Letting out my inner freak

Sometimes I really want to let myself go. Sometimes I want a partner who brings out my inner freak. I want to touch myself, record myself cumming and send the voice note to my partner. I want someone who will dominate me in the bedroom, encourage me to push my sexual boundaries yet know what my limits are.

I want someone who will touch me all over. Kiss me all over. Run his fingers over my body. Play with my public hair. Touch me all the way down to my feet and back up again without touching my sweet spot. I want someone who will make me so wet that when he slides inside me he’ll meet no resistance.

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  • i wish you all the best and hope you meet such a person. this person will have to be very strong in character to be able to play with your pubic hair without touching your sweet spot.

    i think of you as my wofasee and will receive such a strong person as my in-law.

  • Awwwwww. Uncle Ewiase I am touched. Bless

  • oh miii gosh, Nana you are THE most bravest African woman on earth, forget those women in labor 20hours or woreva. I am dying from SHOCK. You are my NEW found heroine!!

  • Take us through it all. Assuming you had the man of your dreams for just 10 mins how would you like to be touched for each minute?

  • Nana my mouth is ajar at the frankness of this post wow. When you find this someone please let us know

  • Has someone been skimming through 50 Shades of Grey per chance?

  • @ND gosh thats so erotic and a hard act to follow. To touch every part of ur body without touching ur sweet spot is incredibly hard to sustain. It probably will need years of training. But I can impagine the feeling.

  • @African Mami – Haha. You’re a riot. Thank you

    @roots4life – Haha, wouldn’t you like to know 🙂

    @Akoria – You know me, my life is one long blog…I’ll be sure to keep you posted

    @MsAfropolitan – Thank you sis!

    @Kweku – You can?

  • Very do-able.
    My ambitious self lives for encounters like that.
    “Sometimes” is the discouraging factor. Let the freak out to play everyday.

  • Funny, but i think of making love in these exact same terms. people see sex (to be specific) or physical intimacy (generally) as a ‘physical’ act. i dont. i think its an emotional act. it involves letting go of all inhibitions and making ourselves vulnerable to our partners.

    now, what does this level of openness mean? it means slowly savouring the seconds of the encounter, treasuring every sensation of flesh against flesh, of lip sucking lips, of exchange of saliva, of the soft soothing touch of the breasts… every sound, every moan, every whispered request… lovemaking, i say, isn’t simply a physical act: its an emotional adventure, maybe even spiritual.

    and that comes to my point, and the point of this post: YOU CAN’T RUSH IT. it cannot be anything but slow, deliberate, sensual and sensuous. of course, there could be the odd quickie once in a while, but to have a truly satisfying sex, haha you need to put time into making it satisfying.

    but this is just my view… and what do i know?

  • Sometimes U need a different angle.
    I’m heterosexual but sometimes I find myself wondering about sex with another woman. touching, feeling, sinking in.
    So yes, skim the surface but pls don’t touch the core…
    Am I blabbing?

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