Guest Contributor Voluptous Voltarian: Talk Dirty to Me, Baby

So roots4life’s piece on moaning appeared right after an interesting experience I had a few weekends ago. I wanted to spice things up a bit, so my boyfriend and I spent the weekend in a hotel. We had already had sex twice before we left to go check in. He had come over for a visit and I wanted his opinion on something I was going to wear out with friends that night. As soon as I put the outfit on he ordered me to leave it exactly as it was and hiked up the skirt so he could deflower me in it and then think about it all night—me, walking around Rhapsody’s like a good girl, wearing this blue dress and wrap that he had just chopped me in. He wanted me so much I couldn’t resist him. So we had sex while I was still fully-dressed. Needless to say, we ruined the outfit so I had to find something else to wear.

Asking his opinion about a new outfit turned into a mini-fashion show where every dress I tried on was (in his opinion) sexier than the one before and before I knew it we were in a new fucking session. Both times I didn’t come. In truth, I just wasn’t wet enough before we started because the foreplay had been minimal. But I had been so turned on by his reaction I just wanted to watch his eyes roll in the back of his head. And they did, so I was satisfied. But I guess he noticed I hadn’t come and wasn’t too happy about it.

So later that night, we’re having hotel-sex. I’m still sore from playing with the ting when I wasn’t properly prepared so it’s mostly foreplay passing as main play. Before I knew it, I was shuddering. And moaning. And coming. Really loudly. In a hotel filled with other guests. At two o’clock in the morning when the place is dead silent. I tried to stifle it but I couldn’t. So I asked him to stop touching me for a little while so I could regain some composure and stop disturbing the entire building. His response was “Mtschew. They should go to hell. I don’t care about them. I’m taking care of my girl.” And then he proceeded to give me a few more orgasms.

Now, before I go into my secret shame, let me say this: I’m vocal in bed. I make noises. I sigh. I moan. I whimper. I say names. I make demands. I ask questions. I talk dirty. I beg. I plead. I’m not loud but I’m hardly ever silent. I believe in sex being one endless loop of feedback so I say when things feel good and ask how to make them feel better. It doesn’t sound like an endless interview because it’s sex stuff, and saying “See how wet I am for you? Do you see what you do to me? Do you know no one has ever made me this wet or fucked me this well?” or “Do you like it when I do this (accompanying gesture) better than when I do this (accompanying gesture)? If I bend over so you can fuck me from behind will you come harder for me than you did yesterday?” etc. will always come across a little differently than asking “Where do you see yourself in five years?” So I don’t worry too much about that.

What I do worry about though, once the sex is over, is what anyone who might have been eavesdropping will think of me and what he or she will imagine was happening inside that bedroom. It actually makes my head hurt to think about it. During our hot sex session in the hotel room this was entirely the case. Once I realized how much noise I was making, what I was focused on was how shy I was going to be the next morning when we were checking out and how much I would blush if I run into any other guests. I was imagining the way the reception desk manager and the bellboy would look at me. The joy of the orgasms I was being given was tinged with a little bit of embarrassment at what reactions the sensations were invoking in me.

The way I was looking at it, here I am moaning and saying things at 2 a.m. in the morning and here is my guy, who, instead of being the voice of reason and trying to get me to tone it down, is showing absolute disregard for the other patrons of the hotel. I was touched that he wanted to take care of me. I thought it was very sweet that he was dissatisfied enough with the fact that I hadn’t come during the two earlier sessions earlier that, even though he couldn’t fuck me, he wanted to make sure I got off before the day ended. He’s a good guy. But it got me thinking, for someone as uninhibited as I have been told I am, it is somewhat strange that I get so embarrassed once the sex fog passes about the things I say in the moment. I’m not ashamed of thinking them or saying them, I just can’t imagine what any outsider who hears them would think of them.  It made me want to know if I was alone in this. Adventurers, what do you do in bed that you are most shy about? What is the raunchiest thing you have ever said/done in bed? What would make your grandmother turn over in her grave if she saw or heard it? Do any of you get embarrassed about being too responsive in bed? Do you ever wish that you had more control or could pretend to be more unfazed? Or am I all alone in this?

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  • Sometimes I think I am not responsive enough in bed… I have definitely had to work at giving feedback in bed. The only time the feedback is unbridled is when I’m cumming…then I don’t really care who hears. On the other hand I LOVE feedback from my partner so yeah, I’m still a work in progress in that department…

  • Oh my VV unbelievable. U did not take on the name Voluptous for nothing. I wish I could recount tales of stories like this but will be lying. It would all be imagination. But I am going to take a cue from what others will say. Before I go I wish to say you need not feel embarrassed by anything you did in the privacy of your hotel room at 2am. I doubt if any of the other guests were listening at such a time. Most will be asleep by that time and those that are not are probably engaging themselves like you that they may not hear or notice your what you were up to at that time. All the best and keep the stories coming.

  • I have absolutely no shame in my game regarding what does (and what does not) go on in my bedroom….and this is coming from someone that most people consider a prude lol. For the sake of not disturbing neighbors i might try and keep it down at home, but in a hotel…they’d just be out of luck lol.

    I also have exceptional vocal control. If i don’t want to make any sound, i won’t have a problem keeping quiet. But whats the fun in that?

  • What would shame my grandmother?-MY thoughoutolgy. It’s completely bonkers, of later all I have been fantasizing is humping Lance Gross. Doing thangs that would make his glistening chocolate turn to real chocolate yummmmm that would lead to Solomon extending his songs in the Bible!
    Yes, lawwwd!

  • VV, now, this was hot… I’m glad that both your guy and you can stay focused and not be distracted by the vocalizations ..

    I’m with Kweku on this, few folks are likely to be listening, and what sounds very loud in your ears probably sounds like an unusual kind of snoring from a few feet away. 😀

    In any case, wouldn’t it be great if you started a chain reaction? It might just blow the roof off the building…

  • lols….my girl and i were just discussing this morning about how much noise we both make. Last night, i thought i heard someone stop by my front door in the heat of things and although i cant remember, she swears my neighbors are all going to wonder who on earth the name i was screaming when i was coming belongs to. i must confess, i am a very inconsiderate tenant when it comes to sexual sounds. it doesn’t help any that my immediate neighbours are a pair of very “chrife” prudes who i imagine keep praying for my poor salacious voice to tune it down in the morning,noon or night of lust ! Its not that i dont try, i really do especially at the beginning and somewhere in the middle but when he/she starts to work my ideal spots, its hard enough focusing on not tearing their hair out or suffocating them without having to worry about who is hearing the “i love that baby” or” yeah, gimme harder’s”. if anything turns me on even more, its hearing my lover also moan and SCREAM dirty and i mean fuckin’ filthy unprintable words back at me. If that’s going to help the big “o” get even bigger, what do i care about a pair of grumpy neighbours…after all, i make it up to them most times by keeping down my music 😉

  • @ Kweku and Kofi: Your alternate explanations have made me feel so much better. Hopefully some guest at that hotel returned their country with tales of how weirdly Ghanaians snore lol. It would have been great to start a chain reaction; that would really have solidified the idea 🙂

    @ Adjeley: I also love hearing dirty filthy things said back at me. i especially like being bossed around as long as it’s not too over-the-top. But a good “look at it,” “put it… ,” “put your leg up here” etc will always be welcome.

    I am intrigued by your neighbors though. Can they clearly hear that it is a girl’s name you are shouting? I am intrigued by whether they are praying for your soul because of the sex alone or if the fact that you are having it with a chick is causing them to engage in some extra time of “casting” and “binding” and “rebuking” lol

  • I have often wondered myself about my neighbours oh? One of my old friends ( who is now a mere acquaintance) knows about my sexual preferences and is quite close to them and i have often wondered if hes’ told about my sordid little “secrets”. Not that i care much anyway but i know sometimes, they hear me getting it on like crazy with my guy, then the next week they see a “strange chick”(We only started getting intimate a couple of months back) leave after a torrent of the usual sex symphony. i assume they must have probably figured it out. Anyways, that is amongst the least of my troubles,…like i said, i have a destination in focus and i’ll be darned if i allow them make my journey any less enjoyable! 🙂 …..just let urself go baby! but i beg sha, not in your parents’ home oh?l ol

  • I am normally a very expressive preson in bed. I moan, i groan i talk dirty and i particularly remember one day my son came to my bedroom door as i was getting all raunchy and was moaning, i heard him tell the lady who helps me look after him that mama is crying, it was really embarassing. But i will not stop expressing myself using words as that is who i am.

    I love sex, no ifs, no buts. i just let my body, mind and soul go with the flow…..

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