Guest Contributor Korkor: Mr Big Dick

We sat in the car, he reached for my head, pulled me closer and kissed me again. He didn’t want to stop, I was enjoying it; felt the wetness in my special lady parts *yes kissing gets me there. Good kissing ooo not just anything*. I felt his deep aroused breath as he leaned in more for the kiss. He reached around my short dress *yes it made me easy to access, no I no sheda wear am ;)*. The good girl in me, who has been virtually stifled these days, weakly complained. I just met him for the first time, too fast just too damn fast. But I was weak, I’d been fantasizing about the possibility, just the possibility of ‘hooking up’ with him. He reached to part my panty from the side of my inner thigh but that thing held unto the pussy tightly, *he no fit get e small finger past the barrier sef*  But he wasn’t deterred, *this guy mean the tin like sontin*. He sneaked his fingers in from the top and I thought I was going to get one of those hilarious finger probing/digging things most guys do but oh no. This one’s done his homework. No time wasting, he went straight for the clit. I parted like the red sea in Moses’ era. *Waaat b3rima nim ejuma* The panty was still a bit of a hindrance so he stopped and took it off. My mind all be say, he’ll finish off his erotic polishing and ask for a hand job in return or even worse *I was dreading it*. I got the surprise of my life, before I could say ‘jack!’ his head was between my thighs.

He went down on me so fast I saw stars. And the precision was on point, right there on the clit. He’d move his tongue in a circular motion for about 10 seconds, stop and kiss the clit, stop and move his tongue, stop and kiss it. Precision, accuracy charley I lost my bearings. As waves of pleasure crashed into me, all I could think of was *where’s his dick? I need that thing.* He took IT out and then the struggle begun. *kindly note my use of caps when referring to THE DICK* I was wet, I’d just cum but he was so big, there was trouble getting it in. This is the kind of PENIS our mothers described when they wanted to scare us about sex when we were younger; the kind that was rumored to make you walk bowlegged afterwards. *Yeahhhh this guy too big sha.* He finally got it in and whoooo lawd. This is a sweet man; every stroke was intense pure hot pleasure. He kept saying my name ‘Korkor, you good?’ ‘Naa, you good?’ *hells yeah?* I swear I got cross eyed, couldn’t have enough of it.

We moved round to the back seat and I straddled him. He took his magnificent, THANG out, stared at it and said under his breath *hm  awurade*. We went through the initial trouble of getting it in, then started going. He started saying the words again ‘Korkor, Naa you’re so wet. I love your ass, you’re so soft. I love you’. This man is certifiably the sweetest I’ve had but here comes the problem. He’s too big for me, I limped when I took the staircase home. I had to place an ice chilled bottle of water on my vagina for some semblance of relief. *Herh! Berima koti na 3su saa? M3pra*. He’s got the dick that sneaks up on you, so sweet when you’re having it, you do not expect the repercussions. I’m definitely having him over and over and over. This is dick that you’ll just have to obey. I can just imagine him wielding it like a punishing tool and I intend to ‘discipline’ myself with it paa. But I will ration it charley, once a month bi.

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  • Dammmmmnnnnnn. Hot post…made me kinda jealous except for the big dick…I can’t be doing any bowlegged walk. Thanks for a fantastic write up Korkor

  • omg Korkor totally love this story! Once upon a time, I used to say ‘size doesn’t matter’- tillI met a guy with a small tool- what a disappointment! Now I know better, size de-fin-itely matters! And this dude seems like a keeper- I mean, he can perform and he has ‘the whole package’ heeheehee. I vote for you to keep him- Please those reading this if you agree with me add your vote for a good cause wai 🙂

  • oh and PS: girl don’t forget to use looooads of lubricant next time ok? I don’t want you to die before your time, hahaha

  • i second ekuba’s vote.
    since it feels good and nobody get’s hurt 😉 …
    as that woody allen movie says ‘whatever works’


    *Breathing in*



  • I enjoyed this post so much I went to youtube to listen to sister debbie’s uncle obama:

  • “i will ration it….once a month“ LOL. Can`t stop laughing at that. Hot hot hot post.

  • @nana – thank you too for the post. there’s a down side to everything huh? 🙂

    @ekuba – lol, ur campaign is an interesting one but SURELY, next time i’m getting a gallon of lube. cant have that again

    @nnenna – dont laugh too hard lol

    thanks @ozohu for the comment.
    love y’all 😉

  • I think that we’ve found our entry for the first day of X’mas…. Korkor, wo ye Winner!

  • haha thank you @kofi, *bows gracefully*

  • @kwei – hahahahahahaah i just saw your post. but this time my monkey had to be iced for a bit.

  • Kinda reminds me of the 2nd Iraqi war, in which the Americans were ready to deploy a bomb – a bunker buster – of such fearsome power, it was dubbed MOAB (Mother Of All Bombs). Rather, misogynistic use of the powerful word “Mother”, but we know how boys are with their toys.

    In this same vein, I dub this Moby Dick of a Dick, DAD…. Dick Among Dicks!


    @kofi – dats just too funny. i’ll use it as his pet name. D.A.D.!!


  • Korkor and Naa Adjeley, you have such distinctive writing voices, it’s just amazing the way you write.. Along with Nnenna, you are turning this site into a really delightful literary venue as well. The postings here from most of the other contributors really add to the pleasure of sharing this unique resource. Happy holidays….

  • Hilarious post! U had me giggling & reminiscing for ages. I used to think my first bf had a big dick because after him, most guys did not measure up. Well so one day, i meet up with this man with ample buttocks (you know the myth about the inverse r/n between the size of a guy’s butts & his dick?). Imagine my surprise when he whips out his snake & its as big, thick & long as an anaconda! Charley, he was bent on impressing & really took his tym to give me some prolonged sweet pain.
    Korkor, my gal, ure lucky ice water did the trick for you. My ‘tin’ was literaly humming for the next couple of days nd i had to run home from school to engage the services of a warm water bidet! Next time he dropped by my hostel, i pulled a fast one on him & run for dear life!

  • @ Kofi Ametewee, thanks for the shall i call it compliment?…but seriously, i think i’ve been way too lazy at writing; only commenting on posts and not really contributing major pieces. Apologies fellow adventurers…i’ll send y’all a New Year’s gift soon. X

  • @kofi – thank you for the compliment. You are also an amazing write. Your word play is just outta here!: 🙂

    @naa Adjeley – hahahahahahah i can’t believe you ran! Can’t wait to read your new year’s piece! You’re hilarious!

  • Aww, Kofi how sweet. I’ve been neglecting finishing up my website, preferring to spend time with you guys here. I know, right? One big happy family.

  • I am SO jealous! I love a big dick. Some of best experiences have been with them. I’m not a size whore or anything but bwoy do I love a big one especially since I’m small (or so I’ve been told). Your post has made me jealous though…I’ve never had Penis Envy before. Jeezzzzzzzzz its been a while since I’ve had it like THAT! *wipes brow*

  • Loved this story beautiful graphic literary style
    Question: how comes you write I’m Twi? Not Ga?
    Surely as a fellow ‘Naa’ you could have added the ga translation?
    Still lurvveee your style of course

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