Nnenna Marcia: She thought it started on Facebook

Silly cow.

Silly, sexy cow.

I didn’t even go to her college, but it seemed being friends with some of her friends on Facebook was enough to convince her that I did. She wrote something in reply which I can’t even remember now and added me. I was in.

From the moment she walked into the bar I knew, as I am sure she did. What kind of woman wants to meet up with a fan who has a crush on them? Heck, I’d run a mile. But she was always so nice and down-to-earth and so she stayed for a drink – which turned into three, and she smiled and answered all my questions like she was really interested in communicating.

I could see her nipples through her dress. Swallowing my own spit was like eating ground-up glass. She asked about my work and I started talking but I couldn’t really hear myself speak, it was as if everything was in slow motion; the crinkle of fabric as she raised the glass to her lips, the way her eyes widened when I got to my ‘Curry’ punchline, her laughter – I could see the back of her throat pulsating as she laughed. I don’t know if the pain in my stomach was from my period alone but I was willing to bet it wasn’t.

I clicked my boots three times and made a wish to be horizontal in that second. I promised my youth, my left boob if I could take off all my clothes and meld my body to hers, flattening what looked like ample Es under my Cs. As if in answer to my prayer she snuggled closer. I raised my eyebrow and leaned in for a kiss. She kissed me back, suckling on my lower lip. And the acid of my desire melted my underwear clean away.

In her hotel room, each kiss demolished any defences I had left until all I wanted to do was bury my head in her bosom and weep with gratitude.

“What?” she asked me at some point, eyes already heavy-lidded with lust, clit engorged to bursting.

“I just want to look at you,” I said. My voice sounded like it was coming from behind a wall of cotton wool but she smiled and ducked her chin so I knew some of what I said must have made sense. Her nipples were still standing, each one almost as long as my thumb. I suckled on them, drawing them into my mouth and twirling my tongue around them, bathing them with my spit. I dried each one with a little ‘pop’ of satisfaction as my lips came off them and blew. Her inner thighs quivered in response. She was breathing through her mouth.

“I just wanted to tell you something,” I said. Her eyes lost some of their sleepiness and she looked at me warily. “I have never done this before. You’re my first.”

“Really?” she started laughing, mouth so wide I could see her uvula shortening.

“Really,” I said.

“So far, it’s stop marks from me,” she said, looking into my eyes. She hooked a hand behind my head and pulled me down for another kiss, using her tongue to ignite passions in dark, moist places. I groaned. “What?” she asked.

“Stupid period.” I started to rub on her clitoris with my finger, like I liked it, like I knew she would. It was instinct.  She closed her eyes. “Open your eyes, baby. I want to see how I make you feel.” She obeyed, going cross-eyed with the feelings I was giving her. My heart struggled to burst out of my chest both from the endearment which had slipped unbidden from my lips, and from her little intakes of breath which told me I was doing something right.

I bent my head to her southern lips and inhaled. I almost passed out. She smelled of warmth and age-old female secrets and ….and….chicken.

“You smell of chicken,” I said. She choked on a moan and started to laugh. I cut off the sound, latching on to her clit and sucking as if my life depended on it. In a way it did. I wanted her never to forget me.I wanted to be so imprinted in her psyche, that I made it into her next book. I wanted to be immortalized.

After all, I wasn’t lying when I said I was a fan.

Her thighs thrashed about my head, almost suffocating me and I slipped her a finger, shocking her into letting up.

“Oh,” she held her breath.

“That was easy,” I said slipping in two more. I could see the veins bulging in her neck as she fought to keep the tide down, fucking herself on my fingers. The squelching, the moaning, the smack-smack of her breasts which she held in her hands to stop them falling into her armpits. I was losing it. I resumed eating at her with vigour, getting her juices in my nose, all over my chin, in my fringe which smeared a silvery thread of moisture onto my eyebrow. I felt like a beast, I was a beast, a beast of sensation. Sensationally beastly. Every nerve felt exposed so that I was sick to my stomach even as my body tingled with joy. I pushed my tongue deeper into her crevice, feeling it throb like it was a living thing with a mind of its own.

She didn’t even need to tell me she was coming.

Her walls rippled along the length of my tongue as if to squeeze every last drop of pleasure out of it. I was nose-and-chin-deep into her pussy, it was as if we were one person. She shuddered, swallowing her own orgasm in inward screams, I kept at it, slapping at her clit with my tongue until she pushed me away.

She fell asleep almost immediately, smiling, the silly cow.

I watched the rise and fall of her chest, the indent of her waist, her innie belly button, her sweet, sweet ass. I stayed that way for a while then I got up and had a shower, changing my tampon which came away gooey with repressed lust, with the scent of aborted climaxes.

Clutching the cool bottle of wine, I ran my hand over her flanks, feeling my breath quicken when her nipples hardened in response. She opened one eye.

“Hi,” she said.

“Hi,” I replied. “Ready for round two?” I took a swig of the wine and held it in my mouth before lapping at her nipple with a cold tongue.

“Yes, please.” She replied, popping her other nipple into her own mouth, twining her legs with mine. The fiction of her pubic hair against mine made me shiver. She noticed and did it again, claiming my mouth.

“God, I have been waiting for so long,” I said looking into her eyes. She laughed and swatted my bottom, pulling me down to kiss me over and over.

She thought it started on Facebook.

She had no idea.

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