Guest Contributor Nana Akosua: My Unforgettable Encounter with the Makola Boy

It was the Easter break and I had decided to stay on campus till the Easter Saturday evening before going home. I live just across town, no need rushing home, for just a week’s break. Home is boring anyway. My roommate Baaba had already gone home and will be returning in a week’s time. My other room mate Erica had gone out on a date with her boyfriend, living me alone in the room that Thursday evening. I heard a knock on the door and wondered who it was? I wasn’t expecting any company. Perhaps someone looking for Baaba?

Baaba and I were freshers (first year students) and single, while Erica was a final year student seriously involved with an inte (a student), as opposed to an exte (a working man/sugar daddy etc), which is more preferable to a lot of female students. In terms of popularity, Baaba was the most popular and received the most visitors in the room. Hardly a day passes without one male visitor or the other coming to try his luck. Erica was mean and apart from her boyfriend, she hardly had any visitors. I also do get my fair share of visitors. After all we were freshers and thus most sought after – especially by the final year male students.

Anyway so I opened the door and there stood Bobby.

‘What are you doing here?’ I asked.

‘I’m here to see you’ he answered.

‘How did you know where to find me? I don’t recall giving you my room number?’ I asked.

‘Well, can I come in or not?’

‘Come in’. I said, still wondering how he found me.

Now let me tell you about Bobby. I first met him at the annual Hall week celebrations a couple of months ago. We danced at the ‘Legon goes Disco’ night for a while on that particular Saturday. I didn’t much cared for him though as he wasn’t really my type. For starters, he was way too short. I was 5’8 and any man below that is considered not suitable for me. He was dark and quite good looking in spite of his height and a good dancer too. I really enjoyed dancing with him but that was just about it. I also saw him at the beach on the Sunday in the company of his friends (all final year students). We didn’t say much to each other at the beach except the usual ‘hello, how are you’. I hung out with my friends the whole time at the beach without giving Bobby much thought. At about 6.30pm after much drinking, swimming, dancing, eating and fooling around we had to go back to campus. By the time my friends and I got to the car park all 3 buses were full to capacity. We had no choice but to squeeze into one of the over-crowed bus. As I entered the bus, I realize there were no seats available and began moving towards the back to look for a place to stand as the aisle was also full with people standing. As I got to the back I heard   ‘come sit with me’ above the loud chatter of students.

I turned and saw Bobby seated close to the back of the bus near a window. I had to squeeze past a few people to get to where he was. He tapped on his lap and said ‘sit down.’

‘On your lap?’ I mouthed. He nodded and smiled. He has a lovely smile, I thought to myself. Well its either that or I risk standing for about half an hour  from La Beach to Legon, not to talk about being assaulted by all sorts of body odours from other people standing in the aisle of the bus.

The bus was dark and noisy as some sang profane songs and/or chatter non-stop. A few minutes into the journey I felt Bobby’s left hand on my left thigh stroking it ever so gently. As I was in a pair of jeans I didn’t really protest. It was also a welcome distraction from the constant chatter and noise on the bus. I guess he took that to be consent and got bolder. His right fingers began to move slowly from my lower belly towards my right boob. ‘Hmmm that feels good, but will stop him just before he gets to my boob’ I thought to myself. Just when the hand reached under my right boob, I held his hand and turned around to tell him to stop. The word never came out, our lips met and I experienced the most sensuous kiss I’ve ever experienced in a bus full of people. We continuing kissing and stroking each other until I heard the bus stopped and feet shuffling. We had arrived on campus…oh shoot! It’s just as well, this was getting too serious anyway. I got up, slightly flustered (and pretty wet) and quite ashamed of myself wondering how many people had seen us. But looking around I realised people were either too busy chatting or minding their own business to have seen what was going on. I said goodbye to him and jumped off the bus before he could asked for my room number. Of course there were no mobile phones in those days so asking for my phone number was even out of the question.

Now here he was a couple of months later standing at my door…memories of that night in the bus came flooding back and I told myself I will not let anything stupid like that happen again.

‘Come in’ I said, opening the door wider for him to enter.

You’re looking very sexy’. Oops it was just then I remembered I wasn’t quite decently dressed to receive a male visitor. I was in one of my cut off tops and the tiniest shorts ever, with no bra on.

I had actually planned quite a lazy evening for myself. After a dinner of left-over jollof rice and kelewele, I had taken a shower and settled in front of the TV to watch ‘Sunset Beach’.  If you were a young woman in the late 90s, you know missing ‘Sunset Beach’ on TV3 on any night was a big ‘no-no’. With Erica out I had the opportunity to watch her TV without receiving any evil looks or having her change the channel at whim, just to annoy me.

‘Well I wasn’t expecting visitors’ I said.

‘Hmmm’ he murmured and settled down on the two seater sofa to watch the dying minutes of the ‘Sunset Beach’. He was lucky it was actually ending as I absolutely do not entertain any visitors between 6.30pm-7.00pm when ‘Sunset Beach’ is on.

‘What is it about this program that gets all you girls so glued to you TV?’

‘Eh?, well you see that beautiful blonde girl standing on the beach, she’s in love with this other guy who is actually sleeping with her mother, without the girl’s knowledge…’ I began to narrate the story to him.

‘I see, quite interesting.’ He said, not really paying attention.  I turned to see him looking at me with the ‘I want to fuck you right now’ eyes.

‘What!?’ I asked rather too quickly.

‘I can’t take my eyes off you. You have the most captivating eyes and your lips are so luscious’.

I laughed nervously, oblivious of my boobs jumping up and down in my low cut top.

‘Hmm thanks’ I said, turning back to see the credits roll on the TV.

‘Come here, I’ve missed you’.  And began to pull me towards him, I succumbed like a piece of jelly to his kiss which was even more sensuous than that night on the bus. As the kiss progressed this fingers began to manoeuvre down my lower back and somehow up close to my boobs. ‘Hey’, I said to myself, ‘didn’t you say you’d put up some sort of resistance this time round? Remember, he’s not even your boyfriend!’ trust my prude self to interfere in this crucial moment of pleasure! I slipped out of his embrace and walked towards the other side of the room. Now considering this is a students’ dorm with 2 bunk beds on either side of the room, there wasn’t much room to manoeuvre away from him.

‘Hey babes’ he said seductively as he closed the gap between us, ‘I want you and I know you want me too, don’t try and resist a good thing’ he said. Was I trying to open the door? Lock the door? I don’t remember as he turned me round and pushed me with my back to the door. He raised my crop top, took my left boob in his hand and started licking the nipple which was already erect anticipating his touch.

‘Ohhh’ I moaned softly. As he licked and pulled on my left nipple, his right hand was busy on my right boob as he squeezed and teased the nipple to surrender. He moved his mouth to my other boob and gave it the same treatment he had given the left boob. His mouth and fingers began to travel down my tummy, kissing and caressing every piece of skin as they go along. When he reached the top of my crop shorts, he looked up into my eyes for permission, I responded by opening my legs ever so slightly. He knelt down and started kissing my inner thighs all the way up to my crotch, teasing me as I begged internally for him to open the button and pull those shorts out of the way.  He continued to tease me by stroking and kissing my thighs. Just when I thought ‘enough, already’, he stopped, rose up and carried me to the nearest lower bed. I’m sure it was Baaba’s bed as I usually sleep on the bed on top of hers. He quickly worked the buttons on my crop top and pulled them off me. He looked at my 4-day old shaved pussy and his breath caught. He kissed the top, opened the labia and started kissing them like they were my lips. His tongue moved inside my pussy like a pro. Licking and sucking at the same time …ohh, mine, is there anything this boy can’t do right?  I responded to the pleasure with moans as my hips moved rhythmically to his lips. I humped his face as he ate my pussy like his life depended on it. My eyes flew opened as I felt Bobby had stopped just when I was building up to  the big ‘O’. He quickly undid his button and entered me within a split of a second. He filled me up perfectly. For a short man, he was really well-hanged.

1,2,3,4 strokes…I felt my toes curling and my fingers snapping involuntarily, what’s happening to me? The pleasure of each thrust could not be described. I lifted my hips to meet his thrusts, as I felt a wild scream escape my lips ‘ohhh Bobby I’m commmmmmiiiiiiig.’ I have never experienced orgasm as described by the books and Cosmo magazine, this must definitely be it. Man, it was magnificent! A few more thrusts later, Bobby slumped on me, and I knew he had also cum. He held me tightly for awhile looked into my eyes with a smile and kissed me.

‘You are good’ he said.

‘Me’? What did I do? You were the one performing all those miracles on me’.

He smiled as he got up to put his clothes back on. It was a little over 10pm and I didn’t want my room-mate coming to catch me in my most vulnerable state.

‘See you tomorrow?’ He said as I saw him off at the door.

‘You bet’ I answered enthusiastically as I closed the door behind him.

Just when I switched off the lights, I heard a knock, ‘did he leave something behind?’ I wondered as I opened the door.


‘Hi, I met Bobby downstairs; he said he came to see you.’

‘Well?’ I asked

‘Did he bring any of his stuff to sell? I’ve been asking him to bring me some for a while now but he keeps forgetting.’

‘Stuff? What stuff?’

‘Oh you know Bobby owns a shop at Rawlings Park that sells ladies clothes and shoes right? He sometimes brings very nice things to some of the girls on campus to buy.’

‘Oh yes. What he brought didn’t fit me, so he had to send it back.’  I lied.

He does what?! Oh my goodness, I’ve just been fucked by a Makola boy. It just dawned on me, that I knew absolutely nothing about him.

-His last name?

-Was he even a student?

-Which Hall of Residence was he in?

-How old is he?

-For a Makola boy, how could he speak such good English? Etc etc

But I do know one thing…Bobby #Whateverhislastnameis, was a fantastic fuck! And I wouldn’t mind doing him again. Maybe not so soon though, as I’m still pretty pissed off at him for lying to get into my pants in the first place.

Suffice it to say that I never saw Bobby again until a year after my graduation. I was walking along the pedestrian sidewalk in Rawlings Park one hot Tuesday afternoon, trying hard not to step on the wares displayed on the sidewalks. I heard my name, I turned and there he was, standing in front of one of the shops, looking as short as a Lilliput.

Will tell you what happened afterwards in another story…

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