‘Do you…?’ by Guest Contributor Wolverine

So you are with someone who totally digs you,
Who has that mental stimulation you crave in a partner,
Who makes you feel like you are royalty each time.
So you are with someone whose company you enjoy and for once do not endure…..
Who makes you laugh so hard you cry ,
And who can make you climax so hard you explode.

So you are in that happy space when you realise that you cant have more with him, than you already have.
When you realise you could have more with some else less attractive,  less humorous,  less stimulating,  less loving.
Do you let go and settle for more with a partner who is less?
Do you stay and be content with not having more?

Do you stay with the one who has no stability nor security?
Do you go with the one who has it all except your heart?
Do you stay with the one who can only offer kisses and orgasms but has not the foggiest idea what tomorrow has in store?
Do you choose the one who has a planned future but denies your perfect peace?

Do you stay with the one who gives you heart pulpitations mindblowing orgasms and nothing more?
Do you select the one who can give you gucci, victorias secret and still deny you conjugal rights?

Do you live carefree with the one who can make  you smile and hold you tight?
Do you select the one who burns your flesh with bruises each day and fills you with fear?

Do you value the mind blowing fuck more than the day to day costs of living?
Do you equate the value of Christian Dior to a bleeding heart?

Do you go or do you stay?
Do you choose one or none at all?
Do you take both and have the best of both worlds?
Do you love or do you let go?

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  • Indeed…do you..? Nice one Wolverine

  • @malaka @nana can we have a like/heart/going gaga/ button for posts like these?

    @wolverine your posts are always great, i’m glad you’re back

    • @Ama – Hahahaah at ‘going gaga’ button, I like the idea. Hmmm we don’t have money to pay someone to do all the fancy things we want done to the website o, and we’re trying not to bother our one Adventurers reader who has been doing pro bono tech support for us too much…will bear in mind for when er next upgrade

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