‘The Mouth That Eats Pepper And Salt’ by Guest Contributor Misfit Genuis

I met Ngozi online. Possibly in the most irregular way. She had made a post on an anonymous sharing site. It was something wickedly naughty, I don’t remember exactly what it was now that I sit to write. It’s been weeks now you see; I quickly engaged her with a mundane remark as usually is done on these things.


She needed a little nudging but she eventually started to loosen up, we talked about everything but with as little detail as possible. Work, family, ambitions, smoking weed, fucking.

I had only recently started to smoke and I was in search of a dealer. She suggested a dealer and even gave me his number. Ngozi then let slip that she would love some attention “down there” and would give anything to have someone eat her out, make her cum and stop at that.

Of course I enthusiastically volunteered 🙂 hoping that I would be able to convince her to go even further and get introduced to “junior”. My enthusiasm must have scared her. She got paranoid and bailed.


A few weeks later, scrolling through this same anonymous site, I come across a post: and crazy recognizes crazy. We engage again and this time we start sexting. It was late into the night and I was naked in bed with a hard on.

“ I want to slowly push your skirts up your thighs”, I texted.

“then I’m going to gently spread your legs apart put my face in between your thighs and gently lick around the edges of your panties”.

“then I’m going 2 place my tongue against ur entrance thru ur panties I’m going feel your pussy lips opening up and gently lick upwards over the lips and feel you get wet through your panties”.

My fingers hurt and they were throbbing with almost the same intensity as my engorged member. Ngozi texted back,

“then what… ?“

“den I will grab the band of your panties and pull it down over your knees and off. Kissing ur thigh and da crook of your knee”

I was lying on my back now and my dick was rock hard and my right hand was around the base of my dick; my imagination had taken on a life of it’s own.

“…are you there??” Ngozi texted back, breaking into my reverie.

“Yes! I’m gonna push you further up the bed, lie in between you legs and and open ur folds up with the tip of my tongue”. I slowly texted back with one hand while I continued my self-love with the other.

“Now I will gently pull da lips apart nd lick ur inner lips, slowly spread the tops of ur pussy moving up towards ur clit”.

Ngozi’s reply was a pic of her pussy with two very wet fingers deep inside her and cum dripping out.

“Do u wanna come over…?” she added.

Her picture had sent me over the top and I could already feel warm sticky fluid flowing over my fingers.


Ngozi and I arranged to meet. It was a rainy Takoradi morning the next day. But I was in great spirits. I even smiled at the other passengers on my way to work. The arrangement with Ngozi was simple. We would meet up later that afternoon, we would smoke some kush and I would eat her out. She didn’t want any dick. no kissing, no fucking, no blowjobs. I agreed.

At 2pm, I texted her for directions; I was to get rolling paper for the weed. Where we met, I can’t say for if you haven’t already realized, this a true story and identities still need to be protected. We grabbed biscuits and some cheap wine on our way to the room. It took a while for my eyes to adjust. It was a studio apartment and from how Ngozi groped for the light switch and looked around for the bathroom, I guessed it wasn’t her place.

“A friend’s” she told me. “We have an hour and a half”  We couldn’t wait to get into it.

She turned off the lights and took her skirt and panties off rather quickly. Then she lay on the carpet in front of the bed. I wanted to see more but she insisted we keep the lights off and her blouse on. I quickly dropped on my knees and put my face in between her thighs. Gently licking the insides of her thighs and lapping up the cum that had already started dripping down her cunt.

I look up, and Ngozi’s hands are cupping her heaving breasts. 2 points poking out of her dress.

I gently spread her folds with the tip of my tongue weaving my tongue between the folds as I moved upwards over her entrance. Ngozi started to moan. I then licked the skin over the clit multiple times in quick succession. Her hands were on my head and behind my ears at this point. My eyes had adjusted to the dark and I could see her clit poking out from beneath the folds. I gently approached the clit and circled it with my tongue. Ngozi pulls my head closer but I resist.

Moving further down, I gently spread her legs further apart with my hands and ran my tongue up and down between the layers of pussy flesh. This time, she pulled my head really hard toward her clit. So I wrapped my lips around the clit and pulled.

“Fuck me with your tongue!!” she moaned loudly. Just as I dipped my tongue deep into her, she bucked, held my head against her crotch and started cumming violently. “Round one!” she said, gasping.


Ngozi got up, turned on the lights and proceeded to roll us some weed. We smoked and had a brief friendly chat; and I commented on how smart I thought she was”

Soon it was time for round 2. Ngozi reclined on her elbows on the carpet, her knees up and her legs spread wide open. This time I left the lights on. … and what a sight: beautiful Igbo girl, her pussy wide open and starting to drip with some sprinkling of unshaven pubic hair over the top. Wine in one hand, weed in the other. Her fantasy was to get high on weed while getting high on some good “head”.

This time I took my pants and boxers off before getting into place. Ngozi was oozing cum in no time. I went full-on this time; kissing her pussy lips gently, then harder and proceeding to tongue fuck her. She then suggests she wants to ride my face. So I turned on my back and had her squat on my face while she faced my feet. While I pushed my tongue upwards and into the now soaking wet pussy, I felt Ngozi bend over and take my dick in her mouth. She started slowly and tentatively as if unsure if she could take it all in. Then I felt her warm lips around my shaft and moving closer to the base on each stroke. This invigorated me. I wet two fingers and put them inside her while sucking her clit at the same time, I fell into a steady rhythm. All this while she had increased her intensity. It was as if we were competing to see who would get the other off faster.

I won of course. She came again! firmly planting her cunt right on my nose and lips.

She came four more times after that.

Somewhere along the line I asked if I could enter her. She said no, all she wanted was my mouth, so I dug in and made her cum some more with that mouth.

After she was sated, I worked off my member and got my release. We had 20mins to go. She had cum more than 5 times within an hour. We cleaned up and after us. We talked for a bit and I went home.


The next day, I got a text: “Hi. What you did for me yday, amazing!!! Thank you :)”


I couldn’t have asked for more.  …and of course there was a post on the anonymous site praising my handiwork. Lol.



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  • nice one… the way guy’s are apprehensive about going down on their ‘own women’, its refreshing to know some dudes don’t have absolutely no qualms about going down on an absolute stranger on their first encounter…..

  • Abena, I’m glad you liked it.
    I suppose it’s easier for me because I get off on knowing that I’m offering toe-curling pleasure. Besides, haven’t we all “kissed on the lips” on the first date at some point? 😉

  • Stranger the hitman

    U give cunnilingus to a stranger?

  • You’d be surprised ow many men offer that nowadays. African men o. It’s like they know they get a bad rep for not giving head (well they used to) so now a guy that wants you will offer head before you even know what his surname is. Risky, yes. But if you like him and he likes you, it’s really rather hot.

    Stay safe people!

    (Misfit, I love this story! And not because I am Igbo o!)

  • Yes o. And I get that – even though it’s risky (I beg o, I am not saying have risky sex, just telling you what I have observed). If you are going to have sex with someone and you enjoy oral sex then you are going to want to go down on them and vice versa. Ideally we should only have sex with people we know have no STDs whatsoever ( so both parties have been tested and are being faithful to each other – maybe a tad unrealistic?) or we should be using dams/condoms for oral sex…but I’ve never gone down on a guy with a condom, I’ve never had anyone whip out a dam to use on my before, and although I do have regular HIV/other STD tests, I have only done it once purposefully before starting a new relationship (all the other times I do it as part of an annual check up or because I think ‘shitttt have a test’). So what has been the experience of other people? Do you go down on others without protection? Would you only go down on the person if you knew them? What does knowing them really mean? How do you know they are STD free?

  • will definitely go down like this on my woman. learnt a lot of tips. thanks👍

  • I am a yellow Igbo chick o! We all need a little more “head”. Phew! Love the story.

  • Thanks Nick. I’m pretty sure she’d really appreciate it if you do.

  • Madam Butterfly, @msftgenius. 😉

  • The question is do you women prefer sitting on your mans face, laying on your back or getting your ass hole played with whilst licking the pussy from the back? Us men need real women to tell us for relationship sake. ladies…… and say why

  • I love the aroma of a womens ass and pussy in my face. the unique cent and atmosphere creates a bigger desire. i love a women that is not afraid bend over fully and let me see her ass hole and pussy. better still nothing better than seeing the cream slush all over my man hood.

  • One of my fantasies, unlike most guys, is to offer my tongue for the service of horny women on the Interner. Of course lady friends I’ve mentioned this to say they’d find it scary doing something so personal with a stranger. What do the ladies here think?

  • Ooh, I bet a lot of us would be game. As long as you just dine and dash!

  • Oh I’d dash all right. The idea is to have a “slurp slurp! Oo thank you kind sir!” type of situation!

  • So it seems the main issue here is the disconnect between women who love to get head and men who love to give it. The good news (which might be surprising) is that there is almost as much supply as there is demand. Maybe we should all start putting it up on our social profiles. “I love to have the carpet munched” , “I love to carpet munch”. Or is there an app for that?

  • Well I’d definitely love an app like that. Too bad I lost all my programming skills.

  • Can’t you get the skills back? It’s important. 😀

  • The demand surpasses the supply. Not all men go downtown and rightfully so. I wouldn’t perform oral sex on a man unless I was invested in the relationship. However, exclusive uptowners are left behind because oral sex is not optional.

  • I can firmly attest to the fact that most African men I’ve met have almost always given head without hesitation. In fact I’ve had a few ask to give head before we would even engage in penetrative sex. It got to a point that I was so spoilt as I hardly ever had to reciprocate that my blowjobs were below par. Until an ex (many yonks ago) schooled me on how to pleasure a man. So for me a man that doesn’t give head or better yet LOVE to do it is a no go area and I don’t compromise on that!

  • Standing ovation!This is what I need in my life! Is there a carpet muncher app now?

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