He must have gone home with my scent on his fingers…

He must have gone home with my scent on his fingers. We sat in the front of his car and kissed. I hate kissing but I love kissing him. He tried putting his hands up my slit but in my figure hugging fish tail slit that was an impossible task.

Where’s your zip? I unclasped the hook and eye that held my skirt together and unzipped my skirt. He put his hand down my skirt…

You’re wet for me. In my mind I thought, “I could get wetter still”. He kissed me whilst he stroked my clit. I started to get wetter still. I clung to his lips whilst he clung to my clit.

Do you have a large clit?
I don’t know, I responded.

He touched me again. “Oh yes you do. That’s even better“. Why I asked? It makes everything easier.

I started to gasp. Ah. Ah. Ah. Yes, he responded. I started to suck on his lips harder. He responded by thrusting his tongue into my mind and chanting a litany of yes’s. I shuddered and smiled. He went home with my scent on his fingers…

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  • Wow……and I’m sure u went home a very satisfied woman…..

  • sniff sniff @ dawn.

    lol @ hook & eye. haven’t heard than in ages!

  • Just when I think of Accra as a sexless city… 🙂

  • @ranv – *wink* especially as it was all kinda random…

    @MikeyMike – dawn? Did I write “dawn” anywhere in the post? And yes, I like my “hook and eye” 🙂

    @Pink – Thank you, you’ve been a bit quiet lately…

    @Kofi A – Coming from you, that surprises me…you’re not getting any?

  • As someone sang once: “Don’t believe the hype!”

  • been a bit busy

  • You dis girl!!! Cheiii. You are quietly CRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAZY!!

    Nana, please write a post of how you were able to be sooooo sexually free and liberated. As an African woman, I blame the culture for not being able to talk about sex, other than —->period pain!LMAO!!! I want to talk, but I can’t.

  • i love it when someone does that to me

  • this scenario hits close to home…..way too close.
    @kofi Ametewee,where on earth in Accra are u locked up in? smh…nt gettin any in Accra?

  • @ Nana. You didnt mention dawn but that is how it goes. He will be sniffing his fingers at dawn with a smile. 🙂

    • @MikeyMike-Hahaha. That’s hilarious. Is that what you do? 😛 In his case I doubt that will be the case. He is slightly OCD about cleaniness and showers the minute he walks through his door…

  • @Kofi A – Hmmm. I hear 🙂

    @African Mami – Lol! I guess we all have a little bit of crazy within us, yes? Hmmm, I don’t think I am as sexually free and liberated as I want to be…but I’m working on it. Its a lifelong process I suspect. I guess what I am is open…I communicate, but even that is also a process. And yes you can! (talk, that is)

    @minnie – *wink* Touche

    @Adjeley – I know I am never alone in being randomly naughty 🙂

  • @Adjeley, don’t know what to say, but the sex gods are not smiling here on A- C- Rd, Airport… You have any suggestions as to where I could move to improve my fortunes?

  • Heishhh! Now u have me wanting a quick frolick in a car too. You dis girl koraaaa why? Lol

  • @ Nana. sniff sniff at dawn with a smile gets me plotting the next episode.

  • @ kofi a…try the other side of town? The sex gods are letting it rain in the cantonments, labone areas I’m told. They havent been smiling on me either but I figured me being superbusy these days upset them small lol what sin could you have commited lol

  • @ akoria…those are areas where u go to give hard,cold cash to the ‘sex goddesses’ for (i’m told) a pretty darn good albeit risky time..@ kofi, i cant really tell why but over here in K B….near DC, i can sometimes smell the sex in the air…;). Dunno if its a geographical advantage but maybe u could try spreading your tentacles to these areas…lol

  • Akoria and Adjeley, tips much appreciated. I hope to blog results of tentacle spreading and atonement pretty darned soon. 🙂 K B is Korle Bu?

  • all the very best in your sojourns Kofi….and yep, you got the location right. I should just add that sex often has this uncanny way of evading those who look too hard for it so you could try a slightly relaxed approach….just saying

  • @Adjeley, fear not, trying too hard is not something I’m often accused of.

  • ND, i love this post…nothing beat random sexual encounters in cars parked at secluded areas..ok now im adding my own. Gosh sometimes i so miss my single days!!

  • So Kofi A isn’t married(oook)and the consumate guy about town isn’t getting some!surprise surprise and here I thot he had Accra locked down with his handsome &metrosexual ways(my cyber image of u).
    Is it that u are picky &choosy about who graces ur august bed?
    Anyway Kofi Ametewee u just shattered the image I had of u oo with that ur drought statement(if it really true,don’t even know why I’m doubting u)hehehe

    Nana u bring my nutty ways in2 mind,must plan to do some soon.*wink*hehehe

    Nana Akosua u saying u don’t do these hanky panky again because of marriage?that’s not cool,pls don’t loose yourself,keep the spice hawt @ all times.

  • @Akoria – Go on…you know you wanna…just promise to write for Adventures afterwards *wink*

    @MikeyMike – Haha. I am stumped…

    @ Nana Akosua – Thank you…feel free to share your own experience 🙂

  • @Abena, you’re very kind, but looks can be deceiving… anyhow, I think the issue is really more trying to find a meaningful and sustainable partnership. And I am making some progress on that front. 🙂

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