Guest Contributor Korkor: My first time sex is never mind blowing!

I took a one hour trotro trip just to meet up with him. I knew right from the moment he said he’ll be somewhere close to my Region; I wanted to get down and dirty with him. I’d tried a steamy one hour make-out session with him about two months ago and I felt no spark. After much deliberation and consultation, it was agreed *among selected women-folk of mine* to give him a second try. Maybe I wasn’t in the right frame of mind then. I mean, I’ve been lusting after him for close to 7 years. I might as well do something before I die now. So yes, we met and he drove back to my flat. He felt quite comfortable, I offered a late supper; he had other things on his mind other than food. So we relaxed on the bed and made awkward chitchat while he called and whatsapped the two girls he’s currently dating. I got a few phone calls from future potential sexcapadees as well. We were quite at ease with each other. Oh and I made sure I closed my browser before he started snooping on my laptop. *I was watching porn earlier on hehe* I got a final call at about 11am, a future sexcapadee I intend to write about when it finally happens which will be sometime before the beginning of the New Year. *yes, I’m slutting the final days of 2012 away. No, I don’t give a fuck what anybody thinks about it* We were on the phone for about 30 minutes and he started getting fidgety. He went to the bathroom, came back, went to the kitchen, came back and made an impatient hmph. He turned up the volume on the laptop and reduced it again. Obviously he wanted to make subtle sounds just to let the other guy on the phone know he’s around. *Mmb3rima hu y3 siri papa*

Then he started kissing me, I got that warm fuzzy glow which was a bit of a surprise as I didn’t get that with him a few months back. I quickly rounded up the phone call with an excuse that I need to sleep early in order to make it to work on time. *yeh ryt* And the smooch begun, it was nice and warm but not hot and steamy. He did the usual nipple touching and kissing and so on. But he was ready, I mean all 7.5-8inchish readiness. I was sooo curious. I wasn’t extraordinarily horny, but I was really curious. He penetrated and that was it. It was still nice. Just nice. Not fiery, not crazy hot *and I’ve had crazy hot, do me in the shower and take me to the bedroom*. I just don’t know what it is with first timers with me. I can’t wrap my head around the reason behind my not being able to enjoy a man fully on the first night or day for that matter. I wish I could have it all in one night then move on with my life. But oh no, my body refuses. She needs to be *appetized*. Oh well, he was done within a space of 20 minutes. He obviously had a fun time because all he wanted to do afterwards was cuddle and stroke my ass and marvel at how long he’s been waiting to do it. But I was still so horny and he felt it as he went for my clit with his finger. Here’s where my criticism comes in, why don’t men listen and take instructions? The fact that he tried some trick on another woman doesn’t mean it’ll work on me. I take his finger to guide him; he does what I want for a second, and then reverts to his old ways. *Dude, if the last girl you had, had her clit stuck on her hip bone, fine. Mine no dey der oo masa. Follow directions kakra ad3n?*

He slept over and the morning sex! Ohhhhh the morning sex! The second round. *First of all, I love the doggy style. Put me in a doggy style and I’ll be putty in your hands* The morning sex! We started at missionary, which I gathered from the previous session was his chosen favourite for the day. I finally strong-armed and rotated myself to the top, gave him a good view of my greatness from above him and rode him like my life depended on it! Then he got the vim to put me in the doggy. Ohhhh the doggy! *Am I the only girl who loves that shit?* He gave me a 10 minute, no break doggy and another five lying flat on my belly. At that point I was fairly saturated so I did what I always do best. Listen to his body and do the thing that will make him cum soon. *Now how many women know men cum faster when you make them go slow?* That’s why they always want to humpity hump like it’s some competition. You slow it down for him, move your hips to the left, to the right and he’ll pour out like a June rain. And right after that, I was horny again! So the sex was NOT great or wow or fantastically amazing. It was just nice but if he calls again, I’m clearing my calendar ASAP.

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  • *Dude, if the last girl you had, had her clit stuck on her hip bone, fine. Mine no dey der oo masa. Follow directions kakra ad3n?* lol

  • Side-splittingly funny…

    But, boy, this is a tough woman.. I thought the morning session sounded hot… and she claims that it was “NOT great or wow…”

    Please write about a great and wow encounter… we guys need a lesson… i guess the clit not on hipbone is first place.

  • Darn gal, i’m feelin’ yo writing style; humorous but right on point. One of my pet peeves is guys NOT taking full instructions…i mean wtf? How would you like it if one minute, i’m sucking your willy and the next minute, i turn to sucking your thigh muscle?!
    And yes miss, i’m a slave to doggy too…i just die when you give me a good whack on my behind in between alternating slow and fast thrusts…mehn that visual just turned me on bad! ;p

  • loving the feedback here. xoxo

    @kofi i will write up a really good mouth watering encounter just to educate you. no wahala lol

    @adjeley next time a guy refuses to respond to directions, stop him! right there and then. tell him, masa teeshi teeshi, meni sane? lol #teamDoggyStyle

  • wow Korkor, if ever you’re in or around chicago, i’ll love to get in touch. it’ll be a pleasure to atone for the ‘crimes’ of the male species of the race who fail to follow instructions

  • Exciting post Korkor! I find that I also don’t usually enjoy sex with a guy on the first day either. I think it’s because I take time getting used to a man and for me the biggest turn on is knowing that a man loves me and appreciates all parts of me and that’s not often the case on the first day. Eii, ‘slutting 2012 away paa!’ Hmm paky3w take it easy wai! Sex will ‘still be here’ come 2013. Lol

  • @kwei i appreciate the offer and i’ll hold you to it. If ever i’m in or around chicago lol

    @ekuba i can relate with you. Sex can be very enjoyable when there’s an emotional element to it. Most important thing is to feel comfortable. The first times are always quite awkward aren’t they? The guy is pressured to impress due to prior ‘bragging’ (exhibit A = @kwei. Lol) and the lady doesnt want to reveal all her nastiness at once ‘ladat’. Second time’s the charm tho ;). Dont worry much about my ‘slutting’. There’s a method to my madness *hugs*

  • @Nana Darkoa…woy3 3 known paa…lol. I appreciate it luv; old habits die hard you know.
    @ korkor #teamDoggystyle for real…chale but the teeshi teeshi part di33r…i dunno how i’ll pull that off wid a straight face oh. The sheer thought of it sends me convulsing with giggles. Maybe thats why my bf keeps up such inconsiderate and shitty sexual behaviour? Time for some reforms!

  • Given that we know that a d-ck in the bush is worth two far away, i doubt that our heroine will be saying “teeshi” anytime soon.. Hope doth spring eternal in the human nethers…

  • @Naa Adjeley (noticed Nana Darkoa’s correction) just talk to the bf. tell him what you want. he cares so he must please you. #teamReform #teamDoggystyle 😉

    @kofi i agree. keeping the hope embers burning forever. for the ‘teeshi’ dier i doubt if it will happen anytime soon 😛

  • You people are getting properly drilled I see!!! YES…Ya’ll better GIT IT!!!

    This read was salacious and njoooosay, just how I like em!

  • AM, is that to say that you yourself are not getting ‘properly drilled’? If there’s anything tell us o, before we hear it from other sources. Hmm, as I always say, the D-day will come and we’ll all hear more about AM’s exciting, secret life…

  • @ Ekuba

    No comment…………I’ll just spectate [is that even a word?] on this salacious deeds, I mean reads.

  • “I mean wtf? How would you like it if one minute, i’m sucking your willy and the next minute, i turn to sucking your thigh muscle?!”

    HAhahahahahahahahahhahahahaahhah!!! Oh my goodness.

  • lol Nnena Marcia…eno easy oh. This guy just drives me crazy with his sub par sexual acts

  • hahahaha….nice piece korkor…your blend of bl3 plus da pg then twi b sick…anyway i want more of this..we realy wonna learn u know…then again #teamDoggystyle for ril…luv spying the beauty of the ass from the rear while i disappear into her…

  • Guys, Is it ok to feel the way i am feeling right now? Don’t ask me anything just answer cos your assumption is just right mehn. Sooooosket

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