way underneath her skirt)

He: I can’t (breathing heavy and in complete bliss, oblivious of the prying eyes)

She:  *Managed to entangle herself from him, without seeming to push him away* I need to use the bathroom(an excuse to get away from the building observers)….order me a cosmopolitan. I’ll be back…*winking*


While in the bathroom, she had a one on one with her Maker.

Lawwwwwwwwwwwwwwd! Please forgive me, for I do know what I do, but cannot seem to stop myself.  I have not had some in a looooooong time. I needed that! *did a little praise jig* and proceeded to use the bathroom.


He: *Upon seeing her emerge from the bathroom stood up* Can’t nobody tell me I ain’t with the finest lady in the house

She: *Blushing* Thank you….Where’s my drink? I need my drink chap chap *snapping her fingers, seemingly energized from the little freak session*

He: Lol!  They’ll be bringing it in a short while

She: Whew, I needed that

He: I know

She: Because you are a mind reader now?!

He: Sweetie, it’s obvious what’s happening between us.

She: Umm….elaborate

He: *Smiling and stroking her face without saying a word*

She: Hello????????? I’m not a mind reader like you. I rely on words and actions.

He: Bingo. There you have your answer. Words and actions….

She: You are frustrating me you know

He: More like I’m teasing you (As he looked towards the lounge verandah). You see that lady over there?

She: Yeah…..oh shit, you fucked her too?! (clearly the Cosmopolitan was starting to kick in)


To be continued…………………….

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