Guest Contributor True Kumasi: What I Want Your Words to Do to Me: The Twi Edition

It has long been a dream of mine to be fucked in Twi, my mother tongue.  To have the language I was scolded in as a child used on me in the bedroom until my body was defenseless against an imminent orgasm. The world of languages and lust first collided for me during a summer in Europe’s sin city: Amsterdam. I met David, an immigrant from Spain who sounded more Puerto Rican than Sevillian, window shopping in the Red Light District one afternoon. I was talking to the tattoo artist under the premise that I wanted to add to my body art collection when he derailed my query about Chinese characters to proposition me for an afternoon of pleasure.

I can still remember the scent of the Carol’s Daughter Almond cookie soufflé cream he used to massage my breasts.  Then there were the blues in tulips and delphiniums tattooed on his right leg which was mounted on the hard wood floor to facilitate strong, sturdy back-shots. But most of all, the room was filled with the panting of “Si, si, si, si” (Yes, yes, yes, yes) which accompanied each thrust I received over and over. That two-letter word recited in succession activated something in me beyond the wellspring in my netherlands.  I was no longer just an individual engaging in congress. This carnal exchange was elevated to one of cultural sharing and learning.

The task of learning how to fuck in Twi was quite the daunting one. Being American by birth and Ghanaian by ancestry, all my Twi lessons were learned in conversations eavesdropped on between my parents and in translating the Young and the Restless to a live-in Grand Aunt who spoke no English. Needless to say, the rents weren’t exactly Girl Sixing it to their offspring’s hearing and daytime TV in the 90s wasn’t that risqué. So I was left to confront a college classmate who was a native Ghanaian about the slang words for pussy and dick (click hyperlink to continue reading)...What I Want Your Words to Do to Me- The Twi Edition
[Word press keeps changing the twi characters in this post which is why I am attaching the original document as a PDF. Apologies]

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  • I really shouldn’t have read this at work.
    I’m now sitting here with all sorts of ‘inappropriate’ images running through my head.


    Wondering how it would be like to dirty talk in Ga, considering the fact that the language seems vulgar without meaning to.

  • Apologies, all the twi characters on this post keeps getting changed to ? That is super annoying. Does anyone know how I can fix this?

  • Hot DAMN!!!! This is by far the hottest thing I’ve read to date! In my (limited) experience with Ghanaian men has proven that they are very ‘traditional’ in bed, but this guy is the very definition of a true ‘Adventure’. Eiiii!!! How am I to continue the mundane tasks that lay before me with this imagery in mind? I hope you guys screw, and screw soon. I’d love to be a fly on that wall.

  • @Abena – *Ahem* If you weren’t a ‘good’ married woman I would have suggested that you need to expand your experience with Ghanaian men cos really and truly, men (and women) in Ghana have shocked me with their level of freaky’ness. Ei!!!!!! Hmmm…they are not traditional oooo…or rather, they are traditionally FREAKY. They just don’t talk chow about it…or rather they talk on a one on one basis…but hmmm the action, it truly speaks louder than words…

  • DAMN HOT! Nana u shouldnt have alerted some of us this afternoon on Twitter. I literally run here so fast. I could hardly concentrate in the office afterwards. This is hottest post so far i must confess. I think i should try f**king and talking dirty in Twi one of these days. 🙂

  • high quality writing… this one hits a home run.

    Congratulations to the writer and the Adventures From team.

    @ND, could it be that you unleash the freak in these men? 😉

  • I absolutely agree with Nana K. Goodness! What a hot post, one of the best I’ve read on here so far – considering the fact that most posts are great, this is plain f***king brilliant! (Pun intended!) I have personally found Fante to be the perfect grinding language for me…think, sexy Fante, spoken in highly sexualised tones, rythmically flowing with each thrust and caress! Pity, I’m unable to give back, I can’t speak Fante to save my life! Guess we’ll just have to make do with a mish-mash of badly strung local language verses (still gets the job done methinks). 😉 Kudos to the writer…(glad I did not read this in the office, lol!)

  • @Nana K – Hahahah. Sorry for the twitter alert, but just think what you would have missed 🙂 do let us know how your own twi session goes…

    @Kofi A – I seriously doubt that…I can be somewhat shy and retiring in bed…its true! Sometimes…but I think the good thing is people think I am going to blog about their prowess so they bring their A game or suffer erectile dysfunction…

  • Humbled. Truly. Looks like I might have to take seriously this sexual memoir idea after all…

  • I am really enjoying these articles and learning a lot. I like it when our women are so open like this. Keep it up. Just created an RSS feed of your blog on my own.

  • Woweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    I’ve always fantasied about being f’ed in Twi. Unfortunately all I could say in confidence is ‘me ho ba’…its part of why I wanna improve my Twi (learnt mostly in church). Life in the diaspora *sigh*

  • True, could you please, PLEASE give me your permission to lift as many of these sentences as my slippery fingers can carry for my book? I beg you.

    I will credit the source of course.

  • Wahala dey…just wonderful.

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