1001 reasons why I shouldn’t shag him

There is this guy I’m thinking of shagging, and there are a 1001 reasons why I shouldn’t shag him but I probably will anyway. We met at a party a couple of months ago…some good azonto music came on and I started dancing and beckoned to him. He came over like a shot and we started grinding. He was fun to dance with. At the end of the night he asked for my number. I was amused. I had asked him to dance only because I wanted to dance not because I fancied him.


Me: “You should have my number already anyway. I’m very sure I’ve given it to you before

Him: “I lost my phone


So I gave him my number again.

He called fairly consistently after that. He was amusing to chat to. Dare I say even funny? And we all know that humour is a winning quality right? I never called him back though. Like I said, there were a 1001 reasons why I shouldn’t shag him, and I knew that when it comes down to the basics that is why he kept calling me, because he wants to shag me. Not because he is bowled over by my looks, intellect or any other attribute I may have. And that’s okay too. But I felt I shouldn’t shag him because I have already shagged two of his friends. And isn’t there some rule about not sleeping with guys in the same circle?

A few weeks ago we bumped into each other at an event. “Tonight I’m your date” he said. “Okay” I responded. So we hang out the entire night. At some point in the night he said, “I want to go down on you”. I smiled and said “Okay”. We found a discreet corner in the garden, and he went down. I came twice. That’s why I’m probably going to shag him although there are a 1001 reasons why I shouldn’t.

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  • Guy must be a shrewd businessman… he deployed that loss leader well! Sounds like you’ve hit the jackpot: a circle of shaggable friends. Good going.

  • The main reason why I don’t get close to the lady friends of the guys in my circle.

    • @Dela – In all fairness I don’t think he has a clue. In fact I am 99% sure that he has no clue. I wasn’t dating any of his friends, and with one of the friends in question it was a ‘one time thing’. I can be very discreet 🙂 Yeah I know, shocking for a blogger right?

      @Kofi – I have no words for you. I shy saf

  • Blessed u,coming not jus once but twice out of a ‘went down’..hehe..i wouldnt though,a pack of shagged friends seem like a pack of dogs,they could show their teeth the same way they wag their tails at you…but then its easier said than done esp with certain ‘coming’ pleasures

  • pray tell, what are these “1001 reasons” why you shouldn’t hook up with him?

  • Wat do u care if u’ve screwed his friends, i mean, it’s not like u’r looking 2 marry de guy, u jus want a good shag, right? so shag away! lol

  • @ND, you think he won’t know? If he doesn’t, it means that he must be the only guy of your acquaintance (ahem, would that be the right word?) who doesn’t know about this blog…

    But then this a shag accompli, so doesn’t matter one way or the other.

  • @Anne – True ooo but sometimes you’ve got to live life a little bit on the edge right?

    @Shane – Maybe that will be the subject of a different post. I already gave you guys 1. 1000 more to go 🙂

    @Pink – You know! That’s what I eventually told myself. I am convinced his friends would screw all my friends if they had the opportunity. Hahahah

    @Kofi – Trust me he doesn’t know. You will be surprised the number of people who do not connect me to Adventures. Not everyone is constantly online checking blogs and social media you know. He’s not my FB friend, doesn’t follow me on twitter etc. Also I rarely talk to men about ‘Adventures’. In fact I prefer it when men who meet me know nothing about my blogging life. There was this one time where I was en flagrante with an acquaintance. My friend who hosts a radio show then chose that moment to ‘shout me out’, and referred to me as the blogger behind Adventures. He was shocked and was like, ‘You are the one who writes that blog?’. So there you go…

  • *Waving hands frantically*

    Don’t do it! I don’t do it! I know it would probably be hot, and steamy and probably some of the best slice of shag pie you’ve had in a while (I’m making this really convincing, aren’t I?) but don’t do it girl!

  • 1001 reasons to shag him. A man who makes you cum twice? sweety there is more where that came from.

    If its gonna be
    steamy? Do it,
    Erotic? Do it
    Hot n Spicy? Do It

    Just Do it!! It will be fun plus when was the last time you got some?

  • Hahahah @Ms Dela – I like the way your mind works 🙂 Ermm when did I last get some? That will be telling…*wink*

  • He makes come twice thats more reason to shag him more than enough times. The guys one thinks that you should shag are the most fun 🙂

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