‘Reuniting with my lover’ Part 1 by Guest Contributor Akosua

It was night, and the fan was whirring loudly against the sound of insects outside my window. I groaned and rolled in my bed, pressing my hand between my thighs. My night dress was pushed up to my hips, and I was horny as hell. Abena was in town. That’s all I could think about. She was in town, and I wasn’t fucking her. Sure, her flight had just arrived an hour ago, and she would be spending the night at her mother’s house. But I wanted her there with me at that very moment. I needed her.

It had been nearly two years since I’d last seen her. She and I were both living in the states at the time. After meeting through a mutual friend, she and I had grown close rather quickly. It was later in our friendship that she told me that she was a lesbian. At first it didn’t matter that much to me, but then my feelings for her began to grow. I had never felt quite that way about another woman before, but I couldn’t deny just how attracted I was to this woman. The way she could smile and laugh so sweetly after scathingly rebuking someone, the way she teased and flirted with me, the soft sound of her voice so mellow and smooth, the fullness of her lips…everything about her turned me on.
Our friendship grew into a fiery romance. One week we would be arguing, the next we were in her bed, feverishly kissing, sucking and touching each other. I remembered quite clearly the first time we had sex. I remembered taking off my shirt and unsnapping my bra. I remember seeing her bare breasts for the first time, and feeling the thrill of being naked with another woman. I remember her lips on mine, and how hungry she was to kiss me. How I wanted nothing but to feel her flesh against me….

My hand found its way to my wet, puffy lips, and I slowly began circling my clitoris with my finger. My other hand fondled my breast. I sighed. “Abena,” I whispered. My pussy was wetter than it had been in a long time. I moaned as I imagined her on top of me, kissing my lips, then my neck as she used her fingers to pleasure my pussy. The thought of her rough kisses thrilled me. I took my nipple between my fingers and began massaging it. She always loved my breasts. They were large and full, and she enjoyed the challenge of trying to get as much of them into her mouth as possible. I sighed and withdrew my hand from between my legs. Though I usually enjoyed pleasuring myself, it was nothing compared to the way Abena could make me feel. I picked up my cell phone and squinted in the darkness as I looked at the time. 9:55 pm. I sighed again. Abena would be visiting me the following evening. I just decided to try and hold on until then.

The next day, I was nervously cleaning every inch of my room. I had swept, mopped, washed the linens, cleaned the bathroom, and done a dozen other chores. When the sun was setting, I brought the linens in and made the bed. I stared at the bed when I was done, amused by the idea that Abena and I would be laying in each other’s arms soon enough. She had Whatsapped me about twenty minutes ago that she was on her way to Legon.

I went and took a bath, scrubbing myself from head to toe, then I rubbed scented oil all over me. I put on a pair of lace black panties and a matching bra, a skirt that was a bit too short, and a black sleeveless top. I looked and smelled amazing…I wanted to be a feast for her senses.

When I finally saw her at the junction, my heart jumped in my chest. Abena wore a short, chunky afro, green shorts, a blue denim shirt over a white t-shirt, and a teasing smirk on her face. She was exactly how I remembered her. I half walked, half ran to hug her. We both laughed with happiness and held onto each other a bit longer than was probably “appropriate.” She backed up and looked me up and down. “You look nice,” she said. I smiled. “Let’s go,” I told her, and led the way back to my place.

We talked as we walked along, about old times and new developments in each other’s lives. But my thoughts kept wandering back to her breasts….and her lips, her bum…everything I wanted to get my hands on. It seemed like forever before we finally approached my room. Once we were inside, I shut the front door and grabbed her hand. “It’s nice place you have,” she said as she looked around. I smiled and slipped my arms around her waist, planting a kiss on her cheek. “I missed you,” I said suggestively. She smiled. “I missed you too.”

She in turn slipped her arms around my waist and kissed my lips. My body shuddered. Her lips were every bit as delicious as I remembered them being. She kissed me gently at first, then harder. My hands found their way under her shirt. I unfastened her bra, and felt a shock of frustration when she had to pull away to take off her shirt. Once she had, I grabbed her face and began to kiss her passionately as she discarded her bra. A smile spread across my face as she began groping under my skirt. “You smell so damn good,” she said. I felt her fingers press against the crotch of my panties. I moaned. She had hit my hot button. I quickly discarded my blouse and bra, pulling her onto the bed. I felt her warm, round breasts against me. The softness of her breasts was one thing I had badly missed. I would definitely spend a lot of time on them later. I reached between her legs and began massaging her pussy through her shorts. She sighed deeply and stilled. I knew it had been a long time since she had slept with anyone. For the past year or so she had been immersed in work and school, not making much time for sex or a social life. So in essence, I was the last person she had had sex with before she left to complete her Master’s degree on the east coast. Now here she was again, hot, horny and ready for me.

After listening to her moan and sigh as I massaged her pussy, I couldn’t contain myself any longer. I laid her on her back and removed her shorts. She took off her underwear, and I slid my middle finger into her wet snatch. God, I don’t think I had ever felt her that wet before. Now that she was completely naked, I lowered my mouth to her right breast and begin to suck on her nipple. She loved it. I grabbed her left breast and rubbed her nipple between my fingers as I sucked. Her boobs were slightly bigger than my hand, and I was enjoying them thoroughly. I reluctantly left them to kiss between her breasts, then her abdomen, and I worked my way down to her pussy. The hot scent of her sex was intoxicating. I kissed the inside of her thighs, close to her pussy but not quite there. “Don’t tease me,” she warned. She knew what she wanted, and she didn’t want me taking too long to deliver. I giggled. Finally I found her clitoris with the tip of my tongue. She inhaled sharply. Eating pussy was something that I had always particularly enjoyed. Even before I ate Abena’s pussy for the first time, the thought of giving another woman oral sex was intensely erotic to me. I had an experimental experience with a girlfriend when I was a pre-teen, but it had been so long ago. I was an adult now, and I needed a woman. Abena was all the woman I could have hoped for.

Soon I was between her legs and licking at her clit for dear life. Her moaning was coming at regular intervals now. I had one of her breasts in my hand and was hold her thigh with my other arm. In that moment I wished so badly that I had more hands. I would have loved to hold her thighs open, hold her breasts, and finger her at the same time. I sucked and licked at her clitoris, bringing one hand to stick my index finger inside of her. I began stroking at the spongy flesh on the walls of her vagina. She moaned some more. Another minute or so of this and it seemed as if she were in a trance, eyes closed and mouth partly opened. I was enjoying myself to the max. So many nights I had masturbated alone, with the fantasy of burying my face between Abena’s legs and pleasuring her. Now it was reality.

I continued probing her wet folds with my tongue, making sure that every stroke ended on her sensitive clit. While I fingered inside of her, I pulled up the skin covering her clit and began to lick there too. When we were together years ago, I quickly learned what turned her on. “Fuck,” she whispered. I smiled. I kept licking, sucking and fingering until her moaning intensified. Finally her entire body contracted as she cried out. I held my mouth to her as she came. I was thrilled. Her orgasm was so intense, and it took awhile before she finally calmed down again. I moved to her side and kissed her deeply. It turned me on that she was willing to taste her own juices on my lips. She smiled at me. “Your turn,” she said. And right on time…I was thoroughly wet and craving for her to fuck me.

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  • Well, I never!

    *Turns on the AC in the middle of autumn*

    Something just struck me though. I wonder how many women become attracted to their lesbian or bisexual friends when they realise that they are lesbian or bisexual? I mean, is it possible that the women have always wanted to experiment/are bi or les and find themselves desiring their partner when they know it is POSSIBILITY?

    Nana, it’s that thing we were talking about, isn’t it? People eroticise you because they know your blog/how you talk/that you’ve experimented.

    I’m just curious.

    The story is hooooooooot.

    • Yeah, I think in our hetero normative world we often don’t think of other (straight performing women) as lesbian or bi, so when they say they are it almost allows you to think, ‘hmmmm’. On the other hand it can lead to awkward situations where you hit on your friend because she is lesbian/bi (VV has previously written about this), self same friend feels bad about ‘rejecting’ you so you either end up in a weird hook up situation or your friend turns you down nicely yet you think, ‘whattttt? I’m not hot enough for you?’

  • Nnenna soooo glad you loved it! 🙂 I admit by the time I met Abena, I was already curious about having sex with another woman. But, I swore to myself, I couldn’t imagine myself being in a romantic relationship with one. So life has a way of turning your expectations upside down. lol. I agree with Nana, it can lead to awkward situations if the non-straight friend doesn’t return your affections. That’s how it was between us at first, but she was considerate of my feelings. It can be especially hurtful if it’s the first time you’re expressing your feelings about someone of the same sex…in a way it’s like learning dating/relationships all over again.

  • Ei! Where is Ekuba n VV?

  • It’s a real story? *Crossing myself. Jesu Kristi save me. Uber hot!

    In fact, I am going to do something I never do. I am going to read it again so soon after the first time!

  • So i was lying in a friend’s bed reading this and not realising how much this was turning me on till my friend goes like “Ei! What are you reading na woodani dani woho style style yi? Hmmm” (What are you reading thats making you squirm so much? Hmmm). Charleyyy, I swear i need a girlfriend and a change of panties ASAP.

  • I need to try a woman one day. Yehowa!
    I have admired a few women physically a number of times. Wondered but that’s about it.
    Also I have encountered a very annoying fellow who developed a ridiculous desire for me just because they found out I write for adventures. Suddenly started seeing me star in every post. #Sigh.
    THis IS hot!

  • Nnenna fact is often more interesting than fiction. 😉

  • Very intense post, I felt like I was there. This is my first post by the way, was busy reading posts as far back as 2009, and was impressed. This post is sinfully erotic

  • GOSH!!!*fans self*… shouldn’t have read this at work..the story is hoooottttt!. guess i become a little more bi-curious whenever i read something on the blog *covers face*… lol

  • Barbie glad you loved it…I say explore life’s possibilities! lol

  • Hot damn this is just reinforced how much I need to fulfil this fantasy at least once before I die!

  • how do i meet some one here a very long xxx or xxx

  • I love this story! Very descriptive and Sooo sensual. I usually pick a character when I read and reading being you Akos, has left me asking myself critical questions….. *you flipped a switch*

  • Personal experience?? Wow… Lucky lil missy 😉

  • Wow! I can totally relate to this. Reminds me of my adventures some 4/5years ago…how I miss those days. I need to find me a girlfriend one of these days. Thanks for posting, it was worth the read.

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